News from the Tram

Students are continuing to enjoy their time in our Class Tram with Penny and Olie.

We have been working across the different year levels on some lovely mosaic projects.

We have also started to undercoat the mural wall in preparation for the collaborative ideas that are going to contribute to a new school mural reflecting the school values of Trust Engage Respect.

Students have been busy sending in their ideas and designs which also include representing the year we are at school…….Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Our beautiful Fig Tree, Native Australian Animals, our Pigeon population and the word WELCOME in the many languages that are represented in our school community and families.

If you would like your child to participate in Tram Time please speak to your child’s advisor or year level coordinator.

Also it was great to have students set up the Tram and showcase their work for Open Day… they enjoyed talking and showing prospective families the many activities that they have participated in.

Wildlife Warrior Workshop

Green Karma is very pleased to share with you that they have organized a workshop “Wildlife Warrior” for Years 8-9-10 during the Term1 school holidays. 

The program will help students to stay active and engaged during their school break and get involved in the most pressing environmental problem our world is facing currently- Species Extinction. Australia is among the top 3 worst countries globally with the highest species extinction rates. 

The program aims to educate and build awareness among our children about the root causes of biodiversity loss and their role in protecting it.
The workshop is highly informative and interactive with lots of hands-on and team activities.

Many deliveries of the program –

  • a deeper understanding of biodiversity loss and climate change
  • empowerment with skills and resources to save the environment 
  • development of problem-solving skills, lateral thinking and social skills
  • connections with many experts and various organisations
  • new social circles with likeminded people

Program details –

Wildlife Warrior Workshop
Run – 4 days, Non-residential
Dates – 11-14 April Time – 10 to 4 pm
Location – Multicultural Hub, Melbourne, Vic 3000
More details and Registrations –
Seats are limited to 30 students. And the application closes on 31st March. 

FHS Open Day 2022

Last Tuesday, Fitzroy High School was open for prospective families to see our school in action. Student leaders guided families around a range of classes and activities ranging from Advisory, Environmental Science, Sculpture, Music, English, Maths, Drama, Food Studies, Sport, Tram Time, the Science of Science Fiction and Computing and Coding. Families that visited commented on how impressed they were with the positive climate in the school as well as the great learning they saw happening in the classrooms they visited. They were also very impressed with how confident, helpful and friendly the student guides were – thank you to Billie M, Charlotte C, Tom LB, Perla C, Elliot S, Alessandro C and Billi M for representing Fitzroy High School so well. 

The Open Day was followed by an evening information session  and a tour of the new Wurun Senior Campus. 

  • Tom LB – Year 10 

During the Open Day one of the most interesting classes we visited was the food excel in which James (our food teacher) was more than happy to give people an example of his exotic “Australian cricket powder” that the students were creating healthy, delicious food with. Another very important part of the school that definitely caught the parents attention was our Maths classes and how they were laid out. The system that picks up those who are falling behind and progressing the skills of those who are excelling is definitely something that separates our school from others.

I love helping out and assisting people. Being a guide during the Fitzroy High Open Day provided a great opportunity to complete both of those while also providing an opportunity to give back to the school.

  • Billie M and Charlotte C – Year 10

Being a tour guide on the Open Day was an enjoyable and fun experience and we felt proud showing families around our school. We felt confident to answer questions and explain how certain things work at Fitzroy High School. We hope that they choose this school for their children next year! 

Mural Competition

Show us your artistic talent by creating something magnificent to showcase our school values: TRUST, ENGAGE, RESPECT

News from FHS Library …

Reading sessions in FHS Library commenced on Monday 21 Feb. By the end of this coming week, 28th Feb, all 7-10 classes will have had their initial session.  All students will be coming to the Library once a cycle with their English class to browse, borrow and read.

So far we have worked together on the following:

  • Commencing the building of `Reading Profiles’ for all students.  This will help us develop reading capacity on two fronts: a) Students will be able to explain past reading habits, how they feel about reading, what their interests are, whether they like to read printed material or on a device – or both and what magazines they’d like to see in FHS Library; b) This information, in turn, gives us an insight into how we can improve reading material available in the library by ensuring it matches students interests and needs.
  • After a generous donation from a parent to purchase Graphic Novel/Manga material, views of all 7-10 students have been sought as to how we could spend this money.  All students have been very proactive in making suggestions and this has been great to see.
  • Students then participated in the `Library Lingo’ game.  We discussed a lot of terminology used in the library and these terms were explained.  After this, classes matched the corrected definition with the terms discussed.

Students were also shown, in a film clip, how to search the FHS Library Management tool, AccessIT, via Compass to see either if we have the book they are looking for or if they want to make suggestions for purchases it is great if students check AccessIT to make sure we don’t already the title they want to suggest.  Students have been made aware to make requests and suggestions for purchases through either their English teacher or myself and ensure these are noted on the Google document set up for this purpose.

It has been great to work with these classes and see the `buy in’ to the Library already.

Many students continue to enjoy the Library space at both recess and lunchtime for socialising, games, reading and online activities.

Eileen Cooney
7-10 Teacher Librarian

Literacy and Numeracy

2022 is an exciting time for literacy and numeracy at Fitzroy High School. In both areas, projects
are growing and our ways of working are continually adapting to respond to our students’ needs.

Literacy and numeracy practice is at the core of what we do at Fitzroy High School. Our school- wide approach to literacy – currently with a focus on writing – will continue to develop in 2022. Ongoing professional learning as a whole staff, as well as in Learning Areas and Professional Learning Teams, helps to build a consistent yet tailored approach to how we teach literacy in all our subjects. This work is being significantly bolstered by the school’s decision to appoint a Teacher Librarian. This commitment to students’ literacy growth heightens the school’s ability to explicitly teach research skills and information literacy across subjects, as well as building students’ identities as readers.
Similarly, our deeply collaborative, student-centric approach to numeracy instruction is allowing our Mathematics team to meet students at their point of need in every lesson. All mathematics classes from 7-10 are timetabled with an additional teacher to allow for flexibility and small group work. Student data is used to identify each individual’s point of need, thus allowing for more targeted, individualised instruction. This intricate, purposeful approach to building numeracy skills is supporting students to engage with our ever more numerate world.

Our in-class programs are complemented by the State-wide initiatives in which Fitzroy High School participates. The Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy program (MYLNS) and the Tutor Learning Initiative support students at various points in their learning journeys. Delivered by a team of highly skilled teachers, the MYLNS program and the Tutor Learning Initiative are prioritised by Fitzroy High School to maximise student learning outcomes and best meet the needs of all students.

Imogen Lazarus & Vaughan Nikitin

Wurun Senior Campus Opening

Our shared campus for Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School students was opened with a smoking ceremony with Wurundjeri elders – Aunty Di Kerr and Aunty Gail Smith on Wednesday 16th February. The students gathered respectfully and it was great to see so many stay behind and ask questions of Aunty Di and Aunty Gail following the ceremony.

We toured our invited dignitaries around the campus which included the Premier – Hon. Daniel Andrews, the Education Minister and Deputy Premier – Hon James Merlino, the Minister for Planning and Housing – Hon. Richard Wynne and Ms Sheena Watt, MP and Member for Northern Metropolitan. It was fantastic to see the students’ pride in the campus, their music performances, use of the art, sport and study spaces.

Thank you to Mel Singleton, leading teacher for Positive Climate at the campus for gathering our student leaders to prepare the campus and to perform the duties required for the occasion. It’s exciting to see so many of the students interested in being part of leadership opportunities at the campus.

It was a wonderful occasion and fabulous opportunity to acknowledge so much of the hard work and dedication that has occurred over many years to build a state of the art campus for our senior students. To have all parties and people in the same room from our School Council Presidents- Geoff Rundell and Ralph Saubern; Sam Luck and Linda Mitchell, our two school principals, members of the Department of Education including Pauline Rice, our Senior Education Improvement Leader; members of the school building authority, the architects from GHD Woodhead and Grimshaw, the project managers, SEMZ, the builders of Besix Watpac and of course our staff and students.

The collaboration between the two schools has existed for well over a decade and I think it’s fitting that such a strong collaboration between all of the above parties has led to such an incredible building for our students. The opportunities that we have before us are exciting and we are enjoying these first few weeks getting to know the campus. We look forward to welcoming parents, guardians and carers to the campus in Week 7 and 8 of Term 1. Please keep an eye on the news feed for the opportunity to come and tour the

Thanks for all the support.

Chris Millard
Campus Principal
Wurun Senior Campus