Assunta – Languages Assistant

In Semester 2, students have been lucky enough to have Assunta, a Languages Assistant, in our Italian classrooms, whether they be virtual or in person. She has been so incredibly helpful and we are so thankful to have had her around. She has always been ready and willing to answer our questions and was ready to adapt to online learning. Every few sessions, Assunta would create a separate Meet or pull aside a group of students and go through what we had been learning as a way to practise our pronunciation and speaking. She also shared with us her experiences in Melbourne as she has been here since October of 2019. 

She used her knowledge of the Italian language to teach us about the past tense in Italian or passato prossimo, a main focus of our learning this year. Even while facing the challenges of online learning, she managed to maintain a positive attitude, leading to a calm environment. Her knowledge has been priceless and has helped to excel the learning of so many students, especially in our conversational Italian to help us get by if we ever go to Italy. Overall, she created an environment where students felt comfortable asking questions, fostering a support space for everyone involved.

Maddy Kosztka and Imogen Murnane 9W

Assunta helped students improve their pronunciation by practising Italian tongue twisters and phonetic drills and also improved students’ cultural awareness by helping them understand some of the similarities and differences between Italy and Australia with regards to food, school, sport, art, music, travel, and pastimes. Assunta’s input into class discussions was invaluable and the slideshows she created about her family and her region added an extra dimension to students’ study of Italian language and culture. 

On behalf of the students and Italian teachers at Fitzroy High School, we would like to thank Assunta for her input in the program. 

Grazie mille!

Italian Language Assistant

Fitzroy High School has been successful in receiving an Italian Language Assistant for Semester 2, 2020.

This year there will be twenty locally based assistants across schools in Victoria who will support qualified language teachers to provide authentic language and cultural experiences for students. Language assistants can use traditional and contemporary language and culture to engage students in face-to-face and online language learning. This includes, but is not limited to, team-teaching, providing small group or individual student language support, offering advice on linguistic and cultural matters and participating in school activities relating to their language and culture. The Italian teachers at Fitzroy High look forward to welcoming Assunta on the first day of Term 3!

Italian Update

Ciao a tutti!

Early in Term 3, the Fitzroy High School community launched an outstanding Italian week.
Students across all year levels participated in a wide range of activities celebrating the Italian language and culture.

A special thanks to Make A Scene theatre company for their engaging Commedia Dell’Arte performances, Monticello Pasticceria in Thornbury for their fresh cannoli and biscotti and staff members who helped with pizza making, gelato stalls and more. Funds raised will go towards purchasing resources for the Italian department.

We hope that our enthusiasm for Italian grows and look forward to what 2020 will bring for Italian at Fitzroy High.

Venice In Love

Last Friday, Make A Scene theatre group performed Venice in Love, a Commedia Dell’arte that entertained students from year 7 to 11.

Perhaps everyone thought this would be a serious rendition of the high renaissance themes of love, betrayal and death performed in Italian with maybe a bit of opera.

What we experienced instead was the timeless art of toilet humour and of audience participation. The former makes people laugh in any language, and the later instils a mix of fear of being picked and schadenfreude of those who are. The best is when the teachers themselves are drawn into the fun.

With puppetry, music and pantomime, the show had everything, and at one point, even the weather joined in with an earth-shattering thunder-clap that the performers integrated seamlessly into a fart joke. Classic.

At the end the students had time to ask a range of questions about a style of theatre that is as engaging now as it was in the 16th century.

Travis McKenzie

Italian Fashion Show


Last term the Year 8 cohort participated in a fashion show organised by Vanessa, Daniel and Chiara. We started the unit of work by learning about the importance of fashion to Italian culture and history some vocabulary to name clothing items and describe styles.

Our main project involved exploring a range of different Italian fashion designers including Prada, Gucci, Kappa and many more. Everyone got creative (some more than others) and, inspired by the chosen designers, we each had to come up with our own fashion outfit to wear on the runway.

Chairs were placed as if we were really in fashion show. The atmosphere as each person walked down the runway was exhilarating and people were super confident in presenting. Our hosts were Olivia Villanti and Zara Schaper and one member from each group described the outfit in Italian.

Each design brought a unique perspective on fashion itself. It was interesting learning about Italian fashion because Italy has always been a country leading the high fashion industry. Learning about different styles can inspire people to find their own personal style, no matter where they come from. Overall, it was such a fun day for everyone and a great way to finish the term.

Grazie e arrivederci,
Morena Walsh and Maddie K 8V

Italian Week 2019

Fitzroy High Italian community participates in one of the most popular events of the year celebrating all things Italiano! 
 A special thanks to members of the FIZ (Fitzroy Italian Zone) who have contributed to the organisation of this event. 


A whole week of Italian food, music, theatre, sport, and culture. 

  • Thursday: Pizza: Margherita: $4 each or 2 for $7. Vegetarian or Capricciosa $5 each or 2 for $9. 
  • Friday: Venice in Love Performance for Year 9s and Gelato at lunch time. $2 for one flavour and $3 for 2 flavours. 

We look forward to your participation! 

See posters for more information. 

Year 9 Camp recounts

We departed from Fitzroy High School on Tuesday 23rd of July and it was a gloomy and wet morning. We arrived at Valley Homestead in Ovens Valley by 1pm and it was sunny and picturesque. There were lots of activities on offer but I only wanted to do two: the flying fox and the free fall side – a 4 metre slide! I had to do other stuff that wasn’t great but was good, because we got to be with the boys in the activity group. Our cabin was the best and we all brought lots of food to keep our energy levels boosted. The last night was disco night! The teachers kept trying to stop the party, but the fellas soldiered on, like true heroes.

By Finn Peake, 9Y

Bush Survival Activity

Since I’ve clearly lost count of the number of school camps I’ve attended, I won’t bore you with the numbers. However, this particular camp was easily one of the best planned and directed I’ve had the pleasure of being part of. Vanessa accommodated even last minute and sometimes difficult changes of plan, remaining her efficient and good humoured self.   I noticed one comment about the food, but having watched the obvious pleasure many seemed to take in ‘seconds’, I thought this indicated the food was quite acceptable – and there was always plenty of it. The other aspect of this camp was the enthusiasm of almost every student to have a go at all the activities. Added to the general good nature and good humour of this group of students, it produced a most impressive and really quite memorable experience. I doubt the students will realise how this experience  added to their self-belief and resilience for some time. A great camp experience!

Bryan Moloney, Outdoor Ed and Phys. Ed Teacher

Returning home

Model UN Conference in Italian

On the 9th of August three senior students from Fitzroy High proudly attended the Model United Nations Conference hosted at CO.AS.IT resource centre in Carlton. The topic for debate was Combating Climate Change: Committing to global action. More than 60 students representing more than 15 countries took part in this initiative.
A UNAAV Model UN Conference simulated a full-day session of the United Nations General Assembly. The day was conducted entirely in Italian and through role play and debate students had the opportunity to step into the shoes of country ambassadors. Tallulah Thornton-Lawrence in Year 11, Holly Pyers in Year 10 and Breanna Botterill in Year 11 from Fitzroy High represented Canada and used their negotiation and diplomacy skills to express the views of their allocated country. Students interacted with other delegates during the caucus sessions, presented their allocated country’s position to the General Assembly and moved amendments to a Draft Resolution.

To find out more please visit:

Real Industry Job Interviews (RIJI) at the Fitzroy Town Hall

Participating in the RIJI mock interviews in early July was a worthwhile experience for Year 9 students. We started preparing early Term 2 as part of one of the five rotations of our Connect program. We had to find an entry level job and then respond to the ad by creating a cover letter and resumé. This was a lengthy process due to all of the editing and refining we had to go through in which teachers revised our work. On the day of the mock interviews, we brought our documents and our interviewer asked us many questions (most of which we were prepared for). This was an opportunity in which only a few schools have the privilege to participate. We highly recommend that the upcoming year levels attend this day, we promise you won’t regret it! We now feel more prepared to enter the workforce and have gained more interpersonal skills.

Emily Blood and Ella Shaw, 9Y

Italian at Fitzroy High School

Ciao! My name is Tallulah and I’m studying Italian in Year 11 this year through the Victorian School of Languages (VSL). This term, Fitzroy High School has welcomed Chiara, an Italian Language Assistant from Siena. She has been a magnificent help for both me and other students across Years 7 to 9. Chiara has been a great support for me so far in my study sessions; every fortnight, we speak for an hour in Italian and this gives me the opportunity to revise pronunciation, grammar and learn new vocabulary with a local speaker.

Having an assistant has given me the opportunity to grow my confidence in general conversation, because I feel comfortable making mistakes and answering questions.

I chose to continue Italian after Year 9 because I have always loved learning about the language and culture, and Chiara’s insights and capabilities have been extremely valuable in encouraging my learning in my senior years.

– Tallulah Thornton Lawrence, Year 11

It has been exciting having Chiara visit us in class and help with activities. It gives us a first hand experience of pronunciation and a lot more insight into the language itself! We’ve currently been learning about the differences and similarities between the north and south (nord e sud) of Italy: climate, regional cuisine, people, and so on. It’s been very enjoyable to study this topic and having Chiara there has made it all the better! Non vedo l’ora – I can’t wait.

– Milo Strangio, 9V Italian