Gameplan PEERS Program 2021


PEERS for Adolescents is a 16-week evidence-based social skills intervention program for motivated teens in high school who are interested in learning new ways of making and keeping friends. This internationally acclaimed program, used in over 35 countries, was originally developed at UCLA by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson. During each group session, teens are taught important social skills and are given the opportunity to practice these skills during socialisation activities. Parents attend separate sessions at the same time and are taught how to assist their teens in making and keeping friends by helping to expand their teen’s social network and providing feedback through coaching during weekly socialisation homework assignments. PEERS may be appropriate for teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression or other social behavioural disorders.  


Teens will learn how to: 

·        Use appropriate conversational skills 

·        Use humour appropriately 

·        Use electronic communication 

·        Enter and exit conversations 

·        Be a good host during get-togethers 

·        Be a good sport 

·        Handle arguments and disagreements 

·        Change a bad reputation 

·        Handle rumours and gossip 

·        Handle rejection, teasing and bullying 

Parents will learn how to: 

·        More effectively support your teen’s efforts at finding suitable friends 

·        More effectively support your teen’s ability to make new acquaintances and develop close friendships 

·        Foster your teen’s independence with his or her social relationships. 


Tuesdays at 5:00pm-6:30pm beginning at the end of April and running through to August 2021.

Please note: No sessions during the school holidays.    


All sessions will be delivered online. 


90-minutes intervention session for adolescents and 90-minute social skills training sessions for parents running concurrently in separate online meetings.  


Parent participation is required. Parents will become their teen’s social coach and will participate in a session each week. Parents will receive written and verbal feedback after each session, handouts which cover the key concepts each week, and at the end of the program a summary report outlining progress towards goals and further recommendations.  


PEERS ® for Adolescents 


Each participant will require a pre-program assessment session of 60 minutes. This is at no additional cost.  


Gameplan’s Speech Pathologists Nicole Whyte and Miranda Lake will be delivering the PEERS Virtual Clinic in 2020. They will be supported by Speech Pathology students. 


PEERS Term Program Subscription = $2,592.00 per term (includes 2 participants: adolescent and parent) 


Medicare, NDIS and health insurance 

For enrolment information, please contact Gameplan on (03) 9417 3099 or email 

For more information, please visit our website at:

School Tours

See Fitzroy High School in action. Gain and overview of the school, including a brief history, an explanation of our innovative approach to educating young people, and the results of our approach. The tour will include classroom visits to see our teaching and learning in action. Most importantly, you will get a sense of the culture and feel of the school to help you determine if our school is the right fit for your child.

School Tours will be focused for year 7, 2022 until April

Book using the below link


The Final Career Newsletter for 2020 

2020, the year that everyone learnt adaptability 

This year was a huge learning experience for all of the school community. Everyone had to embrace their adaptability and growth mindset! As a careers practitioner, I saw this as a huge benefit because long term it makes everyone more employable. Adaptability is a key enterprise skill for any profession. Our students had a first-hand experience of this, and it was great to see that many embraced this and learnt from this experience. 

Year 9 

The majority of our students have completed the Morrisby assessment and interview, which is terrific considering the interruptions we had due to COVID. We had a total number of 90 students complete interviews with the CEAV. I’m organising follow up conversations into 2021 for those who have not completed their My Career Insight interview. There are still a few students who have not yet finished the assessment. You will have the opportunity to do this all the way up to 2021 if you want to do it over the break 😉 

My Career Insights results will be used in the curriculum at the year 10 level next year, using the profile as a way to determine senior school pathways and much more. Students have the opportunity to book with Tyson in 2021 to refresh their profile at any point. 

Year 10

This year the 10s had to choose their senior pathway and decide between VCAL and VCE. Many of the 10s embraced these opportunities and explored their Morrisby profile from the My Career Insights program they completed in Year 9 to help them. We also had a significant percentage choose to engage with VET certificates as apart of their VCE or VCAL program, a great sign in developing a broad range of skills. 

Next year is a big step into senior school, where students will begin to learn more about their options for life after Fitzroy and understand the level of commitment required by the final two years of schooling.

Year 11

This year the year 11s had to adapt quickly to online learning, jumping into their senior school program with many unique challenges to face. By now many have a clear understanding of their folio in year 12, including ideas of what they want to achieve in life after Fitzroy. 

Next year we are ensuring that students understand their requirements and options early, in order to make sure that the second half of the year is as stress-free as possible, and that students can concentrate on exams and study requirements. Currently, I’m developing some initiatives and activities in partnership with the senior school to make sure all students understand their career options early and, equally, discover different ways to achieve their vision for life after Fitzroy. 

Year 12 – Class of 2020

A huge congratulations….to all the students who have finished Year 12. Many of you have come through considerable challenges to complete a year that has been like no other. As you progress into your chosen pathway, there are few final announcements that you need to be across, depending on your journey.  

ATAR Results 

Results will be released on 30th of December at 7 am. This can be a testing time for many students as it will confirm, blur or deny your chosen pathway. Please remember if you are unsure or unconfident of what your results mean for your pathway, please book a time with Tyson over the change of preference period – 30th of December to the 4th of January.   

University and Courses through VTAC 

Course offers will come through to your emails throughout January and February. The following offer rounds are:

14th of January – (Jan offer round) 

1st of February – (1st Feb offer round) 

8th of February – (2nd Feb offer round) 

15th of February – (3rd Feb offer round) 

22nd of February – (4th Feb offer round) 

The majority of offers will happen in the January round and 1st February round. Make sure that when you are offered a course, you accept the offer, even if it is not your first preference, as you may receive your higher preference in later rounds. When you accept an offer, it does not automatically enrol you in your course. This will be a separate process which your tertiary provider will share with you. 

Change of Preference Period 

Through the summer break members of the senior school community will be available for students to engage with and to support students in the process of Change of Preference. Once results are released, students will have the opportunity to log into their VTAC account and make any course preference changes on the 30th of December up until the 4th of January at 12 pm. 

To change your preferences, you need to log in to your account and click ‘Course Preferences’ and then remove the course that you would like to change and add the new course preference. 

This can also be done by changing the order that they are in, making sure you have the course that you most desire and have met the requirements for at the top of your list. 

If you require assistance over this period, we will have Lucy Marshall, Tyson Day and Chris Millard available. Both Chris and Lucy are available to support students and equally celebrate. Tyson is there to support the students who require assistance in changing their preferences and understanding their options if they have not received the correct ATAR to gain their top preferences or don’t meet the subject requirements. 

To book a session with each individual, please click on the following link: 

Tyson Day availability digitally –  

30th 9:30- 4pm 

31st 10:00 – 2:00pm 

1st Not Available 

2nd 10:00 – 3:00pm 

3rd 10:00 – 3:00pm 

4th 10:00 – 12:00pm 

Lucy Marshall available for Google Meet- email Lucy to make a time

30th 9:30-2:00pm

1st Not available

2nd Not available

3rd 10:00-2:00pm

4th 10:00-2:00pm

Chris Millard available for Google Meet – email Chris to make a time

30th 9:30-2:00pm

31st Not available

1st Not available

2nd Not available

3rd 10:00-2:00pm

4th 10:00-2:00pm

Courses that don’t require VTAC

For all courses that don’t require VTAC (this will be stated on the VTAC website as ‘’Apply Directly”) these courses will need to be applied for through the website of the course provider and will have their unique dates and deadlines. Generally speaking, these application deadlines are around mid-February. So make sure that you understand the commitment and deadlines. 

Studying in 2021 with COVID 

Many universities and TAFEs will be moving to a blended approach in 2021, with multiple tertiary providers sharing updates on these areas through there website. It’s important for FHS students to understand that tertiary study has evolved since COVID and that these changes will be unique across the board. You can find out more about this on your tertiary provider’s website. Some examples are: 

University of Melbourne 

La Trobe University 


Deakin University


Box Hill Institute

Melbourne Poly  

Everyone deserves a break…

After the year we have had, many many people need a break, parents, students, teachers…everyone. Make sure that you use the summer break to reflect on the year that was, what worked well, what didn’t work well. Use these learnings to come back even strong in 2021. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Tyson Day
Career & Pathways Counsellor

School Council President’s Report

Term 4, 2020

Dear Fitzroy High School Community,

As we approach the end of a year like no other, it is worthwhile to pause and reflect on incredible changes that this year’s challenges have brought.  The most obvious change was the shift to online remote learning for much of Term 2 and Term 3.  That change has been an opportunity to learn a lot about intentional teaching and learning approaches, self-directed and independent learning and the possibilities and limits of technology.  It has reminded us about the importance of understanding and addressing the needs of individual learners and the value of interpersonal relationships in the learning process.  On the other hand, the crisis has shown us that some things do not change.  The challenges of this year have highlighted the importance of our values of Trust, Respect and Engage.  It has also cemented our vision to strive for excellence and equity as a humane learning community in which teachers use relationships to deepen their knowledge of students and where student can experience an intellectually challenging education based on powerful ideas which help them toward social maturity and prepare them for a life of meaningful possibilities and active participation as Australian and global citizens.

I want to use my last President’s report of 2020 to thank some of the people who have contributed so much to the school this year.

My first thank you goes to Principal Linda Mitchell.  Your leadership through this crisis has been amazing.  Thinking back through this most challenging of years, one consistent and critical element has been your positive, creative and inspiring leadership.  A stand-out has been your capacity to keep the ambitious strategic vision for school moving forward while managing the incredible day to day challenges of running the school through the COVID-19 crisis. So along the way, this year you have led us through the 3 year school review process, worked tirelessly behind the scenes with the Department and Collingwood College in establishing the new Gasworks Senior Campus and completed the appointment process for key senior positions that will ensure that Fitzroy High School starts the 2021 school year with a full complement of senior staff in substantive positions for the first time in a number of years. 

My second thank you goes to our incredible teachers and non-teaching staff.  What you have achieved this year has been nothing short of miraculous.  You have shown incredible flexibility and creativity and modelled the kind of resilience and positivity that we want to see develop and extend in our young people.  Through your professional expertise, willingness to throw yourself in the deep end and lots of plain hard work, you have ensured that the students at Fitzroy High School have had the best possible learning experience in extremely challenging times.

My thanks also goes to the wonderful people who volunteer their time to be a part of our School Council and subcommittees and all our other fantastic volunteers.  The School Council this year has made a strong contribution to school, starting with its central role in the school review process and including important work on a range of school policies and development areas, including the school dress code review, the working group on student voice, agency and leadership, the review of student reporting, the comprehensive review of parent fund policies and establishing the Learning Diversity Support Group.

Next, I would like to thank and acknowledge all our wonderful families who have been through so much this year.  We have confronted the challenges together as a school community and that has made so much possible. I want to thank all the parents and carers who have contacted the school in recent months to offer their support, expertise – and their encouragement and kind thoughts – and all those who have reached out to other families in various ways to offer their support and help.

Finally, I want to thank and congratulate our wonderful Fitzroy High School students!  You have worked to make the best of a difficult situation.  You have shown and developed your resilience and flexibility.  You have learned new skills and new ways of working that will benefit you in future years.  It hasn’t been easy and it hasn’t all been plain sailing but we have reached the end of the year wiser and stronger.  A special mention to our amazing Y12 students who have worked their way through what is always a most challenging year under extraordinary circumstances.  You have shown what is possible and you have done it with quiet determination and the strength that comes from a clear understanding of yourselves and the world you live in, fostered by your time at Fitzroy High School.  We weren’t able to hold a Y12 Valedictory Dinner this year but we will find other ways to acknowledge your achievements and the wonderful support of your teachers and families. 

I wish everyone in our Fitzroy High School community all the best for a happy, healthy and refreshing summer break.  I look forward to catching up again in the new year.


Ralph Saubern
President, School Council
Fitzroy High School

GVBR 2020

Normally there would be a peloton of FHS students and parents heading out on Saturday mornings through Terms 3 & 4 on training rides in preparation for the Great Vic Bike Ride.  We all know what’s happened this year which unfortunately has lead to cancellation of the 2020 Great Vic, first time ever.  But your disappointment need not linger!!  A virtual 2020 Great Vic has been created. You, your friends, your family, can all join the Great Vic this year.  You can ride, walk or run the Great Vic around your local area.  Sign up (it’s free), to World Walking via or download the app.  Search for “Great Vic” and join the “walk”.  You can also create a group and complete the route together.  See and learn about the places the Great Vic was to visit this year.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to join the real ride in 2021 along the same route. If any assistance needed with accessing the app, contact Parent Jayne at

Assunta – Languages Assistant

In Semester 2, students have been lucky enough to have Assunta, a Languages Assistant, in our Italian classrooms, whether they be virtual or in person. She has been so incredibly helpful and we are so thankful to have had her around. She has always been ready and willing to answer our questions and was ready to adapt to online learning. Every few sessions, Assunta would create a separate Meet or pull aside a group of students and go through what we had been learning as a way to practise our pronunciation and speaking. She also shared with us her experiences in Melbourne as she has been here since October of 2019. 

She used her knowledge of the Italian language to teach us about the past tense in Italian or passato prossimo, a main focus of our learning this year. Even while facing the challenges of online learning, she managed to maintain a positive attitude, leading to a calm environment. Her knowledge has been priceless and has helped to excel the learning of so many students, especially in our conversational Italian to help us get by if we ever go to Italy. Overall, she created an environment where students felt comfortable asking questions, fostering a support space for everyone involved.

Maddy Kosztka and Imogen Murnane 9W

Assunta helped students improve their pronunciation by practising Italian tongue twisters and phonetic drills and also improved students’ cultural awareness by helping them understand some of the similarities and differences between Italy and Australia with regards to food, school, sport, art, music, travel, and pastimes. Assunta’s input into class discussions was invaluable and the slideshows she created about her family and her region added an extra dimension to students’ study of Italian language and culture. 

On behalf of the students and Italian teachers at Fitzroy High School, we would like to thank Assunta for her input in the program. 

Grazie mille!

The Young Achievers Program, delivered by Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia

After a year of constant change, adapting to new circumstances and being isolated, we believe now more than ever that young people and students deserve all the support they can get. We are able to offer this through our Young Achievers Program, which supports students in year 10, 11 & 12 with their final years of study and towards a rewarding career path. 

We would love to give students at Fitzroy High School the opportunity to join the program commencing in 2021. Please pass on the information below to any staff members who may know of students who are suitable or to suitable students directly. The program is privately funded and there is no cost associated with participation.

Young Achievers participants are hardworking, motivated and have an idea of the area in which they would like to study or work, but may lack the means to get there in terms of having networks in the industry, a lack of family support or knowledge of the university system, or are disadvantaged in other ways. The young person is matched up to a mentor who is currently working and has studied in the area that they are interested. The young person and mentor are ‘matched’ for a minimum of 12 months within which they will catch up every 2-4 weeks, participating in career based and interest based activities, which might include visiting the mentor’s workplace, attending networking events, attending lectures, talks and seminars. The match aims to provide a support that is separate from school and home, where young people seek academic and non-academic related advice and guidance and gain an insight into life working in their specified career/area of interest. Another component of the program is the monthly workshops covering a wide range of topics including public speaking, mental health, multiculturalism and strengths & values.

You can read more about our programs here:

Information to pass on to students who may be interested:

  • Young Achievers Program provides you with a mentor who is working or studying in your particular career of interest. Your mentor is someone who can answer questions about study, careers and often just life in general. You will catch up with your mentor once every 2 -4 weeks spending time doing career and interest based activities. The match lasts 12 months, with the option to continue into a second and third year if you wish.
  • As part of the program, there are also workshops held monthly which cover topics such as mental health and networking. These are a great way to meet other students from other schools across Melbourne, who are also in the program.
  • At the application stage, you will identify some areas you are interested in working or studying in, which will help us to find you a mentor
  • If you are interested becoming a part of this program, or have any questions at all please complete the attached application form and return via email to
  • This video outlines past participants experience within the Young Achievers Program –

If you have any questions or would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me via email or on 0450 835 629. 

Kind regards,


Reminder – Student Free Day

Dear Parents / Carers / Guardians,

Just a reminder that Thursday 3rd December 2021 is a Student Free Day for  Report Writing.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 9488 1900.

Transition Days – Update

Dear Parents/Carers/Guardians of new Year 7 students 2021,

I wanted to give you an update of our plans for Transition days. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have needed to amend our plans that were outlined in our welcome letter. 

Our first Transition day that was scheduled for Friday, November 27 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for Friday, January 29, the first day of Term 1 2021. This will hopefully allow us some more flexibility in our delivery of this Transition day.

The statewide Transition day scheduled for December 8 will go ahead in line with the following guidance from DHHS and DET.

  • Students will be allocated into a single class size group for the day and groups must not mix.
  • All students attending Orientation Day are required to wear face masks (some exceptions may apply). We understand that this will be a new experience for Grade 6 students, who are not required to wear face masks in primary school.

The Transition day on December 8 will start at 8.40 am and finish at 3 pm.  Students will take part in a 4 session rotation including an Advisory class, a Practical Science class, A Food Technology class and a session of  Literacy testing. Morning tea will be provided, as will all materials for the day. Students need to bring a packed lunch from home.

If there is anyone who feels they need additional transition time we’ll be offering some additional opportunities to a select few students on a date to be confirmed. We already have a small number of students listed for this.  Please contact the school to discuss this further.  

We look forward to welcoming you and your child into the Fitzroy High School community.

Linda Mitchell