Sir David Attenborough and the BBC need your help!

Fitzroy High School was recently contacted by a researcher at the BBC Natural History Unit working on the upcoming documentary series ‘Planet Earth III’ which will be narrated by Sir David Attenborough and broadcast around the world in 2023.

The plan is to film the behaviour of tawny frogmouths in the suburbs of Melbourne. The BBC would like to film adult tawny frogmouths using artificial lighting to catch prey and feed their growing chicks. They will also follow the moments that chicks venture into the urban jungle alone.

In order to find key filming locations in advance of their shoot in November 2021 the BBC are looking for students to assist in:

  • monitoring your own backyards for frogmouth nesting behaviour.
  • tracking the progress of these nests.
  • mapping locations where you have seen adults hunting.

For further information on how you can do this, you can listen to the following interview from ABC Breakfast radio here.

The BBC researcher has also offered to respond to any of your questions that you may have regarding how the BBC films wildlife documentaries (what tools they use to tell their stories,  how they research beforehand, how they work with scientists, and any questions you may have about frogmouths too).  So if you have any questions please fill in this form – we will send them to the researchers and they will film their responses getting back to you soon.

Clothing Stall Update

Clothing is still being accepted until next Thursday 08/08/2019 for the Future Makers clothing stall. Please drop off any donations at the front office – hangers are also welcome!

The clothing stall will be held from Wednesday 14/08/2019 to Friday 16/08/2019 in front of room DG04.

Clothing Donations Wanted

The Future Makers are planning on running a secondhand clothing stall at school.

If you have any clothes that you feel are still worthy of wear but perhaps not by you, then please donate them to these fine kids.

There is a box at the front office for this collection, so feel free to drop them in.


Donations Wanted! Seasonal Recipes and Unwanted Clothes

Students from the Future Makers XL are creating projects that help to facilitate solutions to some of our waste problems. Students are looking at reducing waste by creating a recipe book of seasonal food. If you have any fantastic recipes that feature seasonal produce (any season!) then the Future Makers would be interested in featuring it in their online recipe book. Donated recipes can be sent to Nevenka Thomas-Rezo at – please use the subject line ‘seasonal recipe’.

Another group is looking at reducing fashion waste and they are planning a second-hand clothing stall in Term 3. If you have any unwanted clothes that you would like to donate, then the Future Makers are keen to take them. Please drop them off at the front office area.

Thanks! Future Makers Team.

Future Makers – Bogong Camp

On the 23rd of April 2019, we set off on the trip to the camp, which was roughly 5 hours away in Bogong Village (north of Mount Beauty). When we arrived, we divided into two smaller groups and went on a tour around the camp. Group 1 met Rich and Cal, who were our group leaders, while Group 2 met JP and Tamsyn and then got settled in. The next few days were spent doing normal camp activities and preparing for the five day hike that was fast approaching.

On ANZAC Day, we woke up bright and early to go to the dawn service in Falls Creek. Later that day, we began packing for the hike and the nerves started to kick in.

Before we knew it, we were leaving for the hike. During the hike, the Group 1 leaders were Zoe and Cal, and Erin (teacher from Fitzroy High) came along with us. Group 2 was led by Jamie and Tamsyn on the hike. The bus ride was one of the most exciting and nerve wracking experiences of the camp. It was pouring down with rain and we were not looking forward to walking in the freezing cold, wet weather.

Group 1 walked roughly 6 km to Edmundsons Hut. The feeling when we finally reached our destination was amazing. We spent our night by the open fire and occasionally dashing inside the hut. Falling asleep was freezing but we were all happy to finally have a rest after a long, challenging day.

The next day we left to go to our second destination, this was our last night with a hut and drop toilet. It wasn’t nearly as cold but the walk was still very challenging either way. We spent our night inside the hut and having fun with old and new friends. The night was much warmer but still very cold. We packed up and departed our campsite in the morning and set off to the “Helipad”.

The third day was very challenging but one of the highlights of the whole hike. We had to all cross a river, take off our packs, and use teamwork to get them across. We finally reached the Helipad and the view was nothing less than amazing. We set up our tents and spent the rest of the night spending time together, heading off to bed as we had an early start the next morning.

Day four was definitely the most challenging and rewarding day of them all. We departed for our hike that day at 7:00 am, luckily without our heavy packs. We reached the summit of Mount Bogong by 11:30am and were lucky enough to see Group 2 while there. Safe to say we were exhausted by the end.

Our final day was our longest day but not the most difficult. Seeing the bus at the end of our journey was one of the most rewarding parts. For the last few days, we did some more camp activities and made the most of our time left.