GVBR 2020

Normally there would be a peloton of FHS students and parents heading out on Saturday mornings through Terms 3 & 4 on training rides in preparation for the Great Vic Bike Ride.  We all know what’s happened this year which unfortunately has lead to cancellation of the 2020 Great Vic, first time ever.  But your disappointment need not linger!!  A virtual 2020 Great Vic has been created. You, your friends, your family, can all join the Great Vic this year.  You can ride, walk or run the Great Vic around your local area.  Sign up (it’s free), to World Walking via http://worldwalking.org/register or download the app.  Search for “Great Vic” and join the “walk”.  You can also create a group and complete the route together.  See and learn about the places the Great Vic was to visit this year.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to join the real ride in 2021 along the same route. If any assistance needed with accessing the app, contact Parent Jayne at jaynecrowley@iinet.net.au.

The Young Achievers Program, delivered by Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia

After a year of constant change, adapting to new circumstances and being isolated, we believe now more than ever that young people and students deserve all the support they can get. We are able to offer this through our Young Achievers Program, which supports students in year 10, 11 & 12 with their final years of study and towards a rewarding career path. 

We would love to give students at Fitzroy High School the opportunity to join the program commencing in 2021. Please pass on the information below to any staff members who may know of students who are suitable or to suitable students directly. The program is privately funded and there is no cost associated with participation.

Young Achievers participants are hardworking, motivated and have an idea of the area in which they would like to study or work, but may lack the means to get there in terms of having networks in the industry, a lack of family support or knowledge of the university system, or are disadvantaged in other ways. The young person is matched up to a mentor who is currently working and has studied in the area that they are interested. The young person and mentor are ‘matched’ for a minimum of 12 months within which they will catch up every 2-4 weeks, participating in career based and interest based activities, which might include visiting the mentor’s workplace, attending networking events, attending lectures, talks and seminars. The match aims to provide a support that is separate from school and home, where young people seek academic and non-academic related advice and guidance and gain an insight into life working in their specified career/area of interest. Another component of the program is the monthly workshops covering a wide range of topics including public speaking, mental health, multiculturalism and strengths & values.

You can read more about our programs here:


Information to pass on to students who may be interested:

  • Young Achievers Program provides you with a mentor who is working or studying in your particular career of interest. Your mentor is someone who can answer questions about study, careers and often just life in general. You will catch up with your mentor once every 2 -4 weeks spending time doing career and interest based activities. The match lasts 12 months, with the option to continue into a second and third year if you wish.
  • As part of the program, there are also workshops held monthly which cover topics such as mental health and networking. These are a great way to meet other students from other schools across Melbourne, who are also in the program.
  • At the application stage, you will identify some areas you are interested in working or studying in, which will help us to find you a mentor
  • If you are interested becoming a part of this program, or have any questions at all please complete the attached application form and return via email to kathryn.worth@bbbsau.org
  • This video outlines past participants experience within the Young Achievers Program –  https://vimeo.com/480572352

If you have any questions or would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me via email or on 0450 835 629. 

Kind regards,


Reminder – Student Free Day

Dear Parents / Carers / Guardians,

Just a reminder that Thursday 3rd December 2021 is a Student Free Day for  Report Writing.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 9488 1900.

Cabaret 2020

On November 25th at 5pm, Junaid Eastman & Bella Thornton Lawrence with special guests will host a livestream of Fitzroy High’s Digital Cabaret ‘Messages from the Recent Past’ a collection of dance, musical performance, theatre, animation and video art which explores the end of the world and the emotional turmoil of being a performance artist during the July – October Lockdown. The livestream will be hosted through Youtube and a link will be provided on the FHS website and via Compass. If you miss the livestream it will be available on Youtube page until December 2nd for your viewing pleasure.

Julian Strickland
Productions Coordiator

The Yarra Voices

The Yarra Voices, a community youth choir based in North Fitzroy, is holding auditions for students in November for their 2021 programs. 

High-Ability Program Update

We are excited to announce we have several students who have been offered the opportunity to be involved in the Victorian High-Ability Program. This is a state government initiative in which the Department of Education selects high achieving students to take part in a series of online classes across term 4 in Mathematics or English. The Department of Education selects students based on their NAPLAN results and Fitzroy High School facilitates the program for our chosen students. Students will also be offered a face-to-face Masterclass at the completion of the program, which enables them to connect further with other students of high-ability from schools within our local area. Congratulations to all those involved, we are so proud of your amazing ability! This program will run each term, so there will also be a new intake of students in term 1, 2021.

Additionally, we have been working to begin offering extra-curricular programs within the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series to students at Fitzroy across years 7-12. This is a separate program which encompasses all interest areas and is designed to support, encourage and further engage students within those areas of strength and passion. Opportunities include workshops, competitions, masterclasses and structured support for VCE. To date, we have had students taking part in writing competitions, chemistry masterclasses, theatre workshops and much more! Well done to all those who have taken part so far! Keep an eye out for more opportunities and talk with your teachers if you feel passionate about or want to explore a certain subject further– we are here to help you be your very best.

Emma Jones,
High-Ability Practice Leader

Term 3 President’s Report

Dear Fitzroy High School Community,

As we move towards the end of Term 3, we continue to see the amazing resilience, agility, creativity and commitment of our Fitzroy High School community as we confront the impact of the COVID-19 crisis together.  In some ways, it’s been easier this time around.  We have all learned a lot as teachers, learners and parents and carers about the technology, about flexibility and about supporting more self-directed and independent learning.  But in many ways, it’s been harder.  The adrenaline and excitement that pushed us through Term 2 has gone and now we are confronting the challenges of dealing with something longer and more undefined.  

Confronting these challenges together as a school community has made so much possible.  I want to publicly thank all the parents and carers who have contacted the school in recent months to offer their support, expertise – and their encouragement and kind thoughts.  I also want to thank again all our amazing teachers, support staff and school leaders who continue to go above and beyond in their work. And I’d like to congratulate our students who are working so hard to make the best of a difficult situation and acknowledge their resilience and flexibility.  

During this time, the work of the School Council continues. We held two School Council meetings in Term 3.  Our July meeting was a busy one. We discussed a number of items relating to the school’s buildings and environment.  We noted that the ‘corridor’ area between the old building and the science/technology building has been reordered and replanted – and it looks great!  We also noted that, as a result of a successful application to an Australian Government fund, new air conditioning units have been installed in the Library and IT Area.  And we approved the school’s application to the Greener Government Schools Program to have additional solar panels erected on the science/technology building.  A special thanks to members of our Buildings and Environment Subcommittee and other supporters who have contributed so much to improving the quality of our school environment over the last couple of years.

Another area of discussion was around the annual School Council Self-Assessment, which is intended to help school councils understand and focus on opportunities for improvements in governance and operations.  Two key areas of improvement that we noted were in the induction and learning processes for new School Council members and ways to increase diversity on School Council.  On the second point, I’d like to encourage all parents/carers and students to consider nominating for election to the School Council.  We’ve had some great parents, teachers and student members join the School Council in recent years and their perspectives and ideas have greatly contributed to the way that the School Council supports our school and community.  You don’t have to be an expert or know a lot about the school to join the School Council.  It’s the diversity of views and experience that is most important.  If you are at all interested in joining the School Council next year, please feel free to contact me to find out more about the process of nominating.

Finally, Linda presented the 2020-24 School Strategic Plan to the School Council.  The School Strategic Plan is one of the key outcomes of the four yearly school review that the school completed earlier this year.  Some key takeaways from that plan are a focus on improving the growth and achievement of all students, empowering students as learners and leaders and improving student engagement.  We discussed ways that the School Council and our subcommittees can focus their efforts on supporting this ambitious agenda. 

Speaking of our subcommittees, in recent months, our subcommittees have done some excellent work providing input in areas such as the use of technology, languages education and the reporting of student results.  Current work includes a review of the school dress code and a working group focusing on student voice, agency and leadership, both led through our Community Subcommittee.  A reminder that you don’t have to be a member of the School Council to attend a subcommittee meeting or be part of a working group.  If you’re interested in joining in to have your voice heard or just to find out more about what is being discussed, feel free to contact the Subcommittee convenors or just look up the calendar on Compass.

Subcommittee convenors are:

  • Buildings and Environments: Roger Smith
  • Community: Clare Kermond
  • Education: Mim Ingvarson

Our August School Council meeting was also very productive.  Our main focus was on the 2019 School Annual Report and the 2020 Annual Implementation Plan.  We received a detailed report from Linda focused on the formal indicators of performance for the 2019 school year and discussed how the school plans to address areas of improvement in line with the School Strategic Plan.  We also discussed how the report can be presented to the school community at the annual public meeting.  More details about that soon.

If you want to know more about our July or August meetings, you can find the minutes and supporting documents for those meetings and all School Council meetings in Compass in the school documentation section and of course please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about School Council or the subcommittees.  My school email is ralphs@fitzroyhs.vic.edu.au

We are all fortunate to be part of this strong and supportive Fitzroy High School community.  I encourage you all to keep up your connections with the school, teachers, parents, carers and students.  We will all need help at some stage; we can all help someone else at some stage. 

Ralph Saubern
President, School Council