School Council

Purpose of the School Council

All government schools in Victoria have school councils.They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the key directions of a school. In the performance of their role, school councils are able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students. Within guidelines provided by the

Department of Education and Training, a school council has responsibilities for developing such things as:

  • the school strategic plan which sets out the main goals and priorities of the school for three years
  • the annual implementation plan which puts into practice the strategic plan
  • the school’s budget which shares out the available resources to make sure that the goals/targets of the strategic plan are carried out
  • the general educational policy of the school
  • the physical appearance and maintenance of the school’s buildings and grounds
  • the student code of conduct which provides a safe and orderly environment for learning
  • an annual report on the school’s achievements.

Fitzroy High School Council meets eight times a year. Meetings dates are published on the school’s calendar and are open to all parents, staff and students to attend. The agenda, minutes and papers for each meeting are published under School Documentation in Compass. If you want to attend a School Council meeting, have a matter to raise or want to find out more about the work of the School Council, please contact the President or school office.

Membership of School Council

The Fitzroy High School Council is made up of elected and appointed members in four categories:

  • parents and carers (8 members)
  • principal, assistant principal, teachers and school staff (6 members)
  • students (2 members)
  • community members (up to 2 members)

Elections are held annually to fill vacancies for parent, student and teacher members. Parents and students are appointed for two year terms. Teachers are appointed for one year terms. Community members are appointed by School Council. The Principal and Assistant Principals are permanent members of School Council.

Current Fitzroy High School Council members & office bearers

Moira Finucane (President) – Parent
Danielle Langston (Treasurer) – Parent
Mim Ingvarson – Parent
Trish Cave – Parent
Ben King – Parent
Linda Mitchell – Principal
Andrea Thompson – Assistant Principal
Timothy Simpson – Teacher
Roger Smith – Community member
Alicia Flynn – Community member
Sholto M – Student
Siem P – Student