03rd Nov 2023  |  News & Events

Scene of the Crime Excursion

On Friday the 13th, my peers and I in Crime and Punishment (a year 9/10 extend) travelled around Melbourne, exploring famous and mysterious crime scenes. With Hanna at the wheel and Rainer with a microphone in hand, we set off from Fitzroy High School in a small but cozy bus, visiting the sites of crimes such as The Hoddle St Massacre, The Russel St Bombing and The Salt Nightclub Killings. The trip was filled with many conversations and on the whole, much learning, amusement and snacking.

Thomas H


I thoroughly enjoyed the Scene of the Crime excursion, as it gave myself and other students a real life perspective of the exact location that crimes had been committed. By being able to visually see what happened where, it made the learning experience more interesting and improved my understanding of the fact that crimes have occurred in everyday places throughout the city. 

Eridani WV


Scene of the Crime was a very engaging and deeply moving excursion that saw us travel to the scenes of the most vile, harrowing crimes and massacres like those which took place on Hoddle Street and Bourke Street. 10/10 .

Rhys W


The scene of the crime excursion was very interesting and well prepared. 

Joseph V


The Scene of the Crime was a very fun excursion to go on. As well as having fun, we learnt about murders, both recent and old. The overall experience was very fun and I would go on it again. 

Goldie T


It was good, we should act out the murders though. i enjoyed it very much. I think it was important to learn about these crimes that happened so close to us. 

Riley S


Super interesting tour of crime landmarks throughout Melbourne. Funny Rainer. Very informative. 

Atticus R


Real fun learned lots. 

Leila Q


I thought the Scene of the Crime excursion was a very enriching and interesting experience. Rainer gave great explanations of various infamous crimes than occurred around Melbourne and broadened our understanding of the law in doing so. 

Milo P


It was good. 

Dodo H


The scene of the crime was such a great time. Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest, Rainer made the trip really fun and entertaining, as well as educational. I would definitely recommend crime and Scene of the crime. 

Charli E


The scene of the crime excursion was a fun and informative to learn about key crimes that shaped Melbourne into what it is today. But if I could change one thing about the excursion I would add more stops to it as I was feeling car sick for much of the ride. 

Dylan C

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