The biggest challenge for schools today is the same as in the past – how to best prepare young people for the future.

Today that future is arguably less certain than in the past. Young people will be required to solve problems we don’t yet know about, take on careers in fields that are not yet imagined, and face emerging issues concerning the environment, the use of technology, and the processes of  globalisation.

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School Tours

See Fitzroy High School in action. Gain and overview of the school, including a brief history, an explanation of our innovative approach to educating young people, and the results of our approach. The tour will include classroom visits to see our teaching and learning in action. Most importantly, you will get a sense of the culture and feel of the school to help you determine if our school is the right fit for your child.

Please note that due to overwhelming demand, all tours from February through to April will be reserved for year 6 families as a priority. If you wish to attend a tour and you/your student are already attending high school, please contact the office and request to speak with our Leadership Facilitator, Abbey. For year 5 families or below, we will be adding dates later on in the year.

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Student free day Wednesday Feb 14

89% of VCE students achieve an ATAR over 50!

This year has seen a significant improvement in ATAR results for our cohort as a whole, compared to previous years, where cohorts have produced a greater spread of results on the scale.

Congratulations to Stella B, who generated an ATAR of 95.2, making her our Valedictorian and Dux for 2017.  Stella was closely followed by Bella F with an ATAR of 94.95 and Liam M with an ATAR of 91.95.

Our students continue to perform well above state average. 7% of students achieved an ATAR in the 90s, 20% of students achieved an ATAR in the 80s and above, 40% of students achieved an ATAR in the 70s and above and 60% of students achieved an ATAR in the 60s and above.

Exciting stories are coming through from students who have already received guaranteed and provisional offers for tertiary courses. Congratulations to Nissassa B who has received a guaranteed offer from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) to study Fine Art (Visual Art). Nissassa continues our tradition of having at least one student receiving an offer from VCA each year. This has been the case each year since Fitzroy High School re-opened. On the strength of his folio and interviews, Josh VE has three offers for Fine Arts courses from which to choose.

Most pleasing were the English results, which were strong across the board, with many study scores in the 40s and high 30s.  62% of students achieved their highest study score for English, this is even the case for most Science students. An English study is the only compulsory study for VCE. Stella and Bella both achieved study scores in the 40s for English – 46 for Stella and 43 for Bella, placing both students in the top 1% and 2% of the state for English. Lois HD achieved a study score of 40 for English.

Stella also achieved a study score of 44 for Media and 42 for Literature. After scaling, Bella achieved a study score of 46.36 for Physics and 41.96 for French. Liam achieved study scores in the 40s after scaling – 44.37 for Maths Methods, 42.46 for Specialist Maths and 40.36 for Physics.

Year 11 student, Lyrica S also achieved outstanding results in the 40s, with a study score of 46 for English and History and 42 for Legal Studies.

We send our hearty congratulations to our VCE students on their results and wish all our Year 12 students the very best as they now make changes to their tertiary preferences and await their offers in January.


Sandra Dickins
Pathways and Community Leader
Co-Scarlet Team Leader

On Demand Testing

Dear Parent/Carer

Our school currently uses On Demand testing to provide our teachers with insights into your child’s literacy and numeracy development. Following a request from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), which is responsible for the development of On Demand, I am informing you of our school’s participation in a project to review the On Demand tests. This review will involve the equating of students’ On Demand test outcomes with the school’s NAPLAN data. Towards this end, the school will grant the VCAA permission to collect our On Demand data.

The data collected will contain test results and associated student details from On Demand assessments at our school for 2017. Our data, along with data from other schools will be used in a one-time linking process between On Demand and NAPLAN results held by the VCAA to form a single dataset. This dataset will then be anonymised and used to review the performance of the On Demand Tests. All identified data collected will be destroyed at the completion of the process and there will be no release of any school or individual results or personal details as part of this work.

This work will benefit our school by further enhancing the reliability and accuracy of the On Demand tests.

For more information about the On Demand Testing Calibration Project, please click here for FAQ's

Yours sincerely,
Linda Mitchell
Assistant Principal

Inspired Citizens

Our Inspired Citizen's Excel group have created a fantastic website to help people in our local community deal with their waste in the most sustainable way possible. 

Visit the website for some valuable information we could all use at home when sorting through our rubbish.

Fashion Stars

Two FHS VET Applied Fashion students have had their garments showcased on the catwalk. Both garments were selected for final inclusion in the Kangan TAFE major fashion parade 'Limitless' which took place on Monday 20 November 2017.

Noah K (Year 1) had all of the judges votes for his cool and groovy black and white pants, and Stella G (Year 2) for her stunning dress.

Congratulations Noah! Congratulations Stella!

School Dress Code

Fitzroy High School is a workplace for students, teachers and other school staff. While the school does not have a uniform, there is a dress code which all students and staff are required to meet. The code was developed to meet Sunsmart guidelines, occupational health and safety standards and community expectations regarding appropriate dress. Appropriateness for a workplace includes having clothing that is not offensive, not too short, not too brief and which doesn’t expose too much skin, including midriff and shoulders. Clothing should be comfortable, practical and allow students and staff to participate fully in the range of activities for a school day. Students and staff should not wear clothing printed with offensive or inappropriate writing or images.

The school is very conscious of the long term danger posed by exposure to the sun. We provide sunscreen for all outdoor activities and shelter within the school grounds and at outside school events. Students and staff are expected to wear Sunsmart clothing from September to April. This includes a shirt that covers the shoulders, upper arms and neck, as well as longer shorts and skirts that cover the upper thigh. Sun protective hats are recommended for all outdoor activities, including Sport, from September to April. Singlets are not appropriate at any time at school. For further information refer to

For OHS compliance, students and staff are not to wear open-toed shoes, sandals or thongs at school. In addition, high heeled shoes are discouraged and sturdy boots are encouraged for technology subjects. Long hair must be tied back in food classes and when working with machinery. Personal protective clothing (other than shoes) and equipment is provided for technology and science classes and must be worn when working in those classes.

In Physical Activity and Sport classes students are required to wear a Fitzroy High School sport shirt. Sports shirts can be purchased from the general office for $25. The sport shirts are Sunsmart in design, having sleeves and proper collar and they are made from a fabric which is light-weight and cool and provides sun protection. As garments such as jeans and some skirts are restrictive, they are not recommended for physical activity and sport classes. Students should wear longer style shorts or pants. Shoes need to be appropriate for exercise.

Tertiary Offers 2017 Trends – Creative Arts, RMIT & The University of Melbourne

In mid-January our 2016 Year 12 students received offers for tertiary courses. Compared to previous years, there was an increase in the percentage of 2016 Year 12 students (33%) going into the field of the Creative Arts. Areas of study include: Audio Production, Communication Design, Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Live Production, Product Design, Media and Communication, Music Industry, Screen Media, Textile Design, Visual Arts and Visual Merchandising.

A record number of our students received offers from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), now part of the University of Melbourne. Chloe H and Nina P make six Fitzroy High School students going on to study Fine Arts (Visual Art) over the years.  Zsuzsa GM is our first student to go to VCA to study Fine Arts (Production). Other former Fitzroy High School students have gone on to VCA to study Fine Arts (Music) and Fine Arts (Animation). Ever since we have been offering VCE (for the past 9 years), one Fitzroy High School student has been accepted into VCA each year. This is the first year we have had three in one year.

Continuing with trends over past years, RMIT was the most popular tertiary destination for our students. 24% received an offer from RMIT. For the first time, four students in one year were successful in gaining a place in Architecture at RMIT – Ed B, Oscar E-S, Matthew M and Kayleb W-C.

The University of Melbourne is the second highest destination, with 13% of our students receiving an offer from the university. Joel C, Tom S and Nia are going on to study Arts, Henry L got into Science along with the aforementioned students going on to VCA.

20% of students received offers in the Society and Culture area of study, which, this year is made up of predominantly arts degrees.

Our second group of senior VCAL students received offers in the areas of Animal Studies, Audio Production, Building and Construction, Children’s Services, Fitness, Horticulture, Resort Management and Youth Work.

There are still more rounds of tertiary offers to come, and students still need to decide whether to accept or defer their offers. We wish all of our former Year 12 students well in this process.

Sandra Dickins

Pathways and Community Leader

Best in State

Congratulations to Joel C, who generated an ATAR of 97.35, making him our Dux for 2016. Joel also achieved a perfect study score of 50 for Extended Investigation, a research subject culminating in a thesis.  This is a phenomenal achievement given this subject is more akin to a university subject.  Joel was the only student in the state to achieve a study score of 50 for Extended Investigation, outperforming students from predominantly prestigious private schools and select entry government schools. Josh Barnes, our dux for 2014, also achieved the best score in the state for Extended Investigation, making it the second time a Fitzroy High School student achieved the highest score in the state. As this study has only been recently introduced, this is the third year it has run. Two out of three is a sensational track record!

It was a day of delight for most of our students as they received their ATAR scores. Our students performed very well, receiving ATARs in the 90s, 80s, 70s etc. Our students continue to perform well above state average, with 75% of our students receiving an ATAR of 50 or above.

Lots of exciting stories are coming through from students who have already received provisional offers for tertiary courses. Congratulations to Zsuzsa who has received offers from three tertiary providers – Melbourne Polytechnic, RMIT and Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Zsuzsa will be our first student to go to VCA to study Theatre Production.

Chloe H received an offer from VCA to study Fine Arts, specialising in illustration and printmaking. Nina P received and offer from VCA to study Fine Arts, specialising in photography. Zsuzsa, Chloe and Nina continue our tradition of at least one student every year getting into VCA – this has happened since 2009. However, in this case, for the first time, it will be three students going to VCA in the same year.

Bailey W is off to study in Fayette, Missouri, USA where will be a soccer student athlete at Central Methodist University. He will be working until he leaves to start the American academic year in August.

RMIT looms large as a destination for our students. Ryan P has been made an offer for Visual Merchandising, Christina K has been made an offer for Fine Arts and Bella L has been made an offer for Fashion Design.

We wish all our Year 12 students the very best as they now make changes to their tertiary preferences and await their offers in January.


Sandra Dickins
Pathways and Community Leader
Co-Scarlet Team Leader

Victorian School of Languages (VSL) Awards

A number of our students study a language other than Italian through VSL, either by Distance Education or Saturday morning classes. In past years we have had students studying Punjabi, Vietnamese, Spanish and Dutch, to name a few. This year, two of our Year 10 students received awards in excellence for their studies. Congratulations to Tura T for his Award in Excellence for Indonesian. Congratulations to Liryca S for her Award in Excellence for German. Both students were presented with their awards at VSL at the ceremony on Saturday 3 December. In addition to receiving her award, Liryca (who is also studying Japanese) performed a contemporary song in German, and performed in front of an audience of about 300 people. A very impressive effort.

Sandra Dickins
Pathways and Community Leader
Co-Scarlet Team Leader

Thunderstorm Asthma: Supporting Students

Thunderstorms have been linked to epidemics of asthma, especially at the end of Spring, when grasses are flowering.

An asthma attack can be life threatening. Anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing should call 000.

Anyone with a known history of asthma is at risk of experiencing an exacerbation of their usual symptoms at this time.

In addition, people who do not usually experience symptoms of asthma but have a history of allergies may be at increased risk.

The common signs of asthma are difficulty in breathing (gasping for air), chest tightness and wheezing.

If a child's condition is deteriorating, parents or guardians should seek urgent care.  Signs of rapid deterioration include little or no relief from a reliever inhaler, inability to speak comfortably, or lips turning blue.

People with asthma should continue to use their usual medications. Where possible, stay inside when the weather is windy with high pollen counts or dust.

 Actions Required:

If a child is experiencing symptoms, notify their parents immediately (if you require advice, call Nurse on Call in the first instance, 1300 606 024).

If the child's symptoms include wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing, call 000.

For any child having an asthma attack, follow the instructions in their Asthma Care Plan (required for any child who has asthma, under the Department's asthma policy).  If an Asthma Care Plan is not available, follow the four-step asthma first aid, which is: 

1.  Sit the person upright and give reassurance – do not leave them alone.

2.  Without delay, give the person four separate puffs of their blue/grey reliever medication (such as Airomir,  Asmol, Bricanyl or Ventolin). If using a puffer (like Ventolin or Asmol), this should be taken one puff at a time through a spacer. Ask the person to take four breaths from the spacer after each puff of medication.

3.  Wait four minutes. If there is little or no improvement, repeat steps 2 and 3.

4.  If there is still no improvement, call 000 for an ambulance immediately. Repeat steps 2 and 3 continuously while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.


Additional information

 For details of schools' requirements to support students with asthma, see:


  For more information and resources in supporting asthma sufferers, see:



Dr Jenny Proimos

Principal Medical Advisor

Early Childhood and School Education Group