Sports Report

Throughout remote learning sports introduced a virtual challenge where students participate and even competed to log their bike rides, runs, walks or roller skating/skateboarding.  

Congratulations to all participates in particular:

Joseph C who biked over 550km throughout the challenge

Ella L who run over 250km throughout the challenge

Murray H who run  180km and rode over 230km throughout the challenge

Special mentions to Teachers Thuy Linh and Mac who also clocked up consistent kms throughout the challenge.

So why do we encourage children to be active as part of their developmental journey? 

Physical activities promote healthy growth and development. It helps build a healthier body composition, stronger bones and muscles. It also improves the child’s cardiovascular fitness. Physical activities help in the development of better motor skills and in concentration and thinking skills.

Physical activities should be integrated into young children’s lives to create a foundation of movement and activity, which will be carried with them throughout the rest of their lives. Children who have higher levels of physical activity during their childhood are likely to be more active even after they mature. This is important for better health and well being.

Physical activities from a young age have various benefits, which reach far beyond only physical development. A person can physically, mentally, socially and emotionally develop by taking part in physical activities.

This is why making PE a fun way for students to engage in these programs, we can allow them to find joy in the activities while helping them build the foundations they need for a strong healthy body. 

Brunswick Lacrosse

Brunswick Lacrosse will run a number of “Come & Try” Lacrosse Sessions at Fleming Park on Thursday 2nd, 9th and 16th of December. 


Name: Brunswick Lacrosse Club
Phone: 0409 412 735