MVP Winners from Term 2 Year 8 Sports Day

Term 2 Year 8 MVPs:
• Girls’ Badminton: Lillian G.
• Boys’ Football: Jules P.
• Competitive Netball: Kiki S.
• Social Netball: Isabelle M.
• Boys’ Netball: Ed B.
• Boys’ Soccer: Mungo S.
• Girls’ Soccer: Zoja D.

The MVP Awards are awarded to the team members who best meet the following criteria:
• Consistently performs with a high level of effort;
• Is the most valuable player on the team;
• Demonstrates excellent team spirit and sportspersonship;
• Consistently shows a positive attitude and enthusiastic approach; and
• Has excellent focus during warm up and training.

Duncan Hillier

Sports Update

Regional Cross Country

On the 19th of June, the following students represented Fitzroy High School in Cross Country at a regional level: Jules P, Darcy W, Charlotte G, Remy F, Leo N, Gemma T and Tasman C.
Results will be posted in the next newsletter.
An acknowledgment to Gracie L who was unable to compete due to an injury.

Year 8 Football

Congratulations to the Year 8 Boys Football team who, against the odds, were able to overcome other district schools with just 14 players and will now go on to a regional level on the 30th of July. Under the captaincy of Kaden E and leadership of Remy F and Darcy W, all the boys were able to link up and create space while ensuring support for each other during contested ball gets. A special mention goes out to Jules P who was voted the Most Valuable Player, coming across from Soccer. It was easy to see this student could have a bright future in the sport of AFL. All the best to this team going forward.

Coming Up

Year 7 Sports Day – Friday 21 June 2019:
• AFL Football
• Soccer
• Badminton
• Netball

Senior Sports Day – Monday 24 June 2019
• Basketball
• Futsal

Junior Girls AFL Day – Wednesday 26 June 2019
• An additional optional extra day for girls who may be interested in having a go or finding out more about AFL football.

Term 1 Year 8 Sport MVPs

Congratulations to the Term 1 Year 8 Sport MVPs:

  • Tennis Girls – Claudia C.
  • Tennis Boys – Will P.
  • Baseball/Softball Boys – Jules L.
  • Baseball/Softball Girls – Maya D.
  • Cricket – Jules P.
  • Cricket Participation – Luca G.
  • Volleyball Girls – Ridwan A.
  • Volleyball Boys Tied – Ari J. and Esteban F.

Years 7 and 8 Cross Country Report

This week, Cross Country was held at Edinburgh Gardens for Years 7 and 8 students. Cross Country requires speed, stamina, endurance and, most of all, a positive and strong mind set. These young students were able to push themselves, achieving a sense of self-pride after completing the 2.2km Cross Country course. For some students, it was about going fast. For others, it was the sense of pride and the fact that they were earning points for their school house while achieving a personal best. Overall, students should be congratulated for their individual efforts. Congratulations and all the best to the below students who will go on to represent the school at a Division level on 22 May 2019. These students will be presented with a ribbon during next week’s sports session.

Year 7 Girls

  1. Gemma T
  2. Pearl C
  3. Mariana K
  4. Jeslyn L
  5. Jetta G-S
  6. Kira T
  7. Jacinta S
  8. Bintu B
  9. Peemai S
  10. Aryan H
  11. Tessa H

Year 7 Boys

  1. Angus W
  2. Sunny O
  3. Cosmo K
  4. Isaac L
  5. Max C
  6. Tom L-B
  7. David B
  8. Kyan D
  9. Lewis B
  10. Isaac V

Year 8 Girls

  1. Gracie L
  2. Claudia G
  3. Lottie G
  4. Zoja D
  5. Morena W
  6. Lizzy V
  7. Kiki S
  8. Amy S
  9. Ninon H
  10. Elaine K

Year 8 Boys

  1. Leo N
  2. Darcy W
  3. Jules P
  4. Eren Y
  5. Remy F
  6. Tasman C
  7. Oliver R
  8. Oisin T
  9. Yonis A
  10. Tom A
  11. Samuel W

Swimming Report

Students from Fitzroy High School attended the schools Swimming Carnival held at the Fitzroy Pools on 8th of February. On the day many students competed in events, earning points for their school house. This year saw the smallest margin of difference between all the houses, with Green house (276 pts) winning, Gold house (271 pts) second, Blue house third (261 pts) and Red house (254 pts) after an amazing few years of success, fourth.  There were some outstanding performances with many swimmers qualifying to represent Fitzroy High School at the upcoming district competition this Wednesday 6th of March. The students who performed exceptionally and will go onto district as the schools age group Champions were:

2001: Sophia T and Finnian F

2002: Scarlet B and Rafi C

2003: Freya V-G and Kit W

2004: Alex C-K and Jack N

2005: Amy S and Tasman C

2006: Billie M and Tom L-B

Well done to all the Fitzroy swimmers who competed at the Carnival.

Happy Swimming!

SSV Track and Field State Championships – Oct

On Monday the 17th October, I spent the day at Albert Park Lakeside Athletics Stadium to represent Fitzroy High School in the SSV State Championships. My first event was the open age 2000m Steeplechase in blustery conditions, in which I won the race by less than half a second. The next event of the day was the under 16 800m, where I finished in second place in a tight finish with a time of 2 minutes. By this stage, I was starting to feel it, but I overcame my fatigue and ran in the 1500m, finishing in 2nd place to the same athlete who beat me in the 800m. I look forward to seeing some more maroon and gold at the championships next year!

Angus Year 10

Swimming Carnival – Feb

I need to write to tell you about a beautiful day out in the pool

When we took a break from normal school


We dressed up and had a bit of a chant

(Some houses’ efforts were a bit scant)


Then we walked through the park

Wondering how we could make our mark.


Would it be in the novelty events or maybe the backstroke?

Or by swimming my best after having a snag and a coke?


The weather was perfect as it knew it should

And we used it well, as any bunch of wonderful people would.


Lines formed for backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle

Some made it look super quick; for some it felt like a mile.


The competition was fierce with participation being high

It was great to see the new Year 7’s not being shy.


The powerhouse years of 8 and 9 were amazing

With loads of great results and pace a blazing.


Scarlet showed up with several great moments

Thank you to all the participants.


When the final results were in, the winner was clear.

The margin was tight but showed an upper tier.


Blue will have a lot of work to do to improve its tally on the board

In a battle of race cars, you looked like a Ford.


Yellow put in its best and had a proper Go

It always does well and puts on a show.


However it wasn’t enough to get to the top

Maybe while eating your sweets, take one less dollop?


Green was strong as it seems to love to swim

Can you carry this to the land and get a win?


As expected, Red house came out in the end with the Gold

Featuring strong performances from its young and old.


Year 12’s to our Juniors kept having a dip

And kept winning at an impressive clip.


Our culture is one where we love to win

We do it with class and a well earned grin.


For we are the standard you all try to aspire

Confused as when we win, we seem not to even perspire.


We have gears the likes of which have never been seen

The trophy case agrees: we are the Kings and the Queens.


Looking forward to continue the Red House tradition

As winning the right way is our Mission.


Thanks to all in the Red House for their dedication.

We are the force whose function is domination.

District Athletics Day – May

On Thursday the 5th of May, Josephine and I took 45 students down to the Collingwood Athletics track to compete in the Division Athletics against other schools. We had a beautiful, sunny 24 degree day. Some of our students competed in one event for the day and some competed in up to 5 different events. They were all exceptionally well behaved and organised which made the day all the more enjoyable.

At the end of the day, we left the athletics track with 30 ribbons for our school. What a great effort!
  • Ella V finished 2nd in both 100m and triple jump.
  • Angus N finished 1st in 3000m, 1500m and 800m and 3rd in 400m.
  • Sophia T finished 2nd in 800m and 3rd in both 1500m and triple jump.
  • Eloise W-B finished 3rd in high jump.
  • Yusra A finished 2nd in both javelin and discus.
  • Flynn G finished 3rd in shot put.
  • Zac M finished 1st in triple jump and 3rd in high jump.
  • Molly C finished 3rd in 400m.
  • Januar M finished 2nd in javelin.
  • Yusuf A finished 1st in the 1500m walk.
  • Matthew finished 1st in javelin and 2nd in 1500m walk.
  • Will V finished 3rd in long jump.
  • Primo finished 1st in triple jump.
  • Jacob S finished 3rd in 1500m.
  • Dharma finished 2nd in discus.
  • Liam H finished 2nd in discus and 3rd in javelin.
  • Oliver L finished 3rd in 1500m walk.
  • David C finished 2nd in 100m and 3rd in 1500m.


Well done to them all. Most of these students will compete at the next level in term 3.
Linda Ekman-Triandos
May 2016

2013 Great Vic Bike Ride

Day 0 – Friday – Travel Day – Melbourne to Mt Gambier

On Friday, we all rocked up at the required time of 9:00a.m. We had to box up our bikes so they would fit better on the bus and at first I thought it would mean that we just had to take our wheels off but I was wrong. We had to take off our wheels, seats, pedals and handlebars before we could even think of putting our bikes in a box. Once we had though, we really got our gears moving (Ha Ha Ha). We packed everything away, put the bikes under the truck and off we went. We picked up Northcote and we got on the road. The truck ride there was average – especially when we saw the rain come which meant only bad things. Once we got there, the assembly of the bikes started and in the cold and wet, it was not fun.

Day 1 – Saturday – Mt Gambier to Nelson – 42 km

Today was the first official day of the ride. Unfortunately as the night before was very wet, a couple of tents had puddles in them and we had to pack up a lot of drenched equipment. The first riders of the day left around seven o’clock and the last around eight. The ride today was a mellow 40K so it was a good introduction to the Great Vic. Not far into the ride we witness the iconic Blue Lake from above, the view was good although it was a little rainy. We then rode to the lunch spot and ate sandwiches. 9 kilometers to go and we were all racing to the finish. When we got to the campsite we set up our tents and got into that old great vic bike ride routine. A lot of us got to bed early in preparation for the next day.

Day 2 – Sunday – Nelson to Portland – 74 km

Being Day 2 we started to become a team showing teamwork when needed such as packing up and getting everyone geared up for the ride Fitzroy High gunning it as always. We arrived at the camp site early. Throughout the ride we passed many farms, triangle tree forests and at one point we had a great view of the bay. Our day was pretty flat and mostly downhill but there were a few little hills that warmed you up. We arrived in Portland pretty early and spent the day walking through town and checking it out. We had some tasty butter chicken for dinner and a little custard and berry tart for dessert. Delish.

Day 3 – Monday – Portland to Port Fairy – 95 km

It was the 95 km stage with a nice view of the ocean, complimented with some nice green countryside. Everybody left fairly early and got to the campsite by around 3. The weather was a bit unpleasant, it was sunny and hot while riding, but at the rest stops everybody froze. There were plenty of packs forming because of a painful headwind, which made the ride a bit faster and a lot more entertaining. Towards the end of the stage everybody was tired and pretty wiped out, but thanks to the team efforts, both within our group and with other schools and strangers, we all got to camp safely and with enough energy to go to the beach and play frisbee.

Day 4 – Tuesday – Port Fairy to Port Campbell – 107 km

Today was the distance challenge day where we had to do 107km. Really good ride with lots of packs forming and breaking apart. We had a mild headwind the way; it got stronger as time went on. It was really hot 23 degrees isn’t but cool when you got going. We all rode really well and paced ourselves and almost all others made it all the way to the end.

Day 5 – Wednesday – Port Campbell – Rest Day – 0 km

This morning we got to sleep in which was bloody amazing but unfortunately fun times fly fast. In the morning we cleaned our amazing bikes which was a bit of a drag because we wanted to play and have fun at the beach. This was probably the most exciting part of the day. Throughout the day we walked back and forth between town and camp meeting a of people two of which were top blokes. We also lined up for about 20 minutes to get some chips. The two top blokes we met showed us some photos of them riding motor bikes. Gr8 day all around….and yeah, we all call our teachers, Neil and Miranda, mum and dad!

Day 6 – Thursday – Port Campbell to Gellibrand – 80 km

Today was a tough day. The wind was blowing and the hills were high. This wasn’t as hard as everyone thought but it was still a hill worth doubting. The tail wind was nice for a change at the start. With the help from the wind climbing the hill it was much easier and quicker to get our reward with a great downhill for 10km in the forest. Us three lads Joe, Joel and I (Jamil) were speeding down the hill at around 60km/hr which felt pretty good. As we rolled into camp the luggage trucks weren’t unpacked so we had to help which was pretty hard. All in all the ride was pretty good.

Day 7 – Friday – Gellibrand to Birregurra – 81km

The day started with a long up hill ride. When I got to the top I was very tired. I know it was all down hill from there but there were some up hills going down. I turned off into Beech Forest which is a national park. I was speeding down the hill in a rain forest. The rain brought the rain forest to life. The rain had also created really nice smells. The rain forest went for at least 12km. After the rain forest it was only rolling hills which were nice. I think this has been the best ride so far.

Day 8 – Saturday – Birregurra to Torquay – 82km

The ride today started with a 10km ride up the third and final big hill. After going past the top we were heading straight down a very steep incline down to Lorne. In Lorne, we had a long lunch break down by the beach. We weren’t allowed to leave until 11:30 since the facilities needed to move to the campsite.

After leaving Lorne we rode down the Great Ocean Road right by the beautiful sea apart from the flies. The way to Torquay was majestic. I caught up with Joel and Donald but couldn’t keep up with them. After arriving at Torquay we settled down and had a family dinner with the whole crew. Tomorrow we are waking up at 6:00 and leaving at 7:30 as a group.

Day 9 – Sunday – Torquay to Geelong – 49 km

The final day of the Great Vic started like any other: a 6am wake up for breakfast. Everyone’s spirits were high; they were excited to return home but at the same time not wanting to leave behind what they’ve grown accustom to. The trek for breakfast was longer than other days, mainly because everyone had to cross the entrance of the Great Ocean Road. After packing up camp and getting everyone ready, myself and a few other boys went to say goodbye to the other schools we met along the way, and after some trouble with a tyre, Fitzroy finally left Torquay a 8:15.

Our group made its way through the busy roads of Torquay, but eventually found our way onto more quiet ones but still bustling with cyclists. We started a formation with a few boys at the front leading some of the group in a sing-along which lasted until the first rest stop. As a group we took a photo with everyone in their jerseys, nearing the end. We left the stop and crossed the bridge for the second part of our journey, making our way to the traffic ridden roads of outer Geelong, the place we’d all been riding to. Our group, battered after 9 days of rain, sun and hills at last cruised past the final gantry, with John and I at the lead, signifying the end of Fitzroy High’s second Great Victorian Bike Ride.

We collected our bags and set up our bikes in a nice row, while Neil almost doubled over from the gastro going around the group, but Miranda (aka, Mum) set up a tent for him. Most of us found out about the free drinks and sausages at the RACV tent and raced over to avoid waiting in the hot sun. I, along with others, grabbed two of each to keep us going until lunch. By the time our bus arrived, most of our crew had left with family, leaving only 15 or so including a few Northcote stragglers. Our bus met us in the now deserted showground’s, and shortly after crushing bike boxes, we left. Just before exiting Geelong our group stopped for McDonalds, a lousy substitute for lunch, but it kept us going on the hot, quiet ride home. We arrived back at school around 3:30, unloading everything with effort.

And at last Fitzroy had returned, 600km and many tubes of sunscreen later, everyone had made it home with a huge sense of achievement and camaraderie. Despite our sore muscles various illnesses, we had triumphantly made it back from our second Great Vic. Each day was written by a different student on the ride after each day’s effort.

From my perspective, the 10 day excursion was second to none. The students represented FHS so well. Every day, the camp was set up as a team with leaders leading and everyone doing their best. For some, that was pushing themselves to finish the ride. For others, that was pushing themselves to finish the ride quickly in order to help others. I am so proud to be associated with this group. Well done to all.

Neil McLean