Dyslexia Awareness Week

October 5, 2021 – October 11, 2021
Dyslexia Awareness Week aims to build an understanding of what dyslexia is and how we can
support those with dyslexia. In fact, dyslexia can take many forms. For some, dyslexia just slows
down the pace of reading and writing, however others experience visual interruptions, such as
words and letters appearing blurry and illegible. Dyslexia Awareness Week aims to improve the lives
of those with dyslexia – no matter the severity.

What is dyslexia?
Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty faced by people when reading and writing. It disrupts their
phonological awareness, which can make it difficult to understand words on a page. Although
around one in ten people have dyslexia, it’s still very misunderstood. Lots of people assume that it
affects intelligence, which is untrue. In fact, people with dyslexia often have slightly larger brains,
and are very creative. However, due to this misunderstanding, many people with dyslexia also
struggle with low self-confidence, especially in schools.

How can I get involved in Dyslexia Awareness Week?
Chances are you know a few dyslexic people, so one of the best ways to get involved with Dyslexia
Awareness Week is to show them support! Ensure that you’re always patient when reading with
others, so that no one feels rushed or stupid for reading a little more slowly. If you’re a teacher, you
could put all your teaching materials in dyslexic-friendly fonts, to help improve accessibility and
inclusivity. Or simply have a conversation with someone dyslexic, to find out what their life is like,
and how best to support them.

Help spread the word 
The Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA) estimates that dyslexia affects 10 per cent of our
population. In other English-speaking countries, this is closer to 20 per cent.
Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and Leonardo da Vinci are some of the many famous people diagnosed
with dyslexia. Others include Jamie Oliver, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Whoopi
Goldberg and Steven Spielberg.