Safety of student belongings at school and on school related activities policy

As stated in the Government Schools Reference Guide; 6.16.10 Personal goods brought to school at owner’s risk  

Private property brought to school by students is not insured and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. Principals should ensure that parents, guardians and students are made aware of this at enrolment and are reminded annually.

What the school will do

  1. Inform the school community twice per year through the school newsletter about the statement above.
  2. Regularly remind students that they are responsible for their own belongings
  3. Encourage students not to bring valuable items to school where possible, particularly in the following contexts;
    • Swimming sports and athletic sports when students cannot supervise their belongings
    • Excursions and camps
  4. Provide the following;
    • Lockers and combination locks for all students
    • A bike compound that is locked between 9.15 and 3.15 where students can store their bikes. (All bikes must be secured with bike locks provided by the student)
    • Secure storage for musical instruments in team offices
  5. Monitor information about theft from school and inform the school community where required
    • Teams use a template for recording theft – with a copy provided to the Assistant Principal and the general office.

What students and their families need to do

  1. Ensure that valuable items are kept at home.
  2. Where valuable items are required at school, the student must take responsibility for their management;
    • Using an appropriate lock for locking up their bike and using the bike shed for storage.
    • Manage responsibility for any personal items at school by either keeping items on their person (in the case of a wallet, phone etc) or in their locker. Personal items should never be left unsupervised in a shared area such as a classroom or gym changing rooms.
  3. Report loss of any item at school to either the team leader or office. In the case of a significant loss it is the responsibility of the student’s family to report the loss to the police.


This policy will reviewed by school council regularly.

School Council approved: 18 August 2011

Approved Document (pdf)

Review date: August 2012