Youth Enterprise Hub

I have been involved for the past year in the Youth Enterprise Hub Working Party, which is an initiative of the Inner Northern Local Learning and Employment Network along with three councils and the Bendigo Bank. The Youth Enterprise Hub builds 21st century entrepreneurial capabilities in all young people in the inner north of Melbourne. Fitzroy High School is one of six pilot schools and is currently trialing new curriculum in the VCAL program. There is more information on the website where you will also see interviewed Januar Manirambona, an ex-student of Fitzroy High School who is now in a plumbing apprenticeship. Januar was a guest speaker at last week’s launch of the Youth Enterprise Hub at CERES.

Linda Mitchell
Acting Principal

Last year, Fitzroy High School was invited to participate in the Youth Enterprise Hub Working Party, as part of the INLLEN. As part of this working party, five students from our VCAL program engaged in a series of ‘Think Tanks’ where they spoke with local entrepreneurs about their beliefs for business, the need for enterprise skills and the progression of their businesses. During the next phase of this working party, current VCAL students have engaged in a series of workshops designed to foster their understanding of entrepreneurial skills and the need for people who can think outside the box. One of our recent VCAL graduates, Januar Manirambona, engaged in the initial phase of the project last year and recently spoke at the launch of the Youth Enterprise Hub. He eloquently described the need for this type of work in a growing and evolving future for young people. Both myself and Louise, one of our VCAL teachers, will continue to engage with the Hub over the course of the year. As both VCAL Coordinator and teacher, I am lucky enough to be engaged in a program which fosters such skills as: communication skills, leadership skills, using ICT and active problem solving. All components that are being explored by the Hub and, as such, I am passionate about the inclusion of this style of learning in future curriculums.

Riley Moloney
VCAL Coordinator

Inky Awards 2016 Judge – Ben Reeder – JUL

Ben Reeder one of our Year 11 students has been chosen from an Australian wide field of young adults to be one of 7 judges of the Inky Young Adult Literature Awards- run by the State Library of Victoria. The judges will have to read a long list of 20 books, 10 international and 10 Australian, and then come together at the end of July to agree on a short list. We’re very proud of Ben’s achievement and wish him well! If you are interested, you can find Ben’s profile and information about the Inky Awards here:

Riley Rogers

11D Advisor

July 2016


Year 9 Inquiry – Geography Unit – JUL

As part of the Year 9 Inquiry curriculum, students have recently completed a Geography Unit. Baitong Gordon, Do Nguyen, Vy Ninh and Tasnim Mohamed put together an outstanding “Teach the Class” presentation which demonstrated their knowledge and ingenuity. Part of this presentation was a fantastic clip created entirely by the girls about being a “BOB”; Bad Ocean Bully. Check it out!