Indigo Assembly – Maths awards

Congratulations to the Fitzroy High School 7-10 Australian Mathematics Competition Participants, who received their awards at the end of Term 4.

(Pictured: Year 7 and 8 competitors with Mathematics Learning Specialist Vaughan Nikitin).

Certificate Winners; Anna P (Y7), Isabella L (Y8), Tuckerby P (Y8),  Isaac L (Y9), Jesyln L (Y9)

Credit – Cormac M (Y7), Tadhg T (Y8), Eridani W (Y8), Zachary S (Y9), Anakin V (Y9), Oisin T (Y10)

Distinction – Leila R (Y7), Evan C (Y7), Noah C (Y8), Andrew K (Y10)

Year 9 Camp!

Despite multiple setbacks and rescheduling, the year 9 camp ran at the beginning of December with much success. 

Students left the busy world of social media and technology behind to spend some time in the picturesque hills and forests around Valley Homestead. 

There they had an action-packed experience including rock-climbing, cycling, vertical challenge, free-fall slide, & dual flying fox.  They learned about bush survival and played games/told stories around the campfire while they roasted marshmallows.  This was all topped off by a disco experience, DJ-ed by our very own students Nathanael, Perla, Toa, and Xavier, which will surely be talked about for years to come as a highlight of the year. 

Despite a brief period where it was uncertain whether the camp activities would run due to rain, the students represented the true Fitzroy spirit and values, encouraging each other and being supportive while actively trying the activities (even the scary ones!). 

In fact, they were so impressive that the camp staff asked me to relay their praise for our students, noting that Fitzroy were the best participants that they’d had all year.  It was an unforgettable experience that the kids will carry with them for years to come.

Campbell Sewell

FHS … on ice!

Well done to the FHS Year 8 students of 2021. Students took part in ice skating as an end of year activity. While there was some trepidation to begin with students quickly found their feet on the ice and supported one another to make it a memorable day for all. 

Timothy Simpson

High School Innovation Challenge 2021

Congratulations to our FHS students who got involved and competed in the High School Innovation Challenge this year.

The students spent three days with industry professionals, mentors from EWB (Engineers Without Borders Australia) and students from different schools across Victoria to collaborate, design and build solutions for a number of engineering challenges. 

On day 1, students worked with biomedical professionals to design and build a prosthetic hand for amputees.

On day 2, students engineered a bridge to transport as much weight as possible.

On day 3, students designed a water filtration system. On this occasion, our FHS students, Claudia, Zoja, and Sholto in Year 10, built an impressive leak-proof hydraulic tower and won the prize for most efficient water filtration system.

The event illuminated the diversity and creativity of ideas that our student groups devised. Over the three days, our teacher and parent volunteers delighted in witnessing our students and their commitment to solving the challenges and the problems that arose along the way. They were particularly impressed with the way students were offering ideas, listening to each other, finding unique solutions and developing and improving language to describe their engineering projects.

Our FHS students should be very proud of what they were able to accomplish in this event.
A very special thank you to Erica Lienert who hosted and supported our FHS students with the High School Innovation Challenge for 2021. 

We are very much looking forward to next year’s High School Innovation Challenge and we hope to see many more enthusiastic student participants for Science and Technology programs in 2022.

Raffle winners announced!

CONGRATULATIONS to all our prize winners for the Great Fitzroy High School Bike Shed Raffle 2021! You have helped us raise funds for “The Shed” our new secure bike storage and hands-on inclusive learning centre.  Students will learn bike-repairing, maintenance, even building from scratch, whilst building confidence, practical skills and a greener Fitzroy High School!

The WINNERS are:
1st PRIZE: Ticket Number: #1309 (winner’s initials AC)
2nd PRIZE: Ticket Number: #2061 (winner’s initials NB)
3rd PRIZE: Ticket Number: #511 (winner’s initials SK)
4th PRIZE: Ticket Number: #1107 (winner’s initials FF)
5th PRIZE: Ticket Number: #385 (winner’s initials RS)

Please come to the school office on Friday 17 December to collect your prize!

1st Prize
Luxury in the City! As Melbourne comes back to life, indulge in a truly Melbourne weekend. A Night for 2 at five star hotel Sofitel Melbourne On Collins with your head on the clouds above the 35th floor, a view over the Yarra right to the bay, breakfast at acclaimed restaurant No.35 with breathtaking views, and a late check out (1pm) ($600) PLUS Stunning Sterling Silver Earrings handmade made by acclaimed local artist Cass Partington ($270), PLUS 6 bottles of locally grown and made sparkling wine vintage 2017 from Hawthorn Estate (and yes it’s really grown in Hawthorn!) ($400) PLUS a 12 month subscription to the totally hip totally Melbourne mag Frankie.
Valued at $1,500

2nd Prize

Fix it Up This Summer!  Two whole days of dedicated work from locally acclaimed handyman Ian Taylor! Get ready to welcome your friends and family! Just imagine all those jobs you’ve been meaning to get to – done to perfection.  Carpentry, plastering, painting, paving, cabinetry, tiling, constructing your cat run or renovating your cubby house, Ian has the skills, time and tools to make short work of all your outstanding projects. (check Ian out on insta!  bespokebuildingsolutionsno1), PLUS a bottle of chardonnay or a 6 pack of VB, so you can really kick back and enjoy the experience!
Valued at $1,400

3rd Prize
The Ultimate Picnic Pack! Edinburgh Gardens here we come! With the best of local produce, get out the rug and the basket and grab your friends!  A stunning locally made Charcuterie Platter from Obelix & Co ($100), PLUS Local legends Piedemonte’s Continental Hamper packed with Italian delicacies of pasta, sugo, coffee, biscuits and more ($100), PLUS 2 packs of wonderful red & white wine from Piedemonte’s Cellar ($80) all wrapped in cellophane and ready to party, PLUS the delicious Dench Christmas Hamper of home baked Christmas cake, stollen, basler brunsli & pfeffernusse biscuits, gingerbread Christmas trees all boxed up ($85) and to finish up, delicious ice cream from the purists of cream & fruit Billy Van Creamy
Valued at $450

4th Prize
Dance & Prance, Bend & Burst with Life! Recover from eternal lockdowns and burst into a sizzling summer with a term of online burlesque, bellydance or fan dancing classes with acclaimed burlesque lightning rod Jazida at her studio Flazeda Alternative Performance Hub. Jazida is legend for her body positive, queer positive and every body is beauitful inclusive classes, so join in with confidence and shimmy for joy! ($250) PLUS a 10 class pass in person or online to Ergo Yoga in Coburg ($200)
Valued at $450

5th Prize
A Night in Italy! You can’t get to Italy (yet), but Italy will come to you! A dining voucher at the beloved authentic local wood-fired pizza and homemade pasta trattoria Piccolino ($150) PLUS a 2 bottle wine pack from Piedemonte’s (red & white) ($40-$50) to relax and enjoy the end of a long (2) years.
Valued at $200

Thank you to all that participated!
Fitzroy High School Council


Tram Time is being offered to a wide range of students from Years 7 to 10. The school recognises that Tram Time can be a valuable opportunity for students to engage with peers on a different level.

The activities in Tram Time are fun, creative and community spirited. They are designed to help build the four Rs, characteristics or dispositions which are ‘people’s predominant responses when they encounter difficulty, complexity and uncertainty’ (Guy Claxton).

  • Resilience – inquisitive, persistent, adventurous, focused
  • Resourcefulness – imaginative, connecting, crafting, capitalising
  • Reflectiveness – methodical, self-evaluative, self-aware, transferring
  • Relating – collaborative, open-minded, independent, empathic

Students who are interested in Tram Time are encouraged to think about how it might help them to develop these characteristics. With support from the Tram Time staff, they can then link it to a goal in their Personal Learning Plans.

Tram Time will start in Week 3 of Term 1. There will be sessions available for different year levels on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays. Students can sign up for one or two sessions per week for a three-week block. If they want to do another three-week block they can apply to do so, based on availability. A timetable of activities will be provided for each three-week block so that students know what is on offer.  Students who are keen to be in the program, please email:

A visual display of what the students have achieved this year.

Quotes from students:

“The tram is a place where you can relate to people in a judge free space. You connect to people and work productively in a place that gives kids a little helpful and much needed break from the classroom while working creatively with people that may  need a new community and friendships in the school.”
– Year 10 student

“Tram time was great because we got to do what we want and not forced to do what we don’t want to do.”
-Year 8 student

“I have been more productive in tram time than any other class this year.”
– Year 10 student

Arts Party Tuesday November 30

We were very pleased to see our school community come together for a celebration of the Arts. Selected works from our talented years 7-10 students were proudly exhibited, from Visual Art displays, live Music, Drama and Media showings. Our canteen was open for food purchases and it was delightful to see people enjoying themselves, in person, together. I would like to thank the whole arts team, especially the 7-10 Arts leader, Alicia Easteal, as well as members of the admin team who supported the organisation and made it a Covid safe event. We look forward to many more evenings such as this in the coming year.

Linda Mitchell

Principal’s Report November 2021

Dear students, staff, parents, guardians and carers

So much has happened this year and I have written to you a great deal, often with words written by the Department of Education, and more often than not, about Covid. So I want to keep this report short. Instead, I urge you to read the many posts and delight in the photos that have been shared in this edition of the newsletter and on the school website. They speak for themselves.

Firstly, I want to say that feeling proud of the year 12s at their recent Valedictory Dinner; enjoying tonight’s Arts Party; and meeting with parents in person rather than online; I have really realised how much I have missed the in-person gathering and community connection. A casualty of Covid, it is something that we have sorely missed in the past two years, a quality that is the lifeblood of any school, but especially our school. The feeling that we get when we can see each other smile, laugh, and sometimes cry, cannot be replaced by emails and online chats, especially with a mask on!

So, with that, I want to thank you for the support you have given us as a school, each other and, most importantly, the people we are here for, the students. I also want to thank all of the staff, the Leadership Team and the School Council.

Several people have moved onto other ventures during 2021 and I have acknowledged most of them already, however I need to acknowledge a few more. Bronywn Lewis, Ella Ampongan, Marie Attlee, Emily Kennan and Liz Floreani have all taken up other positions either in other ventures or some interstate. I thank them for their contributions to Fitzroy High School over the past few years. Doosie Morris, Noam Bardea, Jitske Wiersma, Rebecca McAllan and Chiara Constanzo are all taking leave for 2022 and I wish them well. Tegan McCarthy, Caitlin Berry and Oliver Packard have filled in for people this year and I thank them for their contributions to the school.

Last but not least, we farewell Peter Bennet, who is retiring after more than 35 years in the profession and more than 15 years at Fitzroy High School. He has been our timetable extraordinaire, a leading teacher and more recently a learning specialist, and we will miss his skills and talents very much. Most of all we will miss his ever-present grace, humour and wisdom.

I will have lots of news and announcements at the beginning of Term 1 2022.

In the meantime, have a safe and happy break.

Kind regards

Linda Mitchell, Principal