Sponsorship Policy


Fitzroy High School is committed to the provision of quality education, striving for excellence and equity. In realising this commitment, it is recognised that locally raised funds can usefully supplement core funding; sponsorship by external entities is one way of contributing to this need. 

The School is committed to implementing all sponsorship arrangements only within a framework that is consistent with the broader objectives of the School. This policy has been developed to set out principles and guidelines for both the School and potential sponsors.  Scope 

This policy is binding on all sponsorship activities, as defined by the DEECD Guidelines (6.23.3). Essentially, sponsorship involves support of the school or its programs by an external for-profit or notfor-profit entity, with or without reciprocal conditions. Sponsorship may take the form of direct  funding, the donation of goods or materials, or the provision of services. 


Sponsorships must enhance educational programs. 

The underlying principle for the conduct of all sponsorship activities is that they enhance (either directly or indirectly) educational opportunities for students. 

Sponsorships must be consistent with the ethos and values of FHS 

Sponsorship agreements should only be negotiated with organisations whose public image, products or services are consistent with the ethos and values of education at Fitzroy High School. 

Sponsorships must be compatible with good educational practice 

Time and resources allocated to raising funds and obtaining sponsorships should not compromise School priorities and the overall educational program. Sponsorship arrangements must not require a change to the School's values, policies or programs, or promote inappropriate student consumerism. 

Sponsorships should help establish and promote local links 

In recognition of the importance of the local economy and community ties, attempts will, where possible, be made to establish any new sponsorship and promotional links locally. 

Sponsorships must be coordinated 

Sponsorship arrangements must be planned in consultation with the Principal and, at the Principal’s discretion, School Council. A register of current sponsorship arrangements must be tabled at each School Council meeting. 

Sponsorship and promotion agreements 

All sponsorship agreements must be approved by the Principal and reported to School Council. The roles and responsibilities of individual parties, and the nature and level of acknowledgement to be given to the sponsor, must be clearly specified. 

Sponsorship-related materials 

School letterheads, the School name, and the School logo must not in any way incorporate the name or logo of the sponsor. Where acknowledgement of the sponsor occurs on promotional material, the sponsor's name or logo should not in any way overshadow the School's name or logo. 

The School’s interests are paramount 

Sponsorship arrangements or promotional activities must be negotiated with the interests of students, parents and the School community paramount. In particular: 

  • Participation in sponsorships and promotions should not generate pressure on children, parents or the School to purchase particular products or services, or to adopt particular beliefs, attitudes or courses of action.
  • Sponsorship and promotions should not involve endorsement of products or services by the School, or School systems, or be portrayed by the sponsor as endorsement.
  • Acceptance of a sponsor's product or service should not be a condition of an individual student's participation in sponsored activities.
  • Any educational material provided as part of a sponsorship or promotion should be clearly identified as being that of the sponsor, and be acceptable according to the guidelines of this sponsorship policy of Fitzroy High School.

The School will publicly acknowledge organisations or individuals that make gifts to the School in an appropriate manner, as determined by the Principal. 

Review of policy 

This sponsorship policy is to be reviewed every three years by the Communications Subcommittee, which will make any recommendations for change to School Council. 

School Council approved: 21 May 2009

Approved Document (pdf)

Review date: Communications Subcommittee: May 2012