Student Representative Team Update

Thank you everyone who provided feedback on the proposed SRT structure. We really appreciate you taking the time to get involved. The student representatives on School Council presented the structure to the Council with the feedback gathered and it was well received. Big thanks to Sholto and Siëm for their work!

This means that nominations are now open! Fill in the short form here (or on Compass for the print version) by August 5 to get involved!

We will be finalising SRT members during Week 5 of this term and plan to have our first official meeting by Week 6.

Some clarification based on feedback:

  • The proposed number of students per year level i.e. was it one student per advisory? 
    • It isn’t due to differing numbers of Advisory classes in each year level and wanting to have some stability
  • How students will bring up issues with the SRT?
    • We will set up an SRT email address that the students can monitor, a feedback/suggestion box, as well as being able to speak with the various student members. Other avenues might become clear as the SRT gets established.

VicSRC Congress – 2 September

Three students fro the FHS 7-10 campus will be attending VicSRC Congress on September 2 which is taking place at Wurun Senior Campus.

VicSRC Congress brings together secondary students from across Victoria to unpack ideas and solve issues in the education system.
It is an opportunity for FHS students involved in the development of the Student Representative Team to build knowledge of how student voice and agency work at other schools. 

We’ll make sure to update you on how it goes!