Literacy at FHS

Throughout 2021 Fitzroy High School has been taking strides towards articulating and realising its vision for literacy. Grounded in the school’s values, the vision for literacy captures our commitment to creating learning experiences that support, engage, and challenge all students. 

To facilitate this work, teachers have participated in a range of professional learning focussed on the teaching of writing. Through significant collegial discussions and collaborative work in Professional Learning Communities, we have built our repertoire of student centered literacy teaching practices and have been engaged in trialling and reflecting on these. This has been a remarkably positive experience driven by deep collegiate engagement and a relentless focus on student outcomes.

Alongside the work of individual classroom teachers and our Professional Learning Communities, Fitzroy has also been engaged in developing and refining its approach to supporting students with significant literacy needs. In 2021 we have successfully rolled out the QuickSmart literacy program at Years 7-9. This is a small group intervention program designed to build students’ reading skills so that they are able to access learning more readily in the classroom. Over successive lockdowns, those students involved in QuickSmart continued to participate in sessions with their tutors, with resoundingly positive results. The growth in students’ confidence, reading fluency, and comprehension has been significant. Each student who has been involved in QuickSmart is to be commended on their commitment to their learning and on the persistence they have shown throughout the year.

As we move towards 2022, we look forward to continuing to explore, extend, and deepen our literacy knowledge as a whole school community. Working to more fully realise our whole school approach to literacy, we aim to empower students as partners in their learning and acknowledge the fundamental role literacy plays in a person’s ability to engage meaningfully with the world around them.

Thank you to all members of the school community for your constant support of our students’ literacy growth.