Library News

Library Reading Sessions

Reading sessions in the library are now becoming a `habit’ for FHS students.  It’s been great to see students at all levels applying themselves to the Learning Intentions set out for the sessions and meeting the Success Criteria for the sessions on a regular basis across all groups.

The focus has continued to be on …

  1. Developing student capacity to search on AccessIT – the FHS Library database.
  2. Collection of data from students about how well the FHS Library collection meets their needs and reading preferences.
  3. Development of the habit of quiet reading for extended periods of 20 mins to half an hour.

The Head of English & myself are continuing to work through the large amount of data gained from students about both their reading habits and preferences and about whether the FHS Library collection is aligned with this data.  I will keep you informed, and with more detail, in the early stages of term 2.  Students are to be   congratulated on how they have contributed to this exercise – and we hope they will love the outcomes which will become visible as 2022 progresses.

I have also done what’s known as a `Shelf Analysis’ where the shelving is measured in terms of how much nonfiction and  fiction is currently there. The percentage of nonfiction and fiction does not align with student interests and we need to increase our Graphic Novel/Manga collection to align with student interest.  

Again, progress reports will continue during term 2 as we continue to respond to student generated data.

Wheelers eBook platform.

By the end of term all students will have their login information for the Fitzroy High School eBook platform – Wheelers Books – and they will be able to login via the `Compass Star’ on the FHS website.  All students have been shown how to do this and instructions are available in their English Google classroom.

Library Science Sessions

The second last week of term saw year 7 Science classes coming into the library build on their learning in the following ways …

  1. Applying their learning about searching in AccessIT and finding material related to to their current Science task `Our Place in Space’.
  2. Learning about referencing by using the new Fitzroy High School online referencing tool which can be found under the `Compass Star’.
  3. Using the new Fitzroy High School database, Weblinks, to find appropriate material for their task.
  4. Most importantly, they will also be learning about how to organise the research they have found, to take notes and to summarise this into their own words in order to continue to build their writing skills.

7X and 7Z joined together to have their initial session in the TDU on Wednesday 30 March.

Seeking Library Assistants

Any year 9 & 10 students who would like to be part of a Library Assistants Team, helping with general library tasks on a rostered basis, please see me in the Library.  

This is a great learning opportunity for anyone considering a career path in the library community as general training will be provided in the area.

Victorian Premiers Reading Challenge for 2022 (VPRC)

I have recently  been advised by DET that the 2022 Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge has opened.  I have been in contact with them and will be registering all year 7 and 8 students at Fitzroy High School for the VPRC.  

Years 9 and 10 are able to participate in the VPRC –  students will need to see me in the Library so I am able to register them individually. 

FHS Library Overdues …  and an Amnesty on Returns

One of the challenges facing FHS Library is the large number of unreturned items, books, devices, device chargers etc. This is, in the main, attributable to the COVID lockdowns which were often quite sudden, along with the disruption to school routines, which were  generated by remote learning.

In order to get items returned, if you come on any items  that has this barcode on it ….. 

It would be really appreciated,  now and at any time in the future, that FHS Library resources are brought back to the library and placed in `the blue tub’  ….

Alternatively, tems can be dropped off at the front office and they will find their way back to `the blue tub’.

I would like to get as much back as possible before `Overdue’ notices go out early in term 2.

In closing, I look forward to the continued borrowing and renewal of books, especially for the upcoming holidays.

Have a safe and restful  term break everyone!!!

Eileen Cooney

7-10 TeacherLibrarian @ Fitzroy High School