Honey! I Shrunk the House!

Students were given the challenge of creating and wiring up a model house to run like a normal household.  These students created a stylish Swedish home with all the amenities and a high-tech modern home run through a single remote control!

Year 9 Exhibition

The Year 9 Visible Poetry Unit was on display during the last two weeks of Term 3.  This unit of work aimed to challenge the student’s understandings of the conventional notions of poetry.  Students were encouraged to embrace new possibilities when constructing simple and meaningful poetry, and develop ‘voice’ by creating imaginative poems and artworks to express ideas in words and images. They were challenged to look at the world in a special way, to understand the world more deeply by altering the way they look at things around them. Students were given opportunities to understand that poems are everywhere, even in the smallest and most ordinary things. They experimented with different poetic forms and responded to sensory stimulus, such as a live string quartet incursion and a visit to the NGV to inspire the crafting of their own poems and artworks. Students chose their favourite piece to display on Exhibition Night and they also recited their poem orally to the audience.

The 2016 Fitzroy High School Cabaret – Welcome to the Circus – Sep

In the last week of term 3 Fitzroy High School staged our fabulous Cabaret event in the wonderful and iconic Melba Speigeltent at the equally wonderful and iconic Circus OZ in Johnston Street, Collingwood.

Early in the year, students auditioned for roles as performers or back stage then  joined the Cabaret or Music performance excel classes where they developed and rehearsed their performances. They gave up time after school and on weekends in preparation.