Student Belongings Policy

Fitzroy High School Personal Property Policy  


To explain Fitzroy High School’s policy in relation to personal property and to ensure that special or  valuable items of personal property are not brought to school.


This policy applies to all school activities, including camps and excursions.


Fitzroy High School understands that staff and/or students may sometimes like to bring items of  personal property to school.

The Department of Education and Training does not have insurance for personal property of staff,  students and visitors. Fitzroy High School does not take responsibility for items of personal property that are lost, stolen or damaged at school or during school activities. Damage to personal property  brought to school is the responsibility of the owner of that property.

Fitzroy High School encourages staff and students not to bring items of value to school, or to obtain  appropriate insurance for such items.


This policy will be communicated to our school community in the following ways:

  • Annual reminders in our school newsletter
  • Available publicly on our school’s website (or insert other online parent/carer/student  communication method)
  • Included in staff handbook
  • Discussed at annual staff briefings/meetings
  • Included in transition and enrolment packs
  • Discussed at parent information sessions
  • Hard copy available from school administration upon request


  • the Department’s Policy and Advisory Library (PAL):
  • Claims for Property Damage and Medical Expenses


Policy last reviewed 2020 Approved by Principal Next scheduled review date March 2024