The biggest challenge for schools today is the same as in the past – how to best prepare young people for the future.

Today that future is arguably less certain than in the past. Young people will be required to solve problems we don’t yet know about, take on careers in fields that are not yet imagined, and face emerging issues concerning the environment, the use of technology, and the processes of


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FHS Renews Certification for Resource Smart Schools

Congratulations to Erin Schroeder, Sustainability Leader, supported by the Environment Sub Committee of School Council and the Enviro student group, on attaining the ResourceSmart Schools certification. Erin has worked hard over the last few years to renew our one star status, involving analysing bills, collating information and creating projects to celebrate sustainability. The school has saved over $75,000 in bills by participating in the program. We plan to continue our actions in the areas of energy, water, waste and biodiversity and possibly work towards five star status.

The input of the community is always welcome. Please contact Roger Smith, Convenor, Environment Subcommittee                                                                                                           

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Linda Mitchell

Assistant Principal

June 2016

School Council Request for Volunteers, July 2 Election BBQ

Dear Staff,  Parents, Guardians and Caregivers
On the upcoming Election Day Saturday 2/7/16 Fitzroy High will be a “static polling place”.
School Council has agreed that we should use this opportunity to hold a BBQ sausage sizzle fundraiser. The money raised will be used for projects around the school.
Our plan is to operate the BBQ over 6 hours between 10am to 4pm. We estimate we need at least 3 volunteers for each of the following shifts:
1.    Set up 9am to 10am
2.    1st cooking and serving shift 10am to 12pm
3.    2nd cooking and serving shift 12pm to 2pm
4.    3rd cooking and serving shift 2pm to 4pm
5.    Clear up 4pm to 5pm
Please contact me at if you are able to assist and if so what time you would be available. Please also let me know if you have a food handling qualification or have done the online Vic Govt food safety program.
I will notify all volunteers by 24/6/16 if we have sufficient numbers to run this. Please feel free to email me with any questions, useful contacts for food or other ideas.
Many thanks
Kath Boyer
Fitzroy High School
School Council President


Fitzroy High School Council News Semester 1

Dear Fitzroy High School Community,

Our first addition of FHS School Council News is here

To download the full version please click HERE

Yarra Sustainability Awards, May 2016

Fitzroy High School is very pleased to announce that school has been awarded the People's Choice Award for Sustainability in the City of Yarra, competing with other local businesses, schools and organisations. Fitzroy High was recognised for the work we have achieved for environmental sustainability.

This award specifically goes to the Native Garden Project out the front of the school that the VCAL students completed over the past three years.  Students worked together to formulate the design, develop their ideas and construct the native garden, garden beds and seating area. This project has been one of the foundational elements to the school's commitment toward sustainability and we are very pleased to be recognised.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for us, we really appreciate your support.

Erin Schroeder (Sustainability Leader), Linda Mitchell (Assistant Principal) and Roger Smith (Convener, Environment Sub Committee)



Human Rights Are .......... ?

How would you complete that sentence?

That was the challenging question that a mix of year 9/10 students were asked on Friday, 27th May when the Human Rights Commission of Victoria came to film a group of Fitzroy High students for a project on ‘Understanding Human Rights’.

Unfazed and brave when faced with the camera lens, the students did a fantastic job of responding to this question. "The right to be who you want", 'The right to do what you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone" and "The right to love who you want" were just some of the thoughtful responses.

The feedback from the Commission was very positive and the students had a great time.

Well done and thank you to the following students for getting involved.

  • Sudeysi ABDI
  • Aiyana LAFFERTY
  • Sacha REIDY
  • Gurkeerat SINGH
  • Finnian FARREL
  • Kotone MASUDA
  • Scarlet BRADLEY

We'll be seeing these students on You Tube soon.....

Nellie Morales


June 2016

VCAL Project 2016

Dear Fitzroy Community 

For our senior VCAL project we have proposed to create a space in the school for students to  record music.

We will need egg cartons to use as an inexpensive and sustainable source of “sound proofing”, if you could save up and or gather your empty egg cartons and bring them to the school office it would be really appreciated.

Thank you 

Senior VCAL Team FHS

Click on link for full poster view: >> VCAL - MUSIC <<



Hands on Learning - Pizza Oven

Hands on Learning students have been working on building the Pizza Oven with some help from professional Tradesmen. We have learnt lots of new skills,  including, excavation, concrete boxing and pouring, levelling of concrete, how to break a brick into even halves, brick laying, mixing cement render and rendering. We have also been able to use some maths skills to count the number of bricks we needed, measure and divide the spaces, work out some circle sizes and how to make a dome. We have decorated the pizza oven with ceramic fruits that we made last winter. We are about to embark on some pizza making once the oven has cured and the cement is fully dry. Several small fires have already been lit to help this process along.

We have  had to work as a team to make this project happen, we worked through recess and lunch on several occasions as wet cement waits for no-one, it has been a lot of fun and we can't wait to try our first Pizza.

Penelope Stray

Hands on Learning

Fitzroy High School

May 2016

District Athletics Day, May 2016

On Thursday the 5th of May, Josephine and I took 45 students down to the Collingwood Athletics track to compete in the Division Athletics against other schools. We had a beautiful, sunny 24 degree day. Some of our students competed in one event for the day and some competed in up to 5 different events. They were all exceptionally well behaved and organised which made the day all the more enjoyable.

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