Fitzroy High School 2022 Term 1 Sports Report

Division Swimming

On Mar 1ST students from both year 7 and 8 represent Fitzroy HS at Division Swimming. Elisa M, Ella H, Ella L, Anna P, Joseph C, Emil C, and Murry H competed in all 50m events including Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststoke and the much-dreaded Butterfly as well as the relays.

Well done to all swimmers and a special Congratulations to Ella L who received a 3rd place for 50m Breaststroke and Joseph C who placed 2nd in 50m Backstroke.

The students enjoyed the day immensely and will be back next year with more smiles.

Special thank you to the family and friends who turned up to support.

Regional Lawn Bowls

For the 4th year since winning the State final, Fitzroy HS was yet again well represented in Lawn Bowl. The teams consisting of four (4) junior teams and two (2) senior teams in conjunction with a Wurun Senior campus student would face six (6) Richmond High teams.

The senior team would end up runner up champions, despite displaying a level of competitive skill from all individuals including Chloe S, Winter F and Preston R-C.

The Junior competition would face 5 experienced Richmond SC teams, however they were no feat for the 2021 champions including Noah C and Eridani W-V and new addition Jackson T winning the Regional Lawn bowls competition convincingly 9 to 3 – Fitzroy HS wishes this team all the very best on May 5 at Sunbury Bowls Club State Finals.

Congratulations to all who participated on this day.

Year 7 Sport

For the first time representing Fitzroy HS year 7 students competed against other Inner North schools in a range of sports included Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket and Baseball. Congratulations to all students and thank you the coaches and teachers who helped make this day possible. 

Year 8 Sport

Year 8 also represented Fitzroy HS in the summer sports for the time after missing it last year. From all reports the students enjoyed the process of training up in their selected sports and attending the sports day. 

Intermediate Sport

Congratulations to both the year 9 and 10 students who represented the school at both Volleyball and Tennis.

Future events

May 5                          – State Lawn Bowls

May 5 TBC                   – Upcoming Athletics Carnival

May 11                       – Intermediate Sport

May 17                        – Division Athletics

May 19                       – Intermediate Girls Football

May 25                       – Year 8 Sport

May 31                         – Division Cross Country

June 6                          – NMR Cross Country (TBA)

June 13                         – Queens Birthday Holiday

June 15                         – NMR Cross Country (TBA)

June 16                         – Year 7 Sport

June 21                      – Junior Girls Football