Fitzroy High School runs a range of performance-based events over the year. Every second year the school mounts a major play production and each alternate year the school has a cabaret performance evening.

The school’s major productions are typically modern or classic plays such as Louis Nowra’s Cosi  in 2009 or Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros in 2011. The productions are developed in conjunction with the students and are typically performed in a theatre over a series of evenings.

These performances are usually cast during Term One and are performed in Term Three.The school play is open to students from Years 7–12 with roles allocated based on merit, talent and aptitude. Students are also involved in the direction, lighting design, videography, sound, costume and stage management of the performance piece.

The school cabaret runs on each alternate year to the school play. It typically consists of a range of performance pieces from students in Years 7–12. Students submit performance pieces and the very best of the student work is selected with ample opportunities for students from all age groups to develop skills through performance. Past works include Solo character pieces, musical medleys, dance numbers, short films, student bands and school choirs.

The night is MC’d by students and the Fitzroy High School community typically organises tables of people to come for a sit down picnic-style event with light refreshments served at the venue.Both the play and the cabaret use the latest in performance technology, from video projection to laser lighting.

Our students are given the opportunity to work with best practice industry equipment.We also have biannual VCE Drama/Theatre studies performance evenings in which student solo or ensemble performance pieces are performed publicly; these are typically arty low budget pieces that rely on the talents of the individuals involved.

Anyone can be involved, either onstage or backstage. Students are encouraged to take on different and more challenging roles as the progress through school. Parents can also involve themselves in the productions backstage.A myriad of roles exist for students from onstage performer to backstage crew work, including directional or technical roles.

We have strong relationships with local and internationally renowned artists who often work one-to-one with our students developing characterization or artistry in their work.