Falconer Street Closure

Falconer Street closed from Wednesday 24th of October to M41 Water Main Renewal Project. 

The engineers from the M41 Water Main Renewal Project, involving the construction of an underground pipe from Northcote to the city, have advised us that they are going to commence in Falconer Street next Wednesday October 24. Falconer Street and the school car park will be closed until the end of January. They will be doing the junction between Falconer St and Michael St during the Christmas holidays. High fencing will be going up on both sides of Falconer Street. Pedestrian access and bike parking will be as normal. It would be a good idea for cyclists to dismount once they get to the footpath of Falconer Street so as not to interfere with pedestrians. Students will need to be dropped off at the Michael St entrance and deliveries etc will be redirected to that entrance as well.

Any questions please ask myself or Sandra Dickins.

Regards Linda Mitchell
Acting Principal

OnDemand Testing

Dear Parent/Carer

Our school currently uses On Demand testing to provide our teachers with insights into your child’s literacy and numeracy development. Following a request from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), which is responsible for the development of On Demand, I am informing you of our school’s participation in a project to review the On Demand tests. This review will involve the equating of students’ On Demand test outcomes with the school’s NAPLAN data. Towards this end, the school will grant the VCAA permission to collect our On Demand data.

The data collected will contain test results and associated student details from On Demand assessments at our school for 2017. Our data, along with data from other schools will be used in a one-time linking process between On Demand and NAPLAN results held by the VCAA to form a single dataset. This dataset will then be anonymised and used to review the performance of the On Demand Tests. All identified data collected will be destroyed at the completion of the process and there will be no release of any school or individual results or personal details as part of this work.

This work will benefit our school by further enhancing the reliability and accuracy of the On Demand tests.

For more information about the On Demand Testing Calibration Project, please click here for FAQ's

Yours sincerely,
Linda Mitchell
Assistant Principal