The biggest challenge for schools today is the same as in the past – how to best prepare young people for the future.

Today that future is arguably less certain than in the past. Young people will be required to solve problems we don’t yet know about, take on careers in fields that are not yet imagined, and face emerging issues concerning the environment, the use of technology, and the processes of


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The Human Condition:

The Balance of Curiosity

Where: Fitzroy High School

When: Wednesday the 7th and Thursday the 8th of December

Cost: FREE! 

Bookings Essential: 9488 1900 (front office)

Event Poster: 

Please note that the installation is situated in an area that is not wheelchair accessible and that the audience is required to crawl through some parts of the installation. The total experience takes half an hour and is suitable for up to four people at any one time.

We invite you to explore this wonderful and unique installation that will give you an insight into the ideas of balance and curiosity.    

The Human Condition is a student created, run and produced installation that explores the ideas of who we are. Our team have been given the opportunity to work with a range of artists in order to create multiple representations of common questions and insecurities. As an audience member you will be required to open your mind and explore the complexity of the human mind.

This project is a way for the students of Fitzroy High School to explore and create. The balance of curiosity is an original theme that the students came up with that they could work with in any way that they chose. In this limited time installation the students have worked together to create several different experiences with the help and support of other students, creators and teachers.

Roy Meuleman (Director)

In association with Barking Spider Visual Theatre

FHS Music Night Live @ The Spotted Mallard - 6 DEC

As the year comes to an end, the doors of the music room burst open with an outpouring of musical talent that has been brewing within its walls, to showcase the wealth of student talent being encouraged and fine tuned by our amazing Instrumental Music teaching team. Fitzroy High School, warmly invites parents, teachers and friends to our end of year concert at The Spotted Mallard, home of Melbourne's best live music and boasting a sensational new menu!

The Spotted Mallard
314 Sydney Road


Doors  - 6 pm


Show -  Tuesday 6 December @ 7 pm


Ticket Entry - $5.70 (including booking fee)


Book Online -

Tom Hoyle
Music Coordinator
9488 1900

Hands on Learning Pizza Oven & Planter Boxes - NOV

Pizza Oven and Planter Boxes

As part of the City of Yarra sustainability grant, students from Hands on Learning helped to design and build a pizza oven and planter boxes near the canteen and outdoor seating area at the back of the school.  The planter boxes include fruit trees and herbs and are designed to be self-watering.

 Students enjoyed the experience:

 “Mixing concrete was fun”

 “Brick laying was so fun, I love brick laying”

 “It was a really good experience”

 “I enjoyed helping make the planter boxes – we worked well as a good team”


Thunderstorm Asthma: Supporting Students

Thunderstorms have been linked to epidemics of asthma, especially at the end of Spring, when grasses are flowering.

An asthma attack can be life threatening. Anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing should call 000.

Anyone with a known history of asthma is at risk of experiencing an exacerbation of their usual symptoms at this time.

In addition, people who do not usually experience symptoms of asthma but have a history of allergies may be at increased risk.

The common signs of asthma are difficulty in breathing (gasping for air), chest tightness and wheezing.

If a child's condition is deteriorating, parents or guardians should seek urgent care.  Signs of rapid deterioration include little or no relief from a reliever inhaler, inability to speak comfortably, or lips turning blue.

People with asthma should continue to use their usual medications. Where possible, stay inside when the weather is windy with high pollen counts or dust.

 Actions Required:

If a child is experiencing symptoms, notify their parents immediately (if you require advice, call Nurse on Call in the first instance, 1300 606 024).

If the child's symptoms include wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing, call 000.

For any child having an asthma attack, follow the instructions in their Asthma Care Plan (required for any child who has asthma, under the Department's asthma policy).  If an Asthma Care Plan is not available, follow the four-step asthma first aid, which is: 

1.  Sit the person upright and give reassurance – do not leave them alone.

2.  Without delay, give the person four separate puffs of their blue/grey reliever medication (such as Airomir,  Asmol, Bricanyl or Ventolin). If using a puffer (like Ventolin or Asmol), this should be taken one puff at a time through a spacer. Ask the person to take four breaths from the spacer after each puff of medication.

3.  Wait four minutes. If there is little or no improvement, repeat steps 2 and 3.

4.  If there is still no improvement, call 000 for an ambulance immediately. Repeat steps 2 and 3 continuously while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.


Additional information

 For details of schools' requirements to support students with asthma, see:


  For more information and resources in supporting asthma sufferers, see:



Dr Jenny Proimos

Principal Medical Advisor

Early Childhood and School Education Group