Indigo Team Update

Year 7 Maths Information

This final stretch of Maths for Year 7s does not require laptops in class at all and we are asking all Year 7 students to make sure their laptops are in their locker for all Maths sessions.

Student Dress Code Policy

Please take time to read through the Student Dress Code to ensure that you are really clear on what the school expectations are as we head into summer. 

Locker Clean Out

We are encouraging all Year 7 students to start working towards cleaning out your lockers by 3pm on Friday December 10. You will still have access to a locker throughout the final week but we will be moving lockers so make it easier on yourself by having less stuff to move. 

For the final week of school, you will need your laptop, pencil case and an exercise book.

End of Year Program

We are excited to celebrate everyone’s hard work and resilience with the following events. 

Monday 13 December: Year 7 & 8 Lawn Bowls Celebration at Thornbury Bowls Club

Tuesday 14 December: Year 7 Ice-skating excursion

Year 8 into Year 9 Early Commencement Program

Wednesday 15 December: Year 7 into Year 8 Early Commencement Program

Year 8 Ice-skating excursion

Thursday 16 December: Cleaning and school set-up for 2022

Friday 17 December: Cleaning and school set-up for 2022
Payment and consent for both events have been rolled into one event – please take the time to read through the event information carefully. Payment and consent needs to be given by December 9 and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about payment. Events can be found here:

Anna Pilkington
Year 7 & 8 Team Leader