Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning Achievement Awards

Celebrating the Class of 2021

Teacher Award – Program Development
Louise Spiers-Bridge

Louise is devoted to her students. More-over she values the need for real-world learning supported by experienced mentors. These qualities allowed Louise to create a classroom that quickly evolved into a co-creative platform, an environment which provided her students with workplace experience and transferable employment skills.

Louise began participating in the Youth Enterprise Hub Teacher Professional Development and Community of Practice in 2019 and quickly developed an affinity with the small group of pilot schools and teachers in the development of the New Economy Enterprise Course. This was not a school exercise designed to be submitted for teacher approval – Louise’s interpretation of the program provided workplace learning guided by industry experts.

She supported the development of the New Economy Enterprise Course and participated in the development of the Young Changemaker’s Program and the Micro-Enterprise Unit. Both semester long units were the basis of the New Economy Enterprise Course collaboratively developed with VCAL teachers and other local stakeholders. Louise was able to adapt and develop both units mapped against all VCAL learning outcomes.

With the support of their mentors, students developed prototypes, undertook market research and customer development processes in addition to branding and marketing of their product or service. This rigorous approach also required students to create a team pitch that students practiced in front of their mentors and Youth Enterprise Hub Manager for immediate feedback.

Louise’s students impressed representatives from the Young Changemakers Association with their interview skills, when they asked insightful questions around deliverables and the possible social impact of their work. Her students were also sensitive of where to prioritise funding to effect greatest change.

Student teams developed business ideas based on DIY Computers (to reduce e-waste); a food truck for neurodiverse people to gain hospitality training; and a House Safety App, for people to register and check potential applicants for shared housing arrangements. Another team designed the ‘Mixey Bottle’, a two sauce bottle manufactured from recycled plastic, with the aim of reducing landfill.

Louise possesses immense skill as a teacher, reflected in the extraordinary development of her students.

Linda Mitchell, Louise Spiers-Bridge & Chris Millard

Wurun Senior Campus storytelling compilation

The senior secondary campus for Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School. A unique vertical school for a futures-focused senior program.

Design Backgrounder

Level by level campus facility map

Architectural photos by Matt Seebeck Photography

Virtual tour flythrough animation YouTube 

First impressions from the first student cohort video 

School design insights video 

School Design Talk Q&A panel webinar video 

A day in the life of Amal at Wurun Senior Campus infographic  

A day in the life of Sam at Wurun Senior Campus infographic

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First impressions from the Premier, Deputy Premier and Minister Wynne at the campus opening: 2022 New Schools Back to School campaign

Daniel Andrews 17 Feb 2022

James Merlino 17 Feb 2022

Richard Wynne 17 Feb 2022

I still can’t quite believe it, but the… – Richard Wynne MP | Facebook


Brunswick Lacrosse Club is currently recruiting new players for our U17 girls team for the upcoming 2022 season.

School to Work Summit

Last month we were invited present at the School to Work Summit at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The summit brings together experts, innovators and leaders from education, industry, government, and community. This year the focus was connecting education with future workforce opportunities; tacking challenges such as economic disruption, equity and inclusion, in-demand skills, and the role of technology. Wurun Senior Campus, together with the Northern College of Arts & Technology (NCAT), spoke about a Micro Enterprise Unit that we collaboratively designed and piloted with Senior VCAL students last year. The unit introduces students to local social enterprises, and challenges them to create their own business concepts in collaboration with industry mentors. Senior VCAL students at Wurun Senior Campus will participate in the unit again this year. 

Louise Speirs-Bridge | Applied Learning Leader

Year 7, 2023

In line with the Department of Education and Training (DET), North-Western Region, criteria, Fitzroy High School will offer Year 7 places in the following priority order:

  • Students for whom Fitzroy High School is the designated neighbourhood school (as determined by the school zone available on
  • Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending Fitzroy High School at the same time.
  • Students seeking enrolment on curriculum grounds.
  • Where the regional director has restricted the enrolment, students who reside nearest Fitzroy High School.
  • All other students in order of closeness of their home to Fitzroy High School.
  • In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds.

Our school zone

Our school zone is available on The website hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones for 2022 onwards.

Students residing in this zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined on the basis of your permanent residential address.

The Department provides guidance through the School Placement Policy to ensure that students have access to their designated neighbourhood school and the freedom to choose other schools, subject to facility limitations.

You can find more information and answers to frequently asked questions on the Department’s website under School Zones.

For more information

If you have a question about school zones, call the VSBA Hotline on 1800 896 950 or email:

For application for students coming from a non government primary school, please see this form

We advise families to place Fitzroy High School as their first preference on the DET Application for Year 7 Placement Form, provided by your primary school.

For families seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds, please complete the form by May 18th 2022 and email to

Click here to download the form: Year 7 2023 Application on Curriculum Grounds

Fitzroy High School 2022 Term 1 Sports Report

Division Swimming

On Mar 1ST students from both year 7 and 8 represent Fitzroy HS at Division Swimming. Elisa M, Ella H, Ella L, Anna P, Joseph C, Emil C, and Murry H competed in all 50m events including Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststoke and the much-dreaded Butterfly as well as the relays.

Well done to all swimmers and a special Congratulations to Ella L who received a 3rd place for 50m Breaststroke and Joseph C who placed 2nd in 50m Backstroke.

The students enjoyed the day immensely and will be back next year with more smiles.

Special thank you to the family and friends who turned up to support.

Regional Lawn Bowls

For the 4th year since winning the State final, Fitzroy HS was yet again well represented in Lawn Bowl. The teams consisting of four (4) junior teams and two (2) senior teams in conjunction with a Wurun Senior campus student would face six (6) Richmond High teams.

The senior team would end up runner up champions, despite displaying a level of competitive skill from all individuals including Chloe S, Winter F and Preston R-C.

The Junior competition would face 5 experienced Richmond SC teams, however they were no feat for the 2021 champions including Noah C and Eridani W-V and new addition Jackson T winning the Regional Lawn bowls competition convincingly 9 to 3 – Fitzroy HS wishes this team all the very best on May 5 at Sunbury Bowls Club State Finals.

Congratulations to all who participated on this day.

Year 7 Sport

For the first time representing Fitzroy HS year 7 students competed against other Inner North schools in a range of sports included Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket and Baseball. Congratulations to all students and thank you the coaches and teachers who helped make this day possible. 

Year 8 Sport

Year 8 also represented Fitzroy HS in the summer sports for the time after missing it last year. From all reports the students enjoyed the process of training up in their selected sports and attending the sports day. 

Intermediate Sport

Congratulations to both the year 9 and 10 students who represented the school at both Volleyball and Tennis.

Future events

May 5                          – State Lawn Bowls

May 5 TBC                   – Upcoming Athletics Carnival

May 11                       – Intermediate Sport

May 17                        – Division Athletics

May 19                       – Intermediate Girls Football

May 25                       – Year 8 Sport

May 31                         – Division Cross Country

June 6                          – NMR Cross Country (TBA)

June 13                         – Queens Birthday Holiday

June 15                         – NMR Cross Country (TBA)

June 16                         – Year 7 Sport

June 21                      – Junior Girls Football

Library News

Library Reading Sessions

Reading sessions in the library are now becoming a `habit’ for FHS students.  It’s been great to see students at all levels applying themselves to the Learning Intentions set out for the sessions and meeting the Success Criteria for the sessions on a regular basis across all groups.

The focus has continued to be on …

  1. Developing student capacity to search on AccessIT – the FHS Library database.
  2. Collection of data from students about how well the FHS Library collection meets their needs and reading preferences.
  3. Development of the habit of quiet reading for extended periods of 20 mins to half an hour.

The Head of English & myself are continuing to work through the large amount of data gained from students about both their reading habits and preferences and about whether the FHS Library collection is aligned with this data.  I will keep you informed, and with more detail, in the early stages of term 2.  Students are to be   congratulated on how they have contributed to this exercise – and we hope they will love the outcomes which will become visible as 2022 progresses.

I have also done what’s known as a `Shelf Analysis’ where the shelving is measured in terms of how much nonfiction and  fiction is currently there. The percentage of nonfiction and fiction does not align with student interests and we need to increase our Graphic Novel/Manga collection to align with student interest.  

Again, progress reports will continue during term 2 as we continue to respond to student generated data.

Wheelers eBook platform.

By the end of term all students will have their login information for the Fitzroy High School eBook platform – Wheelers Books – and they will be able to login via the `Compass Star’ on the FHS website.  All students have been shown how to do this and instructions are available in their English Google classroom.

Library Science Sessions

The second last week of term saw year 7 Science classes coming into the library build on their learning in the following ways …

  1. Applying their learning about searching in AccessIT and finding material related to to their current Science task `Our Place in Space’.
  2. Learning about referencing by using the new Fitzroy High School online referencing tool which can be found under the `Compass Star’.
  3. Using the new Fitzroy High School database, Weblinks, to find appropriate material for their task.
  4. Most importantly, they will also be learning about how to organise the research they have found, to take notes and to summarise this into their own words in order to continue to build their writing skills.

7X and 7Z joined together to have their initial session in the TDU on Wednesday 30 March.

Seeking Library Assistants

Any year 9 & 10 students who would like to be part of a Library Assistants Team, helping with general library tasks on a rostered basis, please see me in the Library.  

This is a great learning opportunity for anyone considering a career path in the library community as general training will be provided in the area.

Victorian Premiers Reading Challenge for 2022 (VPRC)

I have recently  been advised by DET that the 2022 Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge has opened.  I have been in contact with them and will be registering all year 7 and 8 students at Fitzroy High School for the VPRC.  

Years 9 and 10 are able to participate in the VPRC –  students will need to see me in the Library so I am able to register them individually. 

FHS Library Overdues …  and an Amnesty on Returns

One of the challenges facing FHS Library is the large number of unreturned items, books, devices, device chargers etc. This is, in the main, attributable to the COVID lockdowns which were often quite sudden, along with the disruption to school routines, which were  generated by remote learning.

In order to get items returned, if you come on any items  that has this barcode on it ….. 

It would be really appreciated,  now and at any time in the future, that FHS Library resources are brought back to the library and placed in `the blue tub’  ….

Alternatively, tems can be dropped off at the front office and they will find their way back to `the blue tub’.

I would like to get as much back as possible before `Overdue’ notices go out early in term 2.

In closing, I look forward to the continued borrowing and renewal of books, especially for the upcoming holidays.

Have a safe and restful  term break everyone!!!

Eileen Cooney

7-10 TeacherLibrarian @ Fitzroy High School

Rainbow Collective

The Rainbow Collective Excel recently enjoyed a day of community and culture. We visited the recently constructed Victorian Pride Centre where we were welcome with a tour of the facility and invited to access the Australian Queer archives! We then spent the afternoon at Melbourne’s stunning NGV enjoying the Queer exhibition which contains over 400 works dating from 600 BCE to modern day! 

Donations required for the Year 12 Theatre Studies class

Dear Fitzroy Community,

The Year 12 Theatre Studies class are in need of old clean quilts and blankets as well as vintage/antique lamps and rugs to be used in our production of ‘Cosi’. If you have any of those to spare, they can be handed in at front office, donations will be greatly appreciated.

We are asking for clean and fairly damage free items, which will be painted and sewn together for the set of the production. Thank you for your donations.


The Year 12 Theatre Studies class

Mural Competition Winners!

Students were given the opportunity to show their artistic talents by creating something magnificent to showcase our School values: TRUST, ENGAGE, RESPECT.

The artworks have been chosen and will fill the mural space behind the gaga pit along side the remaining ‘Wominjeka’ artwork.

The winners are as follows;

  1. Engage: Olive R (7Z)
  2. Trust: Bryn D (7X)
  3. Respect: Marlo A (7Y)
  4. Group Entry: Margaret F (8Z), Ella L (8W), Ella H (8Z), Cayley D (9X), Sophie M (9X), Goldie T (9Y), Arissa B (9W) Scarlet W (9X)

Special Mentions also go out to Nile L (8Z) & Remy K (7Y).