Indigo Team Update

Year 7 Maths Information

This final stretch of Maths for Year 7s does not require laptops in class at all and we are asking all Year 7 students to make sure their laptops are in their locker for all Maths sessions.

Student Dress Code Policy

Please take time to read through the Student Dress Code to ensure that you are really clear on what the school expectations are as we head into summer. 

Locker Clean Out

We are encouraging all Year 7 students to start working towards cleaning out your lockers by 3pm on Friday December 10. You will still have access to a locker throughout the final week but we will be moving lockers so make it easier on yourself by having less stuff to move. 

For the final week of school, you will need your laptop, pencil case and an exercise book.

End of Year Program

We are excited to celebrate everyone’s hard work and resilience with the following events. 

Monday 13 December: Year 7 & 8 Lawn Bowls Celebration at Thornbury Bowls Club

Tuesday 14 December: Year 7 Ice-skating excursion

Year 8 into Year 9 Early Commencement Program

Wednesday 15 December: Year 7 into Year 8 Early Commencement Program

Year 8 Ice-skating excursion

Thursday 16 December: Cleaning and school set-up for 2022

Friday 17 December: Cleaning and school set-up for 2022
Payment and consent for both events have been rolled into one event – please take the time to read through the event information carefully. Payment and consent needs to be given by December 9 and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about payment. Events can be found here:

Anna Pilkington
Year 7 & 8 Team Leader

Year 12 Graduation celebrations

On Wednesday 17th November, we officially farewelled the class of 2021. Like warriors, they faced their Unit 3 & 4 exams all the way to their own victory. 

Congratulations to our incredible class of 2021 who persevered every step of the wayl 

Here are some reccounts from Tristan Buksh, our graduating student who was awarded the Young Leader prize for championing his school and community. He has been recognized internally and externally as a person with outstanding leadership qualities who pursues their learning with enthusiasm.

The end of year 12 events that were organised by the school staff were absolutely fantastic. Our picnic breakfast in October was very Covid-appropriate and the sun was shining to make us all feel better after another challenging school year. Many students were having a great time out on the school yard in their costumes accompanied by banging tunes and a delicious packed breakfast (thanks, Doris) with a coffee van to get us through the day. Students from different social groups came together and it felt like a community – a good feeling after being isolated for so many months. 

Inspired by one of the best soccer players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo. I was pretty surprised at how well the costume turned out to be, considering that most of the retail stores were still closed at the time. 

At 5.15pm on Wednesday 17th November after my last exam (Indonesian), I headed straight to the Valedictory dinner, where we celebrated academic and leadership achievements as well as bidding farewell to students and teachers. Surprisingly, I actually managed to receive an award myself! I didn’t really think I’d win one, but I’m going to have to thank the teachers for this one! As a final remark, I would like to thank the great staff of Fitzroy High and Collingwood College for providing me with all the assistance I needed right from the get-go, especially during periods of lockdown and quarantining at home.

Overall, this cohort has been the exemplar of resilience and we admire their commitment to completing their VCE and VCAL certificates. We also need to acknowledge the Advisory, subject teachers and Year 12 Team Leader Lucy Marshall for supporting them along the way. We look forward to hearing about their new chapters in life.
Vanessa Paciocco

Students on their last day of official classes.



2021, the year that everyone learnt resilience. 

Last year I coined 2020, the year of adaptability. This year our resilience levels across the board were tested. When students started to engage in a face to face format, the relief and joy were clear from not only the student but the teacher and educator. I personally was delighted to jump back into face to face conversations with students and engage in many meaningful career conversations.  

Year 9 

Many of our students engaged with the My Career Insights program and completed the Morribsy profile. Students can easily access their profile by logging into Morrisby and exploring their results. The CEAV will be joining our students on campus on the 2nd of December to chase up any missed interviews that were not completed during remote learning. These students have been notified. You still have the opportunity to complete your Morrisby all the way up to the end of term. Reach out to for more information. 

My Career Insights results will be used in the curriculum again at the year 10 level next year. The profile can be used as a way to determine senior school pathways and much more. 

Year 10

This year the 10s had to choose their senior pathway and decide between VCAL and VCE. Many of the 10s embraced these opportunities and explored their Morrisby profile from the My Career Insights program they completed in Year 9 to help them. We also had a significant percentage choose to engage with VET certificates as a part of their VCE or VCAL program, a great sign in developing a broad range of skills. 

Next year is a big step into senior school, where students will begin to learn more about their options for life after Fitzroy and understand the level of commitment required by the final two years of schooling. Not to mention engaging in the new space at Wurun campus in 2022.

Year 11

Starting year 11 online is not easy. Our students had to adapt and show resilience from Day 1. All of the students have done well to engage and develop a foundation for their final years in school in very difficult conditions. All students now have a taste of their subjects and programs and hopefully engaged with university and TAFE information, employment resources and career research throughout this year. 

I encourage all Year 11s to take time over the break and reset for a big year in 2022. New campus and a fresh start, it’s the perfect mix to have a successful 2022!   

Year 12 – Class of 2020

A huge congratulations….to all the students who have finished Year 12. Many of you have come through considerable challenges, especially in the last two years. As you progress into your chosen pathway, there are a few final announcements that you need to be across, depending on your journey.  

ATAR Results 

Results will be released on the 16th of December at 7 am. This can be a testing time for many students as it will confirm, blur or deny your chosen pathway. Please remember if you are unsure or unconfident of what your results mean for your pathway, please book a time with Tyson over the change of preference period 16th – 20th of December.   

University and Courses through VTAC 

Course offers will come through to your emails throughout January and February. The following offer rounds are:

14th of January – (Jan offer round) 

1st of February – (1st Feb offer round) 

8th of February – (2nd Feb offer round) 

14th of February – (3rd Feb offer round) 

18th of February – (4th Feb offer round) 

The majority of offers will happen in the January round and 1st February round. Make sure that when you are offered a course, you accept the offer, even if it is not your first preference, as you may receive your higher preference in later rounds. When you accept an offer, it does not automatically enrol you in your course. This will be a separate process that your tertiary provider will share with you. 

Change of Preference Period 

Once results are released, students will have the opportunity to log into their VTAC account and make any course preference changes on the 16th of December up until the 20th of December at 4 pm. 

To change your preferences, you need to log in to your account and click ‘Course Preferences’ and then remove the course that you would like to change and add the new course preference. 

This can also be done by changing the order that they are in, making sure you have the course that you most desire and have met the requirements for at the top of your list. 

I will be available to support the students who require assistance in changing their preferences and understanding their options if they have not received the correct ATAR to gain their top preferences or don’t meet the subject requirements. 

To book a session with each individual, please click on the following link: 

Tyson Day availability digitally –  

Courses that don’t require VTAC

For all courses that don’t require VTAC (this will be stated on the VTAC website as ‘’Apply Directly”) these courses will need to be applied for through the website of the course provider and will have their unique dates and deadlines. Generally speaking, these application deadlines are around mid-February. So make sure that you understand the commitment and deadlines. 

Wurun campus

Next year is an exciting time for both Fitzroy and Collingwood communities with the arrival of the Wurun Senior Campus. I’m excited to be invovled in the new campus and have an opportntiy to continue to support students in their career decisions.  

Everyone deserves a break…

After the year we have had, many many people need a break, parents, students, teachers…everyone. Make sure that you use the summer break to reflect on the year that was, what worked well, what didn’t work well. Use these learnings to come back even stronger! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Tyson Day

Literacy at FHS

Throughout 2021 Fitzroy High School has been taking strides towards articulating and realising its vision for literacy. Grounded in the school’s values, the vision for literacy captures our commitment to creating learning experiences that support, engage, and challenge all students. 

To facilitate this work, teachers have participated in a range of professional learning focussed on the teaching of writing. Through significant collegial discussions and collaborative work in Professional Learning Communities, we have built our repertoire of student centered literacy teaching practices and have been engaged in trialling and reflecting on these. This has been a remarkably positive experience driven by deep collegiate engagement and a relentless focus on student outcomes.

Alongside the work of individual classroom teachers and our Professional Learning Communities, Fitzroy has also been engaged in developing and refining its approach to supporting students with significant literacy needs. In 2021 we have successfully rolled out the QuickSmart literacy program at Years 7-9. This is a small group intervention program designed to build students’ reading skills so that they are able to access learning more readily in the classroom. Over successive lockdowns, those students involved in QuickSmart continued to participate in sessions with their tutors, with resoundingly positive results. The growth in students’ confidence, reading fluency, and comprehension has been significant. Each student who has been involved in QuickSmart is to be commended on their commitment to their learning and on the persistence they have shown throughout the year.

As we move towards 2022, we look forward to continuing to explore, extend, and deepen our literacy knowledge as a whole school community. Working to more fully realise our whole school approach to literacy, we aim to empower students as partners in their learning and acknowledge the fundamental role literacy plays in a person’s ability to engage meaningfully with the world around them.

Thank you to all members of the school community for your constant support of our students’ literacy growth.

Community Awards 2021 Young Citizen Of The Year

The Yarra Community Awards honour the everyday heroes who make outstanding contributions to our community.

Special mention…

A special mention goes to Korpo S.

Korpo is an up-and-coming social justice warrior who uses art to campaign on racism and indigenous rights, including the Black Lives Matter movement.

VCAL 2021 Highlights

This year our VCAL students demonstrated flexibility and resilience throughout remote learning; completing a series of tasks and projects at home, via video conferencing, and in the classroom.

Our Intermediate and Senior students participated in the Young Changemakers program, where they were allocated $30K of philanthropic funding to distribute across six local social enterprises. They worked collaboratively to review over thirty applications, presenting their findings and recommendations to the Inner North Community Foundation for consideration at the end of Term 2.

Our Senior students participated in the Youth Enterprise Hub Micro Enterprise Unit, where they worked in teams with industry mentors to develop social enterprise concepts. They designed concept pitch presentations which included prototyping, market research, advertising, financials, and support for local social and environmental issues. Presentations were shown at an end of term ‘pitch conference’ with industry mentors, LLEN and community representatives, and with students from other schools. 

Our Intermediate students partnered with residents from Rushall Park, a local retirement facility, completing a series of interviews focusing on ‘life during a pandemic’, as experienced by different generations. The project culminated in a picnic with residents, where students presented a book containing participant reflections and photographs. Our Intermediate students were also invited to visit The Push Studio, and tour the Collingwood Yards Arts Precinct. This was a great opportunity for students to gain an insight to local collaborative public arts spaces including recording studios and exhibition facilities. 

Our Foundation students researched local activities and attractions, pulling together a range of class excursions including a tour of the MCG and the Botanical Gardens. Students ensured adherence to OH&S standards, managed financials, organised travel arrangements, and communicated with venue operators. Our Foundation students also organised a school wide collection of personal hygiene products to donate to Pinchapoo, a local charity helping thousands of disadvantaged men, women and children.

In between lockdowns, we also managed to get the entire VCAL cohort along to a ‘team building’ excursion, when we visited a local archery centre and were taught how to hold and shoot a bow and arrow. Some healthy competition between students and teachers ensued!

And finally, our graduating Year 12’s were able to attend both School Formal and Valedictory events, in a year where timing was everything!

Transformative 20 Mathspace Award

Fitzroy High School is one of twenty schools recognized nationally in the annual Mathspace Transformative 20 awards, set up to recognize schools “who are exploring new and innovative ways of incorporating technology into maths education and helping students to be the best they can be.”

VNI’s quote on the awards page: “This awards and recognizes an amazing FHS team, team-teaching students what they are ready to learn next, supported by the innovative and improving Waypoints diagnostics and interactive online Mathspace resources.”

Academic achievement beyond the expected!

In 2020 Geordie Kidd (class of 2019) submitted his 2019 Extended Investigation thesis “Close to the Edge: Exploring the Global Hip Hop Diaspora” for consideration by the Australasian Review of African Studies (published by the African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific). His paper, written at the age of 17, was peer reviewed, accepted and published in early 2021 in Vol 41, Issue 2. We wish him many congratulations!

Schools for Climate Action in Yarra

The City of Yarra has a new ‘Schools for Climate Action in Yarra’ webpage.

The page includes a video of the first Yarra Schools for Climate Action Network event which was held at the Collingwood Children’s Farm in April this year. 

Fitzroy High School, along with four other high schools in Yarra make up this network, coming together to talk about climate change and take climate action.

The web page also includes climate action and sustainability resources for teachers and young people. The page is part of Yarra’s new look Take Climate Action online hub.

Resilience In Our Teens Parent webinar

Parentshop is pleased to announce a new webinar for parents, Resilience In Our Teens – a program to assist parents to reduce teen anxiety and build resilience in teenagers. This may be of interest to you and your network, particularly in these anxious times. Recent research has revealed that cognitive behavioural based, parent-led interventions can be as effective as seeing a psychologist for early intervention in mid to mild-level anxiety.

Our parent course is delivered via interactive webinar over three evening sessions starting 25th November with psychologist, Michael Hawton and includes an anxiety pre-screening and report for parents. You can find out more information here: