Student Dress Code

Fitzroy High School is a workplace for students, teachers and other school staff.

While the school does not have a uniform, there is a dress code which all students and staff are required to meet. The code was developed to meet Sunsmart guidelines, occupational health and safety standards and community expectations regarding appropriate dress. Appropriateness for a workplace includes having clothing that is:

  • not offensive
  • not too short
  • not too brief and which doesn’t expose too much skin, including midriff and shoulders.

Clothing should be comfortable, practical and allow students and staff to participate fully in the range of activities for a school day. Students and staff should not wear clothing printed with offensive or inappropriate writing or images.

  • The school is very conscious of the long term danger posed by exposure to the sun. We provide sunscreen for all outdoor activities and shelter within the school grounds and at outside school events. Students and staff are expected to wear Sunsmart clothing from September to April.

    This includes a shirt that covers the shoulders, upper arms and neck, as well as longer shorts and skirts that cover the upper thigh. Sun protective hats are recommended for all outdoor activities, including Sport, from September to April. Singlets are not appropriate at any time at school. For further information refer to the SunSmart uniform recommendations.
  • For OHS compliance, students are not to wear open shoes, high heels or thongs at school. Long hair must be tied back in food classes and when working with machinery. Personal protective clothing and equipment is provided for technology and science classes and must be worn when working in those classes.
  • In Physical Activity and Sport classes students are required to wear a Fitzroy High School sport shirt. Sports shirts can be purchased from the general office for $25.

    The sport shirts are Sunsmart in design, having sleeves and proper collar and they are made from a fabric which is light-weight and cool and provides sun protection. As garments such as jeans and some skirts are restrictive, they are not recommended for physical activity and sport classes.

    Students should wear longer style shorts or pants. Shoes need to be appropriate for exercise.