From FHS Library

Volunteers for covering library books
If you ‘ve had some experience covering books or maybe helped out at a school library – and you have some time to assist in FHS library on an `as needed’ basis, this would be much appreciated.
Work would be on site and during school hours.
If you would like to be involved, please email me on with contact details, preferred availability times and any details of past experience.

FHS Library Ambassadors Program (AKA:LAP)
Last week I met with year 9 students who have expressed interest in working in FHS Library. Year 9 or 10 students are able to volunteer to help with library duties after school from 3.15-4pm on a Wednesday and/or Thursday night. They are fully supervised and involved in the following activities

● `Book Week’ planning
● Covering books
● Shelf tidying and evaluation of books in the library.
● Planning for displays for special events and occasions.
● Planning and organising board and card games, puzzles and other items as requested by the student body.

This work provides the opportunity to build capacity in terms of general work skills like listening, working as a team, `getting the job done’ – especially for anyone considering a career in either education and/or libraries.

See me in the library if you’re a year 9 or 10 student interested in being part of the LAP programme.

From the ‘National Education Summit 2022’
Last Friday and Saturday I attended the National Education Summit – the first time, due to Covid, this usually annual conference has been held since 2019. I attended the `Building the Capacity of School Libraries’ sessions over the 2 day period which covered the following topics:

  1. Reading
  2. Information Fluency Skills (note taking, sythesising information, referencing, evaluation of resources)
  3. Virtual Spaces (EG Websites) where students have 24/7 access to resources.
  4. Community involvement and connections with school libraries.

Given I took 32 pages of notes – and the Conference only concluded a few days ago – I will go into detail about each of these four areas in following newsletters.

Happy holidays everyone – enjoy the break and keep warm.
With the onset of the colder weather, more students continue to enjoy the Library space at both recess and lunchtime for socialising, games, reading and online activities.

Eileen Cooney
7-10 TeacherLibrarian @ Fitzroy High School