Engage in 2022

Beginning in Term 2, Fitzroy High School ran a specialised program for a group of Year 7 and 8 students. The program was called Engage, and its intention was to reinforce, complement, and extend the range of physical, social and emotional development programs implemented across the school.

The program was initially designed to address some of the lingering challenges of remote learning and the disruption of COVID-19, as well as support the transition of students to a new learning environment and school community.

The participants in the program met every Friday, Session 3 for 10 weeks. Many of these sessions involved a combination of collaborative activities and group discussions intended to facilitate the development of safe, healthy and connected relationships. The program also included more physically challenging excursions such as rock climbing and surfing.

A big thanks to Linda Mitchell, our Principal, who was always supportive of the program and provided the encouragement and resources for its delivery. Also, a huge thanks to Joe Mclaren, who worked with the utmost patience with the group for the duration of the program, as well as the Year Level Leaders – Timothy Simpson and Mac Humphries – who enthusiastically helped out with our excursions. And finally a massive thanks to those who participated in the program – it was a pleasure getting to know you all. Here are a couple of snaps from our Engage excursions 🤙