Year 12 Graduation celebrations

On Wednesday 17th November, we officially farewelled the class of 2021. Like warriors, they faced their Unit 3 & 4 exams all the way to their own victory. 

Congratulations to our incredible class of 2021 who persevered every step of the wayl 

Here are some reccounts from Tristan Buksh, our graduating student who was awarded the Young Leader prize for championing his school and community. He has been recognized internally and externally as a person with outstanding leadership qualities who pursues their learning with enthusiasm.

The end of year 12 events that were organised by the school staff were absolutely fantastic. Our picnic breakfast in October was very Covid-appropriate and the sun was shining to make us all feel better after another challenging school year. Many students were having a great time out on the school yard in their costumes accompanied by banging tunes and a delicious packed breakfast (thanks, Doris) with a coffee van to get us through the day. Students from different social groups came together and it felt like a community – a good feeling after being isolated for so many months. 

Inspired by one of the best soccer players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo. I was pretty surprised at how well the costume turned out to be, considering that most of the retail stores were still closed at the time. 

At 5.15pm on Wednesday 17th November after my last exam (Indonesian), I headed straight to the Valedictory dinner, where we celebrated academic and leadership achievements as well as bidding farewell to students and teachers. Surprisingly, I actually managed to receive an award myself! I didn’t really think I’d win one, but I’m going to have to thank the teachers for this one! As a final remark, I would like to thank the great staff of Fitzroy High and Collingwood College for providing me with all the assistance I needed right from the get-go, especially during periods of lockdown and quarantining at home.

Overall, this cohort has been the exemplar of resilience and we admire their commitment to completing their VCE and VCAL certificates. We also need to acknowledge the Advisory, subject teachers and Year 12 Team Leader Lucy Marshall for supporting them along the way. We look forward to hearing about their new chapters in life.
Vanessa Paciocco

Students on their last day of official classes.