Tram Time

A lovely group of year 9 students happily helping each other make teddies in the tram.

Fantastic week!


Hands on Learning – Pizza Oven – May

Hands on Learning students have been working on building the Pizza Oven with some help from professional Tradesmen. We have learnt lots of new skills,   including, excavation, concrete boxing and pouring, levelling of concrete, how to break a brick into even halves, brick laying, mixing cement render and rendering. We have also been able to use some maths skills to count the number of bricks we needed, measure and divide the spaces, work out some circle sizes and how to make a dome. We have decorated the pizza oven with ceramic fruits that we made last winter. We are about to embark on some pizza making once the oven has cured and the cement is fully dry. Several small fires have already been lit to help this process along.

We have  had to work as a team to make this project happen, we worked through recess and lunch on several occasions as wet cement waits for no-one, it has been a lot of fun and we can’t wait to try our first Pizza.

Penelope Stray

Hands on Learning

Fitzroy High School

May 2016