Student Dress Code

Fitzroy High School aims to encourage and support respectful, anti-sexist behaviour and  body-positive culture. There is no uniform at FHS, however this Student Dress Code sets out  the standards and expectations for student dress in line with the school’s values, the  requirements of the Department of Education, SunSmart regulations and Occupational  Health and Safety guidelines. The code also seeks to provide a framework for how the Dress  Code can be positively and respectfully implemented.

The school community has made an active choice to allow free dress for students in keeping  with its vision and values. A choice for free dress emphasises the importance of  individuality, self-expression and freedom for young people from undue monitoring and  policing of superficial uniform requirements, as well as freedom from the broader social  pressures around appearance, particularly in regard to body positivity and gender  stereotypes. These rights must be properly balanced with respect for and responsibilities  towards other students, teachers and the broader community.

This dress code is intended to support a positive, inclusive and collaborative approach to  guiding standards of dress for students at Fitzroy High School.

The school aims to review the code annually, in order to give maximum opportunity for  continuous feedback and improvement, and to ensure that the diverse voices of the school  community are fully reflected in the code.

Guiding principles

  • Students are free to wear clothing of their choice within the guidelines of the Dress  Code.
  • Students should wear clothing to school that allows them to fully participate in a  range of educational activities through the school day, is SunSmart and meets  general and activity specific Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
  • The school is a safe place for students in which they are not judged, blamed or body shamed for their dress or appearance.
  • Students have the right to express themselves through the way they dress and to be  comfortable and confident in their choice of dress.
  • The school is a workplace for students, teachers and other school staff. Students are  responsible for dressing in a way that reflects the requirements of that work and  allows them to fully participate in their education.
  • The school is part of a community. Students are responsible for dressing in a way  that is respectful of other students, teachers, other staff, parents, carers and the  broader community.
  • Occupational Health and Safety is a critically important consideration at all times in  the school. Students are responsible for their own safety and abiding by  Occupational Health and Safety rules and regulations.
  • The school is committed to the goals of the SunSmart program. Students are  responsible for their own health and abiding by SunSmart guidelines.
  • Where differences arise about what is appropriate dress under these guidelines,  teachers, students, parents and others will engage respectfully and inclusively,  upholding the values of Fitzroy High School.

As a general guide to appropriate dress, students should consider the following:

1. Community expectations, rights and responsibilities 

a. The school is a safe place for students in which they are not judged, blamed  or body-shamed for their dress or appearance. Students have the right to  express themselves through the way they dress. Students have the right to be  comfortable and confident in their choice of dress.

b. The school is part of a community. Students are responsible for dressing in a  way that is respectful of other students, teachers, other staff, parents, carers  and the broader community.

c. Clothing which is intended to be offensive, for example, clothing printed with  offensive writing or images, is not in keeping with the Fitzroy High School  values.

2. Occupational Health and Safety: 

a. Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes

b. Avoid wearing backless shoes such as thongs

c. Personal protective clothing and equipment is provided for technology and  science classes and must be worn when working in those classes.

d. For physical activity and sport classes and events, students are required to  wear a FHS sports shirt. Other clothing worn for physical activity and sports, classes and events, including footwear, should be appropriate for this  physical activity.

e. Specific school programs such as food, technology and science classes have  specific clothing requirements, which will be communicated by teachers for  those classes.

3. SunSmart guidelines during summer months outdoors: 

  • tops that cover shoulders and upper arms and with a collar that sits close to  the neck, such as FHS’s sports shirt
  • longer style skirts, shorts and pants at least to the knee
  • broad-brimmed hats when outside

Avoid wearing:

  • singlets or tops that expose shoulders and upper arms
  • skirts, shorts and pants that expose upper legs


  • Acknowledging the possible negative impacts on student wellbeing and school  culture when enforcing the Dress Code, care is always taken to ensure that  interactions between teachers and students are respectful, constructive and  inclusive. Appropriate education and professional development will be offered by  the school to ensure the code is understood and applied in a manner that meets the  principles and guidelines of the code and the vision and values of FHS.
  • Where there are concerns that a student’s clothing does not meet the code’s  expectations, a teacher or staff member will open a private discussion with a student  and raise those concerns. The purpose of the discussion is to clarify understandings  and come to a mutual agreement about the application of the dress code. The  discussion should be an opportunity to demonstrate and apply the school’s values of  Trust, Engage, Respect.
  • Students are encouraged to speak up about inappropriate application of the Dress  Code. If at any time, students feel that the application of the code is unfair,  inappropriate or causes them or others to feel culturally unsafe, the student should  report the matter to a senior staff member who will act to address those concerns.
  • Where there is continued disagreement about a student’s dress, the matter will be  referred to a senior member of staff who will seek a resolution.

The Principal is the final decision maker in cases where mutual agreement is not achieved.

Optional Fitzroy High School clothing garments  

In 2022, students have the option of choosing to wear some optional Fitzroy High School clothing garments, including a bucket hat, t-shirt and hoodie. Please contact the front office  to purchase any of the optional garments.

Compulsory Sports Shirts 

In Physical Activity and Sport classes students are required to wear a Fitzroy High School  sport shirt. Sports shirts can be purchased from the general office for $32. The sport shirts  are Sunsmart in design, having sleeves and proper collar and they are made from a fabric  which is light-weight and cool and provides sun protection. As garments such as jeans and  some skirts are restrictive, they are not recommended for physical activity and sport classes.  Students should wear longer style shorts or pants. Shoes need to be appropriate for  exercise.


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