Italian Update

Ciao a tutti!

Early in Term 3, the Fitzroy High School community launched an outstanding Italian week.
Students across all year levels participated in a wide range of activities celebrating the Italian language and culture.

A special thanks to Make A Scene theatre company for their engaging Commedia Dell’Arte performances, Monticello Pasticceria in Thornbury for their fresh cannoli and biscotti and staff members who helped with pizza making, gelato stalls and more. Funds raised will go towards purchasing resources for the Italian department.

We hope that our enthusiasm for Italian grows and look forward to what 2020 will bring for Italian at Fitzroy High.

Venice In Love

Last Friday, Make A Scene theatre group performed Venice in Love, a Commedia Dell’arte that entertained students from year 7 to 11.

Perhaps everyone thought this would be a serious rendition of the high renaissance themes of love, betrayal and death performed in Italian with maybe a bit of opera.

What we experienced instead was the timeless art of toilet humour and of audience participation. The former makes people laugh in any language, and the later instils a mix of fear of being picked and schadenfreude of those who are. The best is when the teachers themselves are drawn into the fun.

With puppetry, music and pantomime, the show had everything, and at one point, even the weather joined in with an earth-shattering thunder-clap that the performers integrated seamlessly into a fart joke. Classic.

At the end the students had time to ask a range of questions about a style of theatre that is as engaging now as it was in the 16th century.

Travis McKenzie

Italian Fashion Show


Last term the Year 8 cohort participated in a fashion show organised by Vanessa, Daniel and Chiara. We started the unit of work by learning about the importance of fashion to Italian culture and history some vocabulary to name clothing items and describe styles.

Our main project involved exploring a range of different Italian fashion designers including Prada, Gucci, Kappa and many more. Everyone got creative (some more than others) and, inspired by the chosen designers, we each had to come up with our own fashion outfit to wear on the runway.

Chairs were placed as if we were really in fashion show. The atmosphere as each person walked down the runway was exhilarating and people were super confident in presenting. Our hosts were Olivia Villanti and Zara Schaper and one member from each group described the outfit in Italian.

Each design brought a unique perspective on fashion itself. It was interesting learning about Italian fashion because Italy has always been a country leading the high fashion industry. Learning about different styles can inspire people to find their own personal style, no matter where they come from. Overall, it was such a fun day for everyone and a great way to finish the term.

Grazie e arrivederci,
Morena Walsh and Maddie K 8V

Italian Week 2019

Fitzroy High Italian community participates in one of the most popular events of the year celebrating all things Italiano! 
 A special thanks to members of the FIZ (Fitzroy Italian Zone) who have contributed to the organisation of this event. 


A whole week of Italian food, music, theatre, sport, and culture. 

  • Thursday: Pizza: Margherita: $4 each or 2 for $7. Vegetarian or Capricciosa $5 each or 2 for $9. 
  • Friday: Venice in Love Performance for Year 9s and Gelato at lunch time. $2 for one flavour and $3 for 2 flavours. 

We look forward to your participation! 

See posters for more information. 

Italian at Fitzroy High School

Ciao! My name is Tallulah and I’m studying Italian in Year 11 this year through the Victorian School of Languages (VSL). This term, Fitzroy High School has welcomed Chiara, an Italian Language Assistant from Siena. She has been a magnificent help for both me and other students across Years 7 to 9. Chiara has been a great support for me so far in my study sessions; every fortnight, we speak for an hour in Italian and this gives me the opportunity to revise pronunciation, grammar and learn new vocabulary with a local speaker.

Having an assistant has given me the opportunity to grow my confidence in general conversation, because I feel comfortable making mistakes and answering questions.

I chose to continue Italian after Year 9 because I have always loved learning about the language and culture, and Chiara’s insights and capabilities have been extremely valuable in encouraging my learning in my senior years.

– Tallulah Thornton Lawrence, Year 11

It has been exciting having Chiara visit us in class and help with activities. It gives us a first hand experience of pronunciation and a lot more insight into the language itself! We’ve currently been learning about the differences and similarities between the north and south (nord e sud) of Italy: climate, regional cuisine, people, and so on. It’s been very enjoyable to study this topic and having Chiara there has made it all the better! Non vedo l’ora – I can’t wait.

– Milo Strangio, 9V Italian

Year 7 Italian

Last year in Year 7 Italian one of our projects was to research a region of Italy and present it in whatever form we liked. After studying some geography and uniqueness of the regions of Italy, I decided to research Liguria because it looked beautiful and interesting, with its beautiful food, wild forests and colorful villages on steep cliff sides leading down to the sea. I really love Art and Craft so I decided to present my project as a 3D model. Some of the interesting facts I learned were that Christopher Columbus came from Liguria as well as one of NASA’s astronauts. The people of Liguria have lots of festivals across the year, including the celebration of the Fava Bean!   

Maya Donaldson, 8Y

Victorian School of Languages (VSL) Awards

A number of our students study a language other than Italian through VSL, either by Distance Education or Saturday morning classes. In past years we have had students studying Punjabi, Vietnamese, Spanish and Dutch, to name a few. This year, two of our Year 10 students received awards in excellence for their studies. Congratulations to Tura T for his Award in Excellence for Indonesian. Congratulations to Liryca S for her Award in Excellence for German. Both students were presented with their awards at VSL at the ceremony on Saturday 3 December. In addition to receiving her award, Liryca (who is also studying Japanese) performed a contemporary song in German, and performed in front of an audience of about 300 people. A very impressive effort.

Sandra Dickins
Pathways and Community Leader
Co-Scarlet Team Leader