Italian at Fitzroy High School

Ciao! My name is Tallulah and I’m studying Italian in Year 11 this year through the Victorian School of Languages (VSL). This term, Fitzroy High School has welcomed Chiara, an Italian Language Assistant from Siena. She has been a magnificent help for both me and other students across Years 7 to 9. Chiara has been a great support for me so far in my study sessions; every fortnight, we speak for an hour in Italian and this gives me the opportunity to revise pronunciation, grammar and learn new vocabulary with a local speaker.

Having an assistant has given me the opportunity to grow my confidence in general conversation, because I feel comfortable making mistakes and answering questions.

I chose to continue Italian after Year 9 because I have always loved learning about the language and culture, and Chiara’s insights and capabilities have been extremely valuable in encouraging my learning in my senior years.

– Tallulah Thornton Lawrence, Year 11

It has been exciting having Chiara visit us in class and help with activities. It gives us a first hand experience of pronunciation and a lot more insight into the language itself! We’ve currently been learning about the differences and similarities between the north and south (nord e sud) of Italy: climate, regional cuisine, people, and so on. It’s been very enjoyable to study this topic and having Chiara there has made it all the better! Non vedo l’ora – I can’t wait.

– Milo Strangio, 9V Italian

Year 7 Italian

Last year in Year 7 Italian one of our projects was to research a region of Italy and present it in whatever form we liked. After studying some geography and uniqueness of the regions of Italy, I decided to research Liguria because it looked beautiful and interesting, with its beautiful food, wild forests and colorful villages on steep cliff sides leading down to the sea. I really love Art and Craft so I decided to present my project as a 3D model. Some of the interesting facts I learned were that Christopher Columbus came from Liguria as well as one of NASA’s astronauts. The people of Liguria have lots of festivals across the year, including the celebration of the Fava Bean!   

Maya Donaldson, 8Y

Year 9 Connect Program

As an ex-student, it was an absolute pleasure to come back to Spensley Street and see all my primary school teachers. I haven’t been back in a few years and it was great to see how  things have changed since I’ve been gone.

Connect is a class that all Year 9 students complete at Fitzroy High. It involves different programs such as visiting organisations where we learn about what kind of things are going on there and we can decide if we are interested in volunteering there later on in the year

It’s essentially about connecting with community members and helping out those in need.

This term, Year 9s have been to Salvation Army where we learnt about homelessness and how it affects the lives of more Australians then we think, Yarra Youth Services to find out about sports, art and cultural programs, and Spensley Street where we got to help out in the classrooms. After each excursion we reflect on what we have learnt, how we helped out and how we could help out in future.

When I returned to Spensley Street I was reminded how important primary school was for me and I realised how valuable the Connect Program is for us and the wider community. I’d like to thank Spensley Street, teachers and students, for welcoming us into the classrooms and helping us learn about the community and how things work at Spensley Street.

Alex Castles Krusec 9Y

Our class experienced a taste of volunteering in various sectors of the workforce; specifically education, youth services, humanitarian, and aged care. The Connect program helps us experience different parts of Melbourne and our community and how it all comes together. It was nice to experience a different part of our community while visiting Ruckers Hill Nursing Home, talking to residents who enjoyed our company.

At times it was a confronting and challenged us to communicate in a different way with people who have aged care needs, such as dementia. We heard different life and work stories from the residents, some of which were; a London toy maker, a furniture removalist, a physiotherapist and activist, and a pilot. Overall it was fun but a rewarding experience. 

Spensley Street Primary School helped us connect to younger children and their teachers, helping out in the classroom, music, art or with physical education. We really enjoyed visiting Spensley Street, being with young children is a very uplifting and fun.  Our next step is to focus on a charity sector that we are interested in and try to find our own volunteer experience for five weeks in term 3.

Rahima Toukhsati and Peru Renkin 9Z