Volunteers Policy


  • Volunteer school worker means a person whom without remuneration or reward voluntarily engages in school work.


  • Volunteers add significantly to the human resources available to the school, and consequently they deserve encouragement, effective management, support and recognition.


  • To maximise the number and variety of effective volunteers who contribute to our school.
  • To provide volunteers with the support and recognition they deserve.


  • Volunteers are actively encouraged to partake in school activities, and will be invited to do so.
  • Volunteers will be sought formally through the newsletter, written invitations and personal approaches, as well as informally through conversation and opportunity.
  • Volunteers will be required to participate in a short briefing prior to working at the school – Occupational Health & Safety, Privacy, Anti Discrimination, Equal Opportunity etc. to help them carry out their tasks at school in an effective manner.
  • Following the briefing, volunteers will be issued with a name badge and will be required to collect it at the office on their first volunteer visit.
  • Volunteers will be required to wear their name badge when volunteering in the school.
  • Volunteers are required to carry out tasks in a manner consistent with school expectations, including living by our values and maintenance of a professional, cooperative and confidential working environment.
  • Volunteers will not be required to carry out tasks with which they are uncomfortable.
  • Volunteers may be sought to assist with school camps and excursions. School Council requires that volunteers assisting with offsite school camps provide a satisfactory Working With Children check prior to their participation. The school will pay for the cost of the check.
  • Individual or groups of volunteers will be acknowledged in the newsletter, publicising their contributions to the school subject to their approval.
  • Volunteers will be invited to use staff toilets.
  • Volunteer workers on school property are covered by the OH&S Act and hence the school has specific responsibilities concerning their health and wellbeing. “Volunteer workers undertaking school work on behalf of, and with the approval of, the school council or principal are indemnified as to their personal ability in similar terms to teachers.”  Schools of the Future Reference Guide section


This policy will be reviewed in line with new legislation, regulations and best practice.

School Council approved: 17 November 2011

Approved Document (pdf)

Review date: November 2013