Leave policy and Time-in-lieu


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A range of leave provisions is available to Department employees. This document was developed in accordance with DEECD Leave Procedures outlined in detail in the Human Resources Guide – Personal Leave and the Victorian Schools Agreement 2013.

In determining whether leave may be granted, the principal will ascertain the entitlement of the staff member to the leave for which he/she has applied and consider the impact the granting of leave will have upon the operations of the school. A staff member employed for a fixed term has no entitlement to any form of leave beyond the date employment would otherwise have ceased.

For each day that an employee is absent on leave, the hours of work for the purposes of debiting leave shall be taken as 7.6 hours (7 hours and 36 minutes). Where an alternative arrangement of days and hours is worked leave shall be debited on the basis of the actual hours to be worked on the day of the leave.

Process for approval of leave and time-in-lieu

Unplanned leave

Unless special circumstances exist, a staff member is required to report to the Daily Organiser, any absence due to illness, and pressing necessity leave eg. Carer’s leave, bereavement or for compassionate reasons as early as practicable before the staff member's normal commencement time. The staff member should advise the cause of the absence and the expected date of return. For further information regarding your responsibilities see Daily Organisation document. 

Staff members are required to enter their personal leave on Edupay within 7 days of returning from leave otherwise the leave will be entered by the Business Manager. Documentation such as medical certificates or statutory declarations is to be uploaded on Edupay. If documents are not provided within 7 days of return to work, leave will be entered as uncertified leave. 

A medical certificate must be provided where more than 3 consecutive sick days have been taken or where more than 5 days without a certificate have been taken in one year (pro-rata for part-time staff).

A medical certificate is required where an employee is absent immediately before or after a public holiday, period for long service leave or school term break.

Planned leave

  • All applications for planned leave, including long service leave, leave without pay and annual leave must be made in writing, on the appropriate form, to the Principal prior to leave.
  • It is expected that all ES annual leave be taken during school holidays as negotiated with the Principal.
  • Unless special circumstances exist, applications for leave for planned periods (long service leave, leave without pay, annual leave, etc) should be made by July 31 for the following year. This is to ensure that:
    • All requests can be considered at the same time o The school has adequate time to organise a suitable replacement
    • Decisions regarding staffing of teams and classes for the following year can be made considering approved leave.

Staff leave requests that are not made by the due date have a greater chance of not being approved.

  • Applications for leave must be made on the appropriate pro-forma (obtainable on Compass under School Documentation) and accompanied by appropriate substantiating evidence or documentation.
  • Applications for leave will be determined by the Principal in consultation with the Leadership Team and Consultative Committee and communicated to the applicant in writing. After the leave application is approved, the staff member should enter the leave on Edupay for final approval by the Principal.
  • Only the Principal or the person performing the duties of Principal has the delegated authority to authorise leave ie. Every application for leave must be authorised and signed by the Principal.
  • In determining applications for planned leave, the following factors will be considered:
    • Leave entitlement o Leave history
    • Length of service of the employee
    • Impact on educational and operational requirements including the delivery of curriculum programs and services to students
    • Number of requests and time of leave applied for by other staff members o           Reason for leave  o   Period, timing and length of leave  o Availability of suitable replacement staff  o     Relevant personal circumstances of the staff member o Other factors considered relevant. 
  • In some circumstances leave may be granted at short notice and is subject to the above considerations.
  • Staff members have a right of appeal to the Merit and Equity Board if they are not happy with the Principal's decision. Staff members are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Principal in the first instance.
  • Staff must seek approval to engage in other employment during a period of leave.
  • Staff should familiarise themselves with their leave entitlements and the effects of leave on superannuation.
  • All Leave Purchase Arrangements for ES will be negotiated by the Principal in accordance with the Agreement.

Request to cancel approved leave

Where a staff member wishes to cancel approved leave, they must apply to the Principal in writing. The request will be sympathetically considered but will take into consideration the timing of the request and the subsequent effect on arrangements made to cover the staff absence for the approved leave period.

Early resumption from approved leave

Generally employees are not able to resume duty earlier than the end date of the approved leave. However, the principal may authorise an early resumption to duty in circumstances where the early resumption can be accommodated having regard to the educational and operational requirements of the school.


Where possible the school avoids scheduling events that require staff attendance in excess of the usual working hours. In special circumstances, time-in-lieu may be granted for attendance at school activities that exceed usual working hours or occur on days a staff member does not work. Generally this only relevant to part time staff.


  • The impact on the school will be considered in the granting and timing of time-in-lieu
  • Time-in-lieu must be taken in the year it is granted
  • Time-in-lieu cannot be accumulated and taken as consecutive days
  • Time-in-lieu will not be granted either side of term or public holidays
  • Prior approval must be obtained before time-in-lieu can be granted
  • Monetary payment cannot be made in place of time-in-lieu.


Time-in-lieu should be negotiated with the relevant Team Leader or Assistant Principal prior to the extra hours worked and this form signed by the Team Leader or Assistant Principal. Applications for time-in-lieu will be determined by the Principal in consultation with the Leadership Team and the Daily Organiser. Decisions will be communicated to the applicant in writing.


This form does not apply to 3 Way Conferences for staff members who usually work on the day on which conferences are scheduled. Time-in-lieu for these staff members is applied on a whole school basis and is negotiated with the Consultative Committee.

All approved time-in-lieu to be forwarded to the Daily Organiser.

Time fraction changes

An employee may submit a written application requesting a change to their time fraction at any time. Whilst there is no entitlement to part-time employment, applications will be considered having regard to the reasons for the request, the workforce planning needs of the school and any other relevant factors and will not be unreasonably refused. Where a time fraction change has been approved the change in proportionate salary commences from the date of effect of the changed time fraction.


Time fraction increases may be agreed to on either a temporary or permanent basis with a clear understanding between the employee and the principal, where the increase is temporary, of the date on which the employee would resume his/her substantive time fraction.


Under the terms of employment applicable to all employees it is not possible to pay employees at less than their substantive time fraction. As a consequence, an employee cannot temporarily reduce his or her time fraction. In circumstances where an employee seeks a time fraction reduction, he/she must agree to a permanent reduction in his/her time fraction. Nothing precludes an employee and the principal agreeing to a subsequent time fraction increase at the same time.

Part time following parental absence

An employee may request a return to duty on a part time basis following a parental absence until the child reaches school age. Such requests will be considered having regard to the employee’s circumstances and parental responsibilities. 

Date Implemented September 2015
Author/s Pauline Rice
Approved By School Leadership Team, Consultative Committee Noted by School Council
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School Leadership Team, Consultative Committee
Review Date September 2017 – every 2 years for the life of the Victorian Schools Agreement.
References DEECD Leave Procedures outlined in detail in the Human Resources Guide – Personal Leave http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/aztopic/Pages/l.aspx and the Victorian Schools Agreement 2013 http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/Documents/VGSA-2013.pdf until a new agreement is reached.

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