Model UN Conference in Italian

On the 9th of August three senior students from Fitzroy High proudly attended the Model United Nations Conference hosted at CO.AS.IT resource centre in Carlton. The topic for debate was Combating Climate Change: Committing to global action. More than 60 students representing more than 15 countries took part in this initiative.
A UNAAV Model UN Conference simulated a full-day session of the United Nations General Assembly. The day was conducted entirely in Italian and through role play and debate students had the opportunity to step into the shoes of country ambassadors. Tallulah Thornton-Lawrence in Year 11, Holly Pyers in Year 10 and Breanna Botterill in Year 11 from Fitzroy High represented Canada and used their negotiation and diplomacy skills to express the views of their allocated country. Students interacted with other delegates during the caucus sessions, presented their allocated country’s position to the General Assembly and moved amendments to a Draft Resolution.

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2019 Parliament Prize Winners Announced

After a record number of entries, the winners of the 2019 Parliament Prize competition for Victorian school students have been announced.

Taking out first place in the Years 7-9 category is Mungo S. from Fitzroy High School.

A total of 589 entries were received from Victorian primary and high school students from 113 schools.

This year’s competition asked students to make a video of a 90-second statement they would make to Parliament if they were an MP.

The competition judges included four Members of Parliament: Melina Bath, Chris Brayne, Brad Rowswell and John Kennedy.

The prizes will be presented at a ceremony to be held at Parliament House in September.

Congratulations to Mungo S. and everyone else who took part.

Premier’s VCE Awards

Madeleine M S-B

The Premier’s VCE Awards recognise top performing students for their outstanding academic achievements in their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). Last year, 50,981 Victorian students attained their VCE. 290 students across the state received 319 awards in 87 subjects.

On Monday June 3, the Premier’s VCE Awards were held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Study awards are presented to students who have achieved a study score of 46 or above. We were very proud to witness The Hon James Merlino MP, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, present Fitzroy High School student Madeleine M S-B with her study award for VCE VET Community Services, for which she achieved a perfect score of 50. Penny Vakakis, Executive Officer of the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster, and Madeleine’s Community Services trainer, was also present to witness the presentation. Only one other student in the state achieved a study award for Community Services.

Fitzroy High School was in good company at the Premier’s VCE Awards, among only three other government secondary schools in the inner north with students receiving awards: Collingwood College, Princes Hill Secondary College and University High School.

Madeleine is working in the hospitality sector for her gap year and is looking forward to starting her nursing degree at the Australian Catholic University next year.

Sandra Dickins
Acting Assistant Principal

Years 7 and 8 Cross Country Report

This week, Cross Country was held at Edinburgh Gardens for Years 7 and 8 students. Cross Country requires speed, stamina, endurance and, most of all, a positive and strong mind set. These young students were able to push themselves, achieving a sense of self-pride after completing the 2.2km Cross Country course. For some students, it was about going fast. For others, it was the sense of pride and the fact that they were earning points for their school house while achieving a personal best. Overall, students should be congratulated for their individual efforts. Congratulations and all the best to the below students who will go on to represent the school at a Division level on 22 May 2019. These students will be presented with a ribbon during next week’s sports session.

Year 7 Girls

  1. Gemma T
  2. Pearl C
  3. Mariana K
  4. Jeslyn L
  5. Jetta G-S
  6. Kira T
  7. Jacinta S
  8. Bintu B
  9. Peemai S
  10. Aryan H
  11. Tessa H

Year 7 Boys

  1. Angus W
  2. Sunny O
  3. Cosmo K
  4. Isaac L
  5. Max C
  6. Tom L-B
  7. David B
  8. Kyan D
  9. Lewis B
  10. Isaac V

Year 8 Girls

  1. Gracie L
  2. Claudia G
  3. Lottie G
  4. Zoja D
  5. Morena W
  6. Lizzy V
  7. Kiki S
  8. Amy S
  9. Ninon H
  10. Elaine K

Year 8 Boys

  1. Leo N
  2. Darcy W
  3. Jules P
  4. Eren Y
  5. Remy F
  6. Tasman C
  7. Oliver R
  8. Oisin T
  9. Yonis A
  10. Tom A
  11. Samuel W

Honey! I Shrunk the House!

Students were given the challenge of creating and wiring up a model house to run like a normal household.  These students created a stylish Swedish home with all the amenities and a high-tech modern home run through a single remote control!

Third campus for Fitzroy High School and Collingwood College Senior Secondary Partnership

As previously announced, the 2018-19 State Budget has allocated funds to plan for a new senior secondary campus to be shared by Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School on the Fitzroy Gasworks site.

Both Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School will continue to operate at their currentlocations in addition to the new shared campus.

The campus will build on the successful Senior Secondary Partnership that has beenrunning for nearly a decade between our dynamic inner city state schools.

Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School have been working together delivering a widechoice of senior secondary programs while maintaining a strong identity and attachment toeach of the respective schools by students and teachers.

This site offers a key opportunity to enhance well integrated secondary education provisionin the City of Yarra.

We will continue to report any further developments to the school community as they occur.

Our Girls Bucking the Trend in STEM

There has been a lot of discussion about the lower participation rates of female students electing to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, in the senior years, compared to male students.

Our cohort of Year 11 and 12 VCE girls from Fitzroy High School and Collingwood College are bucking the trend. Although our rates of female participation in STEM subjects vary across subjects, and are lower compared to male students, we compare significantly better than other co-educational schools, and in Specialist Maths, better than all other schools, including female single-sex schools. This comparison includes all schools in Victoria, including government, Catholic and independent schools.

Attached is a graph comparing our VCE Yr 11 and 12 female student participation in Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Physics to other Victorian co-educational and female single-sex schools.

If we separate out our Year 11 and 12 VCE female students, the story is even more impressive for the 11s, with 31%doing Chemistry, a whopping 37% doing Mathematical Methods16% doing Specialist Mathematics and 8% doing Physics.

An article on the subject appeared in The Age on 1/3/2108. The article focused on the findings of a research project undertaken by Monash University, commissioned by the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia. The Alliance is made up of independent, Catholic and state girls schools. The research can be found at .

Our female student participation in STEM subjects flies in the face of many of the findings in this report. Our Senior Pathways Process at Year 10 supports informed decision-making, where students are choosing their senior program in the context of their interests, strengths, and future aspirations. We believe this is one of the many reasons why so many of our girls are electing to pursue STEM subjects.

Thank you to Peter Bennet, Data Manager for crunching the numbers.

Sandra Dickins
Acting Assistant Principal

Fashion Stars

Two FHS VET Applied Fashion students have had their garments showcased on the catwalk. Both garments were selected for final inclusion in the Kangan TAFE major fashion parade ‘Limitless’ which took place on Monday 20 November 2017.

Noah K (Year 1) had all of the judges votes for his cool and groovy black and white pants, and Stella G (Year 2) for her stunning dress.

Congratulations Noah! Congratulations Stella!

89% of VCE students achieve an ATAR over 50!

This year has seen a significant improvement in ATAR results for our cohort as a whole, compared to previous years, where cohorts have produced a greater spread of results on the scale.

Congratulations to Stella B, who generated an ATAR of 95.2, making her our Valedictorian and Dux for 2017.  Stella was closely followed by Bella F with an ATAR of 94.95 and Liam M with an ATAR of 91.95.

Our students continue to perform well above state average. 7% of students achieved an ATAR in the 90s, 20% of students achieved an ATAR in the 80s and above, 40% of students achieved an ATAR in the 70s and above and 60% of students achieved an ATAR in the 60s and above.

Exciting stories are coming through from students who have already received guaranteed and provisional offers for tertiary courses. Congratulations to Nissassa B who has received a guaranteed offer from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) to study Fine Art (Visual Art). Nissassa continues our tradition of having at least one student receiving an offer from VCA each year. This has been the case each year since Fitzroy High School re-opened. On the strength of his folio and interviews, Josh VE has three offers for Fine Arts courses from which to choose.

Most pleasing were the English results, which were strong across the board, with many study scores in the 40s and high 30s.  62% of students achieved their highest study score for English, this is even the case for most Science students. An English study is the only compulsory study for VCE. Stella and Bella both achieved study scores in the 40s for English – 46 for Stella and 43 for Bella, placing both students in the top 1% and 2% of the state for English. Lois HD achieved a study score of 40 for English.

Stella also achieved a study score of 44 for Media and 42 for Literature. After scaling, Bella achieved a study score of 46.36 for Physics and 41.96 for French. Liam achieved study scores in the 40s after scaling – 44.37 for Maths Methods, 42.46 for Specialist Maths and 40.36 for Physics.

Year 11 student, Lyrica S also achieved outstanding results in the 40s, with a study score of 46 for English and History and 42 for Legal Studies.

We send our hearty congratulations to our VCE students on their results and wish all our Year 12 students the very best as they now make changes to their tertiary preferences and await their offers in January.

Sandra Dickins
Pathways and Community Leader
Co-Scarlet Team Leader

Tertiary Offers 2017 Trends – Creative Arts, RMIT & The University of Melbourne

In mid-January our 2016 Year 12 students received offers for tertiary courses. Compared to previous years, there was an increase in the percentage of 2016 Year 12 students (33%) going into the field of the Creative Arts. Areas of study include: Audio Production, Communication Design, Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Live Production, Product Design, Media and Communication, Music Industry, Screen Media, Textile Design, Visual Arts and Visual Merchandising.

A record number of our students received offers from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), now part of the University of Melbourne. Chloe H and Nina P make six Fitzroy High School students going on to study Fine Arts (Visual Art) over the years.  Zsuzsa GM is our first student to go to VCA to study Fine Arts (Production). Other former Fitzroy High School students have gone on to VCA to study Fine Arts (Music) and Fine Arts (Animation). Ever since we have been offering VCE (for the past 9 years), one Fitzroy High School student has been accepted into VCA each year. This is the first year we have had three in one year.

Continuing with trends over past years, RMIT was the most popular tertiary destination for our students. 24% received an offer from RMIT. For the first time, four students in one year were successful in gaining a place in Architecture at RMIT – Ed B, Oscar E-S, Matthew M and Kayleb W-C.

The University of Melbourne is the second highest destination, with 13% of our students receiving an offer from the university. Joel C, Tom S and Nia are going on to study Arts, Henry L got into Science along with the aforementioned students going on to VCA.

20% of students received offers in the Society and Culture area of study, which, this year is made up of predominantly arts degrees.

Our second group of senior VCAL students received offers in the areas of Animal Studies, Audio Production, Building and Construction, Children’s Services, Fitness, Horticulture, Resort Management and Youth Work.

There are still more rounds of tertiary offers to come, and students still need to decide whether to accept or defer their offers. We wish all of our former Year 12 students well in this process.

Sandra Dickins

Pathways and Community Leader