Semester One Reports Available

Semester One student reports are now available through the usual ‘Reports’ tab on Compass. If you have any problems accessing your report, please contact your advisor when school re-commences on Monday the 15th of July.

Three-way conference will be held on:

  • Monday the 29th of July for Years 7-10, and
  • Thursday the 8th of August for Senior Programs

Booking information will be provided early next term.

We hope you have a happy and safe school holiday break.

Koorie Academy of Excellence Mid-Year Intake (Years 7-10)

Koorie Academy of Excellence (KAE)

The Koorie Academy of Excellence (KAE) is excited to announce that it will be running a mid-year intake for students to join the North-West Metro KAE.

Applications will open during the upcoming 2019 Term 2 school holidays for students currently enrolled at a north-west metro government secondary school. Positions will be available across a number of year levels, including year 7, year 8, year 9 and year 10. Unfortunately, KAE is unable to offer positions for students studying year 11 and year 12.

Please contact your Koorie Academy Liaison Officers (KALO) now to submit an expression of interest and to receive an application pack for a student to apply. Feel free to spread the word throughout your networks to those who you think may be interested.

KALO contact information:

Tyson Austin
Mobile: 0447 698 331
Phone: 03 9084 9152

Sharna Colgan
Mobile: 0457 527 642
Phone: 03 9084 9148

For more information, please refer to the:
KAE press release
KAE newsletter
VAEAI website

Year 9 Connect Program

As an ex-student, it was an absolute pleasure to come back to Spensley Street and see all my primary school teachers. I haven’t been back in a few years and it was great to see how  things have changed since I’ve been gone.

Connect is a class that all Year 9 students complete at Fitzroy High. It involves different programs such as visiting organisations where we learn about what kind of things are going on there and we can decide if we are interested in volunteering there later on in the year

It’s essentially about connecting with community members and helping out those in need.

This term, Year 9s have been to Salvation Army where we learnt about homelessness and how it affects the lives of more Australians then we think, Yarra Youth Services to find out about sports, art and cultural programs, and Spensley Street where we got to help out in the classrooms. After each excursion we reflect on what we have learnt, how we helped out and how we could help out in future.

When I returned to Spensley Street I was reminded how important primary school was for me and I realised how valuable the Connect Program is for us and the wider community. I’d like to thank Spensley Street, teachers and students, for welcoming us into the classrooms and helping us learn about the community and how things work at Spensley Street.

Alex Castles Krusec 9Y

Our class experienced a taste of volunteering in various sectors of the workforce; specifically education, youth services, humanitarian, and aged care. The Connect program helps us experience different parts of Melbourne and our community and how it all comes together. It was nice to experience a different part of our community while visiting Ruckers Hill Nursing Home, talking to residents who enjoyed our company.

At times it was a confronting and challenged us to communicate in a different way with people who have aged care needs, such as dementia. We heard different life and work stories from the residents, some of which were; a London toy maker, a furniture removalist, a physiotherapist and activist, and a pilot. Overall it was fun but a rewarding experience. 

Spensley Street Primary School helped us connect to younger children and their teachers, helping out in the classroom, music, art or with physical education. We really enjoyed visiting Spensley Street, being with young children is a very uplifting and fun.  Our next step is to focus on a charity sector that we are interested in and try to find our own volunteer experience for five weeks in term 3.

Rahima Toukhsati and Peru Renkin 9Z


Dear Parents, Carers and Guardians,

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) 2019 for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students will be held on Tuesday 14 May, Wednesday 15 May and Thursday 16 May 2019. NAPLAN tests assess student knowledge and skills in Writing, Reading, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy. The results of the tests provide information for students, parents, teachers and principals which can be used to improve student achievement.

All students are expected to participate in the NAPLAN tests. During test week, catch-up tests will be available for individual students who are absent on test days. These students may undertake catch-up tests on the days in the test week after the scheduled test, up to and including Friday 17 May 2019.

Support can be arranged for students with disabilities, if the student regularly uses similar support for classroom assessment tasks. Large print, braille, electronic and black and white versions of the tests are available for students that require them. Exemptions may be granted to students with significant intellectual disabilities and to students who have been learning English for less than one year. If your child is eligible for support due to disability or an exemption, you should discuss this with his/her year level or team leader prior to the tests. Parental consent is required before any support due to disability or exemption is granted.

Students may be withdrawn from NAPLAN by their parent or carer. This is a matter for consideration by parents and carers in consultation with the principal. If, after consultation, you decide to withdraw your child, you must sign a Student Withdrawal form. These forms are available at the school from the beginning of Term 2.

Later in the year you will receive your child’s personal NAPLAN report. The report will describe

your child’s particular skills in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and

punctuation) and Numeracy. The report will also show how your child performed in relation to national minimum standards. These describe the minimum acceptable standards for students across Australia.

I am confident that the information you receive as a result of your child’s participation in the NAPLAN tests will be valuable in helping you to assess your child’s progress in literacy and numeracy.

For more information about the tests, please visit the VCAA website at, the NAP website at and view the NAPLAN Brochure below.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Mitchell,
Acting Principal