Year 12 Graduation Day

Our Year 12 VCE students are now in the midst of final exams. Graduation Day was a terrific day for all Year 12 students to celebrate the completion of their secondary education. It is generally a tradition that students organize to dress up in the days prior to Graduation Day. We saw many fine costumes.

As always, the traditional large congratulatory banner was hanging on the front of the school. This year, our Year 12 Fitzroy High School and Collingwood College students were welcomed with a long red carpet, leading to a breakfast barbeque and a jumping castle on the hard court. Following was a combined Year 12 assembly where Year 12 subject awards were presented. The following are the Fitzroy High School Award recipients:

Biology Patrick G
Business Management Delphi K M
Chemistry Daniel B
Chemistry Kitty F
Extended Investigation Patrick G
Further Mathematics Stella G
Geography Finn H
History Stella G
Legal Studies Anouk G-M
Literature Angus N
Mathematical Methods David C
Media Chiharu V
Music Performance Finn M (Yr 11)
Philosophy William G (Yr 11)
Physical Education Madeleine M S-B
Physics Finn H
Psychology Massimo C-P (Yr 11)
Specialist Mathematics Gabriel J
Studio Arts Stella G
VCAL Literacy Felix J-R
VCAL Numeracy Januar M
VCAL Personal Development Skills Januar M
VCAL Work Related Skills Enoh B
VCE VET External Programs Madeleine M S-B
VCE VET Sport and Recreation Delphi K M

The Collingwood College students were bid farewell, and returned to their school for their traditional school ceremonies. After recess we hosted the traditional whole school assembly, comprising speeches from John Hinman, Scarlet Team Leader, Linda Mitchell, Principal, Javier and Molly, School Council Student Representatives, along with musical performances. Recipients of the subject awards were shared with the school community, where they were congratulated, and Angus Norman was announced as the Valedictorian for 2108. The finale of the assembly was Angus delivering an impassioned valedictory speech. The Year 12 students were escorted off the school via a guard of hour made up of the rest of the study body.

In the evening we held the formal Valedictory Dinner. Our guest speaker was Sean Power, a former student and current Senior Producer and Melbourne Digital Editor at Seven West and recipient of a Walkley Award in 2017. Angus Norman delivered a modified version of his valedictory speech, which was equally impassioned. Area awards were presented and all students were presented with their graduation folio, certificates and gift.

Recipients of the area awards are as follows:

Art and Design Stella G
Career Development Delphi K M
English and Literature Angus N
Humanities Anouk G-M
Mathematics David C
School Spirit Delphi K M
Science Patrick G
Science Kitty F
Health, Sports and Physical Education Delphi K M
Vocational Education Januar M
Young Leader Andreas P
Principal’s Award (Valedictorian) Angus N

We are very proud of the achievements ofall of our Year 12 students and wish our VCE students well in their exams. Inthe next edition of the newsletter there will be an article about the SeniorVCAL Launch.

Femco Film Fundraiser

The FHS Feminist Collective have been working hard on the organisation of a conference for secondary students to be held at RMIT’s city campus in February next year. 

Our keynote speaker will be Clementine Ford (who will also facilitate a workshop), Frances Canon will run a session on body positivity, Beci Orpin is on board to help with design, Courtney Barnett has donated limited edition merch for us to raffle (stay tuned!) and Fitzroy High’s very own Riley Rogers will run a self-defence workshop. The rest of our program is also falling into place nicely.

Turns out conferences are pretty expensive to organise though, and we’d appreciate your support. Would you pay about $5 more than usual for a cinema ticket to attend our screening of Ladies in Black at Cinema Nova on Wednesday 28th November, at 6:15?

Yes? Great! To buy a ticket for our modest fundraising price of $25, simply click here.

There are special candy bar deals available too* (popcorn, choctops, tapas) but that orders need to be emailed to the organiser by Friday November 23rd and paid for separately. Further info below and upon booking.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Briony and the Femco

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

The 8W class has been randomly selected to take part in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).  TIMSS is an important educational research project investigating student achievement in mathematics and science.  More than 60 countries, including Australia, are participating in this study.  TIMSS is an important activity to keep us, as parents and citizens, informed about how our students in Australia are performing in comparison to their peers in other countries and to compare programs of study and teaching practices.  We will be able to obtain current national and international information which will help improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science in our country.

Students in 8W will do an assessment in mathematics and science and complete a questionnaire about their experiences at home and school. There is no need for students to study specifically for the assessment as it will not affect individual students’ grades or progress in school.

All data will be kept strictly confidential and no individual student or school will be identified in published data or reports.

The testing will take place on Tuesday 13 November from 8.45 – 12.45, in room D105. Students need to bring pens or pencils (black or blue ballpoints or HB pencils are best), a calculator (but no devices that connect to the internet) and a book or something to read if they finish early.

Students will be provided with hard copy brochures to take home. 

Should parents/guardians have any further questions regarding the administration of TIMSS, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sandra Dickins
Acting Assistant Principal
TIMSS Administrator

Fitzroy High School Art Fair

Works on display from the Arts and Technology students from years 7-12.

Live music, theatre, film showings, finger food and art sales 

The canteen will be open for dinner purchases

Friday November 16th 4.30-7pm

Saturday 17th – Viewing Artworks only 10-12pm

Falconer Street Closure

Falconer Street closed from Wednesday 24th of October to M41 Water Main Renewal Project. 

The engineers from the M41 Water Main Renewal Project, involving the construction of an underground pipe from Northcote to the city, have advised us that they are going to commence in Falconer Street next Wednesday October 24. Falconer Street and the school car park will be closed until the end of January. They will be doing the junction between Falconer St and Michael St during the Christmas holidays. High fencing will be going up on both sides of Falconer Street. Pedestrian access and bike parking will be as normal. It would be a good idea for cyclists to dismount once they get to the footpath of Falconer Street so as not to interfere with pedestrians. Students will need to be dropped off at the Michael St entrance and deliveries etc will be redirected to that entrance as well.

Any questions please ask myself or Sandra Dickins.

Regards Linda Mitchell
Acting Principal

East West is turning 40

Hello to all of our lovely East West families. Please join us to celebrate the 40 years of East West. Pass it on, tell you friends, come and down and say hi.

Bring a plate to share and a drink to enjoy and catch up on some wonderful memories…

We would love to see you there.

Seeing the world through Pat’s eyes – Old Colonists’ Association of Victoria

Pat Collins and Joseph Taylor hit it off straight away when they met for the first time as part of the Fitzroy High School/OCAV Intergenerational Project. They share a passion for travel and yearning to see the world. Pat, at 74, has covered a fair bit of territory since he took off to Papua New Guinea when he was just 19 years old. Joseph is keen to follow suit and wants to head off on travel adventures once he qualifies as a barber.

Pat’s travels feature prominently in the story board that Joseph wrote after interviewing Pat this year as part of the Year 12 students’ Work Related Skills unit.  Joseph is one of the Fitzroy High School’s Year 12 VCAL students who took part in the intergenerational project, involving OCAV’s Rushall Park residents and neighbouring Fitzroy High School, which was a highlight of the school’s VCAL curriculum last year.

The 12 VCAL students were matched with residents at Rushall Park and several interviews were conducted in term one. The project storyboards, which were unveiled at Rushall Park recently, are a wonderful snapshot of the lives of some OCAV residents, including Jean and Bernard Pidd and Jennifer Barden.

Joseph, 18, was a bit apprehensive about the project and thought it might be a ‘boring essay’. But he ended up loving the experience and found Pat’s attitude to young people affirming, and a little surprising.

“There is so much negative stuff in the media about young people. The news is full of all the things young people are doing wrong now. But when you meet Pat, it’s as if he hasn’t heard any of it. He just sees you as an equal who he wants to get to know. I think a lot of older people dismiss young people, but not Pat. He’s a good bloke who respects everyone. Pat’s cool,” Joseph said.

Joseph, who started an apprenticeship as a barber at Kings Domain in South Yarra during the year while completing his VCAL, loved hearing about Pat’s adventures around the world. Once he is qualified he hopes to go travelling and go to the UK where he was born and where most of his family still lives.

“I realised as Pat and I were talking that even though he is a lot older than me, he has done the stuff that I am doing now and stuff that I want to do. Pat took opportunities that came his way and I really found that inspiring.”

Pat, who came to Rushall Park three years ago, has more chapters that could be added to Joseph’s story board and has recently returned from a trip to India. He is thinking about heading to the United Kingdom and Ireland next year. He loves seeing the world and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds, regardless of their age.

“I think it’s a good idea to respect people whether they are 17 or 70. It’s a good starting point for a relationship. I enjoyed hearing about Joseph’s family background and all the things he would like to do in the world,” Pat said.

YeS Project Launch

Jules O and Tulley D represented both Fitzroy High School and all government secondary schools across Australia when they participated in a student panel as part of the national launch of the YeS Project, an initiative of the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

The YeS Project is a workshop-based digital and social health program that encourages young people to act as positive leaders and supportive friends in all their social spaces, especially online. The YeS Project aims to enable students to learn about their digital communities, and to transform them.

Year 8 Sport

Friday 31st August saw the Year 8’s out on Intermediate Sports day. A great day was had by all participants.


Congratulations to the boys Futsal team who won the final in the competitive section. The whole team put in a terrific effort however the MVP award was a tight split between Archie P who played brilliantly and scored some terrific goals and Will P who made some brilliant saves. The whole team were brilliant and played together as a tight unit. They defeated Brunswick 2-1 in the final.

The social team also played well. Kiyan Z was the most valuable player.


Competitive Boys had 3 really tough matches, drawing 1 and losing 2. Leo S-B was the MVP showing great leadership in captaining the team with Felix MS-B coaching and support also commendable.  

24          10

15          15

24          21

The girls’ social team showed exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship approaching every game with a positive attitude. Bella T-L took MVP with special mention to Feruz M and Fatima S.

25              2

14          10

0            19

12              7

Social Boys A dominated both of there matches with Asher W being voted MVP

3            35

6            30

Social Boys B won one and lost one. Organised themselves well and showed great teamwork. Sascha K and Bill D taking joint MVP.

13          20

39            6


Both teams were impressive in some challenging conditions at Essendon Fields.

The Girls Competitive team came in equal 3rd overall.

MVP Paige C with special mentions to Beda E, Cyla B & Indie H.

Special Mention: Emylee T, Indie H and Emily B for goalkeeping!

The boys team played with only 7 players.

MVP: Halen B-V with special mentions to Preston R-C and Goal Keeper Raff S.

Upstream Challenge

  • Date Sat 10 November.
  • 20km and 50km options. Walk or run. Course along Yarra River trails city to Donvale.
  • Under 18 can enter as long as at least one adult in your team.
  • Raise Foundation is one of the 5 charities. Choose Raise when completing the registration to ensure donation goes to Raise, or choose you own preferred. You can also elect to share equally among the five charities
  • No registration fee, but have to commit to fundraising a min of $200 per entrant, and need to pay $50 when registering. 100% of the money goes to your charity.

Full details at :