Sports Report

Congratulations to the Year 8 AFL team for representing the school at a Regional Level. Despite suffering two close losses against Thornbury SC and Sacred Heart SC, Fitzroy was able to secure a victory over Viewbank SC to finish third overall for the day.

The following votes were given from both the Coach and Team:
● 3 votes: Leo N – Great display of football knowledge, team cohesion and athleticism.
● 2 votes: Darcy W – Tireless efforts, ability to read the play and athleticism.
● 1 vote: Freya H – Fierce tackling and hardball gets along with the ability to create space.

One Basketball and two Futsal teams represented FHS at an intermediate level on August 9th against other district schools.

Future Sports Dates:
● August 30th 2019: Year 8 District Sports Day
● September 4th 2019: Regional Athletics
● September 18th 2019: Year 7 District Sports Day

Senior Sport Report

Boys Basketball

The Senior Boys Basketball team, consisting of Ethan D, Tom B, Levi J, Marcus D, Thomas B, Flynn G and Charlie R finished runners up after winning all games but their last game at District level. Despite what can only be described as an upset, the team has enjoyed one another’s company over the years, including their successful run towards States in 2017.

Boys Futsal

Although Futsal is yet to be recognised at a Regional/State level, it did not stop all teams from the district from playing with pride and passion. Fitzroy HS lost their first game to University HS and drew with the eventual overall winners SEDA A team. Well done to Aaron M, Jacob S, Alex K, Jai B and Sudeysi A (as seen in the picture below).

AFL Report

Girls Footy Day Report

The Years 7 and 8 girls were asked to represent girls and Fitzroy HS at a school tournament on 26/06/2019. There was one competitive team, which won two out of five games, and a social team, which won one out of four games. Even if we didn’t win everything, the girls improved every single game and everyone learnt new positions and many new football skills. All girls tried their absolute best at the tournament and NEVER gave up, even when being tackled to the ground. By far, they were the most determined team there.

By Claudia, Sabine and Gracie.

Year 8 Boys AFL Team

Congratulations and all the best to the Year 8 Boys AFL Team who are off to the Regionals on 30/07/2019.

Regional Cross Country Results

Well done to the students who represented Fitzroy High School at Regional Cross Country. These students conducted themselves in a professional manner over a difficult, hilly and muddy course and should be congratulated on their efforts. Please find the results, including times, below.

Females 12-13

Gemma T – 25th – Time: 13:34.79

Females 14

Lottie G – 31st – Time: 14:07.06

Males 14

Leo N – 17th – Time: 11:28.41
Tasman C – 24th – Time: 12:08.45
Darcy W – 61st – Time: 13:19.07
Jules P – 69th – Time: 13:34.58
Remy F – 70th – Time: 13:35.03

MVP Winners from Term 2 Year 8 Sports Day

Term 2 Year 8 MVPs:
• Girls’ Badminton: Lillian G.
• Boys’ Football: Jules P.
• Competitive Netball: Kiki S.
• Social Netball: Isabelle M.
• Boys’ Netball: Ed B.
• Boys’ Soccer: Mungo S.
• Girls’ Soccer: Zoja D.

The MVP Awards are awarded to the team members who best meet the following criteria:
• Consistently performs with a high level of effort;
• Is the most valuable player on the team;
• Demonstrates excellent team spirit and sportspersonship;
• Consistently shows a positive attitude and enthusiastic approach; and
• Has excellent focus during warm up and training.

Duncan Hillier

Sports Update

Regional Cross Country

On the 19th of June, the following students represented Fitzroy High School in Cross Country at a regional level: Jules P, Darcy W, Charlotte G, Remy F, Leo N, Gemma T and Tasman C.
Results will be posted in the next newsletter.
An acknowledgment to Gracie L who was unable to compete due to an injury.

Year 8 Football

Congratulations to the Year 8 Boys Football team who, against the odds, were able to overcome other district schools with just 14 players and will now go on to a regional level on the 30th of July. Under the captaincy of Kaden E and leadership of Remy F and Darcy W, all the boys were able to link up and create space while ensuring support for each other during contested ball gets. A special mention goes out to Jules P who was voted the Most Valuable Player, coming across from Soccer. It was easy to see this student could have a bright future in the sport of AFL. All the best to this team going forward.

Coming Up

Year 7 Sports Day – Friday 21 June 2019:
• AFL Football
• Soccer
• Badminton
• Netball

Senior Sports Day – Monday 24 June 2019
• Basketball
• Futsal

Junior Girls AFL Day – Wednesday 26 June 2019
• An additional optional extra day for girls who may be interested in having a go or finding out more about AFL football.

Term 1 Year 8 Sport MVPs

Congratulations to the Term 1 Year 8 Sport MVPs:

  • Tennis Girls – Claudia C.
  • Tennis Boys – Will P.
  • Baseball/Softball Boys – Jules L.
  • Baseball/Softball Girls – Maya D.
  • Cricket – Jules P.
  • Cricket Participation – Luca G.
  • Volleyball Girls – Ridwan A.
  • Volleyball Boys Tied – Ari J. and Esteban F.

Years 7 and 8 Cross Country Report

This week, Cross Country was held at Edinburgh Gardens for Years 7 and 8 students. Cross Country requires speed, stamina, endurance and, most of all, a positive and strong mind set. These young students were able to push themselves, achieving a sense of self-pride after completing the 2.2km Cross Country course. For some students, it was about going fast. For others, it was the sense of pride and the fact that they were earning points for their school house while achieving a personal best. Overall, students should be congratulated for their individual efforts. Congratulations and all the best to the below students who will go on to represent the school at a Division level on 22 May 2019. These students will be presented with a ribbon during next week’s sports session.

Year 7 Girls

  1. Gemma T
  2. Pearl C
  3. Mariana K
  4. Jeslyn L
  5. Jetta G-S
  6. Kira T
  7. Jacinta S
  8. Bintu B
  9. Peemai S
  10. Aryan H
  11. Tessa H

Year 7 Boys

  1. Angus W
  2. Sunny O
  3. Cosmo K
  4. Isaac L
  5. Max C
  6. Tom L-B
  7. David B
  8. Kyan D
  9. Lewis B
  10. Isaac V

Year 8 Girls

  1. Gracie L
  2. Claudia G
  3. Lottie G
  4. Zoja D
  5. Morena W
  6. Lizzy V
  7. Kiki S
  8. Amy S
  9. Ninon H
  10. Elaine K

Year 8 Boys

  1. Leo N
  2. Darcy W
  3. Jules P
  4. Eren Y
  5. Remy F
  6. Tasman C
  7. Oliver R
  8. Oisin T
  9. Yonis A
  10. Tom A
  11. Samuel W

Swimming Report

Students from Fitzroy High School attended the schools Swimming Carnival held at the Fitzroy Pools on 8th of February. On the day many students competed in events, earning points for their school house. This year saw the smallest margin of difference between all the houses, with Green house (276 pts) winning, Gold house (271 pts) second, Blue house third (261 pts) and Red house (254 pts) after an amazing few years of success, fourth.  There were some outstanding performances with many swimmers qualifying to represent Fitzroy High School at the upcoming district competition this Wednesday 6th of March. The students who performed exceptionally and will go onto district as the schools age group Champions were:

2001: Sophia T and Finnian F

2002: Scarlet B and Rafi C

2003: Freya V-G and Kit W

2004: Alex C-K and Jack N

2005: Amy S and Tasman C

2006: Billie M and Tom L-B

Well done to all the Fitzroy swimmers who competed at the Carnival.

Happy Swimming!

SSV Track and Field State Championships – Oct

On Monday the 17th October, I spent the day at Albert Park Lakeside Athletics Stadium to represent Fitzroy High School in the SSV State Championships. My first event was the open age 2000m Steeplechase in blustery conditions, in which I won the race by less than half a second. The next event of the day was the under 16 800m, where I finished in second place in a tight finish with a time of 2 minutes. By this stage, I was starting to feel it, but I overcame my fatigue and ran in the 1500m, finishing in 2nd place to the same athlete who beat me in the 800m. I look forward to seeing some more maroon and gold at the championships next year!

Angus Year 10