VCE Season of Excellence 2019 begins

The VCE Season of Excellence 2019 has officially begun, with the inaugural Top Talks taking place on Friday 15 February at State Library Victoria. The inspiring sold-out event, showcasing four outstanding VCE Extended Investigation students from 2018, was a fitting way to begin this year’s program.

Panel session L-R Alumnus, Luca I – Fitzroy High School, The University High School, Mornington Secondary College, Melbourne High School, Maxine McKew (MC), Top Talks 2019

Notification from DET regarding planned protests

The Department is aware that a series of student protests are planned for Friday 15 March 2019 to raise awareness of action on climate change.

Schools play an important role in helping students understand constructive ways of sharing their views and having a voice on issues they feel strongly about. We are committed to supporting student voice in action and their understanding of democracy, civics and citizenship.

We are also committed to ensuring students are supported to attend school every day. Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they do not fall behind academically, socially and developmentally.

Parents/carers are legally required to ensure their child attends school every day, and must provide an explanation when their child is absent. Parents/carers should notify the school as soon as possible on the day of a student’s absence, and wherever possible in advance of upcoming absences.

Schools must contact parents/carers who have not advised the school of their child’s absence as soon as practicable on the same day. This follow-up is designed to protect the safety and wellbeing of all students.

Welcome Year 7’s

It has been a busy start at Fitzroy High for our new Year 7 students and families

Week 1 saw students participate in the annual Fitzroy High Swimming Carnival. It was great to see such high participation from our Year 7’s and they really got into the spirit with some fabulous dress ups.

Week 2 saw The Year 7 parent picnic take place which had some great weather and an opportunity for parents to meet each other and their students Advisor.

The Great Race also took place on Friday with Advisory groups racing around the local area to answer questions and complete challenges. 7Z were victorious on the day but all students were fantastic in getting involved and bonding with their new classmates.

Week 3 was our Year 7 Get to know you camp at Lady Northcote. Students undertook a range of team building challenges as well as adventure activities including high ropes, the giant swing and canoeing. New friendships were formed and we got to know the group well. The future is looking bright for Fitzroy High!

More students studying Science at Melbourne University 

In mid-January 98% our 2018 Year 12 students received first round offers for tertiary courses, with close to 50% of students receiving offers from RMIT and the University of Melbourne. Continuing with trends over past years, RMIT was the most popular tertiary destination for our students. 27% of students received an offer from RMIT.

In the very competitive creative fields at RMIT, Roy M was accepted into Architecture, Jac P into Landscape Architecture, Lexie C into Fine Art, Andreas P into Screen & Media, and Zelda H-B and Oliver R into Creative Writing. Tura T was made an offer for a Science (Chemistry) Dean’s Scholar Program (Honours) and Odysseus D was accepted into Economics and Finance. Other areas of study students received offers for at RMIT include Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering, Product Design, Building Design and Business.

The University of Melbourne is the second highest destination, with 20% of our students receiving an offer from the university. This a significant increase on past years, and considering the university predominantly attracts students with ATARs in the top 15% and above, this is a great achievement for our students.

This year is the first time we saw an increase in the numbers of students being made an offer for Science over Arts at Melbourne, albeit by one. Students receiving offers for Science include Daniel B, David C, Kitty, F, Paddy G, Gabe J, and Milly P.  Students receiving offers for Arts include Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar, Anouk G-M as well as Lillian G, Luca I, Greta M, and Angus A. Finn H is our first student to be accepted into Design at Melbourne.

Australian Catholic University (ACU) and La Trobe University were equal third tertiary destinations, with 11% of students receiving offers from each respectively. Delphi K-M received an early offer from ACU and will become our third qualified paramedic. William V received and offer for Occupational Therapy. Other areas of study students received offers for at ACU include Arts/Global Studies, Creative Arts, Education Studies and Nursing.

Lewis M received an offer for Civil Engineering (Honours) from La Trobe. Other areas of study students received offers for at La Trobe include Arts and Information Technology. Mark L-G and Tristyn W are two of our students who are off to the Bendigo campus of La Trobe to study Outdoor Education.

Despite her offer from the University of Melbourne, Greta M is heading further afield than Bendigo. She is off to New Zealand to study Speech Therary.

Due to the high rate of former 2018 Senior VCAL students already in the workforce, a smaller percentage of students applied for and received offers for tertiary courses compared to previous years. Mo E-S received an offer for Information Technology at Deakin College, Enoh received an offer to study Real Estate at Box Hill and Alex M will put her excellent culinary skills to the test in her Commercial Cookery Course at Melbourne Polytechnic. Niko P is also going to Melbourne Polytechnic to study Cyber Security. 

Michael W has a building apprenticeship, Jo T is working in Chapel Street at an exclusive barber salon, Martin M is working as a landscape gardener and other students are working at their part-time jobs and building up hours to get their driving licence to then apply for apprenticeships.

There are still more rounds of tertiary offers to come, and students still need to decide whether to accept or defer their offers.

Of course, many of our students take a gap year, and there are exciting plans afoot. Angus N is off to the USA to work on a Camp America camp following his stint on an Irish dairy farm. Donald B, Kai H and Sebastian S are off to Whistler in Canada to work on the ski fields, and Januar M has been visiting family and friends in Burundi.

We wish all of our former Year 12 students well as they transition to the next stage of their lives.

Sandra Dickins Pathways and Community Leader

Stella Performance!

ATAR Results

It seems having the name Stella puts you in good stead. Two years in a row our Dux has been called Stella. Congratulations to Stella G, who generated an ATAR of 96.75, making her our Dux for 2018. Last year Stella B was our Dux with an ATAR of 95.2.

This year has seen an improvement in the top end of our ATAR results, compared to last year. There has been an increase in the percentage of students achieving ATARS in the 80s and 90s.

Stella was closely followed by Anouk G-M with an ATAR of 95.05. Other students achieving ATARs in the 90s are: David C with an ATAR of 94.45, Kitty F with an ATAR of 92.15 and Luca I with an ATAR of 90.5.

Students achieving ATARs in the 80s include: Daniel B, Paddy G, Lillian G, Finn H, Gabriel J, Greta M, and Maddy M S-B, Angus N and Milly P.

Our students continue to perform well above state average. 8% of students achieved an ATAR in the 90s, 23% of students achieved an ATAR in the 80s and above, 37% of students achieved an ATAR in the 70s and above, 52% of students achieved an ATAR in the 60s and 74% of students achieved an ATAR of 50 and above.

Exciting stories are coming through from students who have already received guaranteed and provisional offers for tertiary courses. Delphi K M received an early offer to study paramedicine at ACU due to her community work. Mark L-G and Iggy L-J have both received early offers for courses at La Trobe due to their community contributions outside of school.

Our English results continue to be very pleasing and were strong across the board,with students achieving study scores in the 40s and high 30s. Our mean score for English is 32, which is above state average.

Stella achieved study scores in the 40s for English, Media and Studio Arts. Anouk also achieved study scores in the 40s for English, Extended Investigation and Legal Studies. Our highest study scores of 47 (top 1% of the state) were achieved by Stella for Studio Arts and Maddy M S-B for VET Community Services.

Other students achieving study scores in the 40s include:

David C for Mathematical Methods, Massimo C-P (Yr 11) for Psychology, Finn H for English, Luca I for Extended Investigation and Chiharu V for Media.

Students studying Extended Investigation continue to perform strongly, with a mean score of 37.

We send our hearty congratulations to our VCE students on their results and wish all our Year 12 students the very best as they now make changes to their tertiary preferences and await their offers in January.

Sandra Dickins
Acting Assistant Principal
Pathways and Community Leader

Congratulations to this year’s FHS GVBR Team!

From Saturday 24 October – Sunday 2 December the Fitzroy GVBR team cycled approximately 530kms from the Mountains to the Murray river (Bright to Benalla)

This year we had our largest group ever of 60 riders (43 students, 5 teachers and 12 parents)

We  would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who made the ride possible.

Teachers: Neil, Duncan, Lucy, Nellie, Ella & volunteer Ben Lewis for giving up their time and weekends for training rides and the event.

Neil and Alia N (parent of Esteban in Year 7) for helping to get the bikes to the start line.

Susan, Marie, Kaaren, Amanda & Ross for assisting with the huge amount of administration involved in getting everyone registered.

Shannon for organising the Jerseys.

And Doris for all her help earlier in the year with our Trivia Night fundraiser.

It was a very successful and enjoyable ride with everyone pushing themselves and making wonderful memories and spirit of the FHS team alive and well.

Congratulations to following award winners, who were presented with their awards at our Pizza Party celebration night:

  • Tobyn S Spirit of Cycling Award: Yindi H-H
  • First Year Rider Award: Leo N
  • Harrison C- Straight 6 Award: Patrick G
  • Riders Rider award- Noah S

Day to end gender based violence

Colour powder, dancing, music, photo booth, lots of chocolate and a bake sale- all ingredients for a memorable, fun filled and important day.

On Wednesday the 17th of October, Fitzroy High school held ‘Day to end gender based violence’. An important day with a very important message.

The 2015 Royal commission into family violence concluded:
‘There is no doubt that violence against women and children is deeply rooted in power imbalances that are reinforced by gender norms and stereotypes. Factors such as intergenerational abuse and trauma, exposure to violence as a child, social and economic exclusion, financial pressures, drug and alcohol misuse and mental illness can also be associated with family violence. These factors can combine in complex ways to influence the risk of an individual perpetrating family violence or becoming a victim of such violence’.

‘If we are to prevent family violence we must change the attitudes and social conditions that give rise to it. There is a need to implement primary prevention strategies that are designed to dismantle harmful attitudes towards women, promote gender equality and encourage respectful relationships. Because family violence takes many forms, a variety of approaches is required. Some programs should be addressed to the Victorian community as a whole, others to particular population groups and places. Educating young people about respectful relationships must be a core part of the Victorian Government’s long-term prevention strategy’.

In 2017, the ‘Resilience, Rights & Respectful Relationships’ curriculum was introduced and mandated in government schools and since the beginning of the roll-out, Fitzroy High school has been a lead school for the implementation of said initiative.

As part of our RRRR work, we decided to come up with a ‘statement of commitment to end gender based violence’. If you would like to read it, you will find it as part of this newsletter. The statement of commitment had staff and student input and was made into a film clip. This clip will feature on our website shortly.

I felt it was important that the ‘statement of commitment to end gender based violence’ was not just something we made and never spoke about again. I wanted to make a big deal out of it. A day that would be fun and memorable, but also a day where students got to think and feel and be involved. So, with little notice, the amazing staff at Fitzroy high got behind the idea and we ended up having a very successful ‘Day to end gender based violence’.

As part of this day, all students listened to ‘Fitzroy Legal Services’ talk about family violence and the law, they watched the launch of the ‘statement of commitment to end gender based violence’ film clip and they had the opportunity to participate in the ‘clothesline project’ where they got to be creative with anti-violence messages on t-shirts. We wanted the day to also be a celebration of the caring and inclusive school we are, with an added bonus of raising a small amount of funds for ‘Northern Integrated Family Violence Services’ (NIFVS). During recess we played some fun games, like ‘shoe toss’ and ‘coin curling’, we had a photo booth, hair braiding, face painting and a bake sale. During lunch we went crazy at the big colour dance party.

It is on days like these I am particularly proud and happy to be part of the wonderful Fitzroy high community.

I hope you will enjoy the photos from the big day.


Linda Ekman

Wellbeing Leader

Year 12 Graduation Day

Our Year 12 VCE students are now in the midst of final exams. Graduation Day was a terrific day for all Year 12 students to celebrate the completion of their secondary education. It is generally a tradition that students organize to dress up in the days prior to Graduation Day. We saw many fine costumes.

As always, the traditional large congratulatory banner was hanging on the front of the school. This year, our Year 12 Fitzroy High School and Collingwood College students were welcomed with a long red carpet, leading to a breakfast barbeque and a jumping castle on the hard court. Following was a combined Year 12 assembly where Year 12 subject awards were presented. The following are the Fitzroy High School Award recipients:

Biology Patrick G
Business Management Delphi K M
Chemistry Daniel B
Chemistry Kitty F
Extended Investigation Patrick G
Further Mathematics Stella G
Geography Finn H
History Stella G
Legal Studies Anouk G-M
Literature Angus N
Mathematical Methods David C
Media Chiharu V
Music Performance Finn M (Yr 11)
Philosophy William G (Yr 11)
Physical Education Madeleine M S-B
Physics Finn H
Psychology Massimo C-P (Yr 11)
Specialist Mathematics Gabriel J
Studio Arts Stella G
VCAL Literacy Felix J-R
VCAL Numeracy Januar M
VCAL Personal Development Skills Januar M
VCAL Work Related Skills Enoh B
VCE VET External Programs Madeleine M S-B
VCE VET Sport and Recreation Delphi K M

The Collingwood College students were bid farewell, and returned to their school for their traditional school ceremonies. After recess we hosted the traditional whole school assembly, comprising speeches from John Hinman, Scarlet Team Leader, Linda Mitchell, Principal, Javier and Molly, School Council Student Representatives, along with musical performances. Recipients of the subject awards were shared with the school community, where they were congratulated, and Angus Norman was announced as the Valedictorian for 2108. The finale of the assembly was Angus delivering an impassioned valedictory speech. The Year 12 students were escorted off the school via a guard of hour made up of the rest of the study body.

In the evening we held the formal Valedictory Dinner. Our guest speaker was Sean Power, a former student and current Senior Producer and Melbourne Digital Editor at Seven West and recipient of a Walkley Award in 2017. Angus Norman delivered a modified version of his valedictory speech, which was equally impassioned. Area awards were presented and all students were presented with their graduation folio, certificates and gift.

Recipients of the area awards are as follows:

Art and Design Stella G
Career Development Delphi K M
English and Literature Angus N
Humanities Anouk G-M
David C
Performing ArtsAndreas P
School Spirit Delphi K M
Science Patrick G
Science Kitty F
Health, Sports and Physical Education Delphi K M
Vocational Education Januar M
Young Leader Roy M
Principal’s Award (Valedictorian) Angus N

We are very proud of the achievements ofall of our Year 12 students and wish our VCE students well in their exams. Inthe next edition of the newsletter there will be an article about the SeniorVCAL Launch.

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

The 8W class has been randomly selected to take part in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).  TIMSS is an important educational research project investigating student achievement in mathematics and science.  More than 60 countries, including Australia, are participating in this study.  TIMSS is an important activity to keep us, as parents and citizens, informed about how our students in Australia are performing in comparison to their peers in other countries and to compare programs of study and teaching practices.  We will be able to obtain current national and international information which will help improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science in our country.

Students in 8W will do an assessment in mathematics and science and complete a questionnaire about their experiences at home and school. There is no need for students to study specifically for the assessment as it will not affect individual students’ grades or progress in school.

All data will be kept strictly confidential and no individual student or school will be identified in published data or reports.

The testing will take place on Tuesday 13 November from 8.45 – 12.45, in room D105. Students need to bring pens or pencils (black or blue ballpoints or HB pencils are best), a calculator (but no devices that connect to the internet) and a book or something to read if they finish early.

Students will be provided with hard copy brochures to take home. 

Should parents/guardians have any further questions regarding the administration of TIMSS, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sandra Dickins
Acting Assistant Principal
TIMSS Administrator

Valedictory Dinner Class of 2018 – A letter from our School Council President

Last week as School Council President and as a parent I attended the Valedictory Dinner for the Class of 2018. The dinner is a formal event held in the evening of the official last day of school for all finishing year 12’s. At this event students, families and teachers come together to enjoy a night where we present awards to recognise special effort and accomplishments, to farewell the students and to wish them well for the future. There is much applause, a speech from the Valedictorian (which always makes the staff a little nervous), a presentation of encouragement from a member of the community selected to tell their interesting story (this year is was a person who graduated from FHS in 2008) and a few tears and tender moments. I see this as a  similar ‘rites of passage’ event to the Grade 6 Graduation most of us attended not that long ago.

As an atmosphere of hope and potential filled the room I felt certain that together we have succeeded in preparing our children to be the adults we all should want in our future. This is my 4th Valedictory event and each year it has felt  the same. Looking around at our senior school teaching staff and Linda, Sandra and Pauline I felt proud that our family, as I’m sure others do too, chose FHS as the best school for our children’s secondary education. They genuinely share in the success, joy, anticipation and excitement of the students and although they do this every year, it feels like this is the first.  I therefore take this opportunity as a parent and as School Council President to thank the Fitzroy High School and Collingwood College senior program teachers for their hard work, dedication and for the personal time and effort they so generously give to our children. I also thank all of the FHS teaching and non-teaching staff for their support and dedication, none of this of course would be entirely possible without you. A special thank you to Doris Pearce the Academic Facilitator for Scarlet Team who with her amazing event organisational abilities and with a good sense of fun, every year organises the the last day morning activities (this year it was a red carpet event followed by breakfast and a jumping castle) ending in the Valedictory Dinner that help to make this a memorable day, sending off our students in true FHS style.

To all the year 12 students and families who are leaving us this year, on behalf of School Council and the school community,  I congratulate you and wish you all the best for the future and know that wherever you go you will always carry a bit of FHS within you.

Kath Boyer
School Council President