Fitzroy High School Student Leadership Model – FEEDBACK WANTED!

During Term 2, a group of Year 7-10 students worked together with Hayley Allen from VicSRC to create a Student Representative Team (SRT) plan for FHS.

The group spent time discussing what avenues currently exist for student leadership, voice and agency at the school and what the benefits of a more formalised structure might be. One of the key concerns and notes was that to be effective, the SRT should be centred with other committees and school leadership bodies in the school structure and staff and students should know about it.

The following proposal was created and we are now looking for feedback from the school community.

SRT purpose: To be the voice of students at Fitzroy High.


  • To solve problems brought up by students
  • To act as the liaison between students and staff.
  • To be the representatives for all students.

Proposed Structure:

  • 3 students from each year level (7-10), as well as the two student School Council representatives
  • Students will nominate each other, then complete a short application and then a selection panel of students and teachers will select the final members. Students felt that it was vital that both staff and students work together to choose the SRT members.
  • The SRT would meet once a fortnight (with scope to reassess this at the end of Term 3)

Timeline for next steps:

  • Consultation and feedback with school community until July 18
  • SRT model to be taken to School Council on July 28
  • Student nominations open from July 25-29
  • Selection panel interviews August 1-5
  • First SRT meeting will be Week 5, Term 3

Please send through your feedback to – I will ensure that the team have a chance to look at it!