High School Innovation Challenge 2021

Congratulations to our FHS students who got involved and competed in the High School Innovation Challenge this year.

The students spent three days with industry professionals, mentors from EWB (Engineers Without Borders Australia) and students from different schools across Victoria to collaborate, design and build solutions for a number of engineering challenges. 

On day 1, students worked with biomedical professionals to design and build a prosthetic hand for amputees.

On day 2, students engineered a bridge to transport as much weight as possible.

On day 3, students designed a water filtration system. On this occasion, our FHS students, Claudia, Zoja, and Sholto in Year 10, built an impressive leak-proof hydraulic tower and won the prize for most efficient water filtration system.

The event illuminated the diversity and creativity of ideas that our student groups devised. Over the three days, our teacher and parent volunteers delighted in witnessing our students and their commitment to solving the challenges and the problems that arose along the way. They were particularly impressed with the way students were offering ideas, listening to each other, finding unique solutions and developing and improving language to describe their engineering projects.

Our FHS students should be very proud of what they were able to accomplish in this event.
A very special thank you to Erica Lienert who hosted and supported our FHS students with the High School Innovation Challenge for 2021. 

We are very much looking forward to next year’s High School Innovation Challenge and we hope to see many more enthusiastic student participants for Science and Technology programs in 2022.