Year 7 Italian

Last year in Year 7 Italian one of our projects was to research a region of Italy and present it in whatever form we liked. After studying some geography and uniqueness of the regions of Italy, I decided to research Liguria because it looked beautiful and interesting, with its beautiful food, wild forests and colorful villages on steep cliff sides leading down to the sea. I really love Art and Craft so I decided to present my project as a 3D model. Some of the interesting facts I learned were that Christopher Columbus came from Liguria as well as one of NASA’s astronauts. The people of Liguria have lots of festivals across the year, including the celebration of the Fava Bean!   

Maya Donaldson, 8Y

Victorian School of Languages (VSL) Awards

A number of our students study a language other than Italian through VSL, either by Distance Education or Saturday morning classes. In past years we have had students studying Punjabi, Vietnamese, Spanish and Dutch, to name a few. This year, two of our Year 10 students received awards in excellence for their studies. Congratulations to Tura T for his Award in Excellence for Indonesian. Congratulations to Liryca S for her Award in Excellence for German. Both students were presented with their awards at VSL at the ceremony on Saturday 3 December. In addition to receiving her award, Liryca (who is also studying Japanese) performed a contemporary song in German, and performed in front of an audience of about 300 people. A very impressive effort.

Sandra Dickins
Pathways and Community Leader
Co-Scarlet Team Leader