High School Innovation Challenge

  • Fitzroy High School is looking for five Year 9 and 10 participants to represent us in the High School Innovation Challenge.  This event is hosted over three days where students will work in teams of 4-5 and be mentored by scientists, academics or industry professionals in STEM to design, research and develop a real-world application. 

    The challenge will begin 8:30am Monday 22nd November 2021 and will run until 3:30pm Wednesday 24th November 2021. A registration fee of $105 per student, and $80 per teacher applies. This registration fee covers:
    • 2 nights subsidized accommodation at St Hilda’s College
    • Breakfast x 2, Dinner x 1 at St Hilda’s College 
    • Dinner x 1 provided by Engineers Without Borders
    • Morning tea x 3, Lunch x 3, program activities and materials
  • Winners of the Science Week Competition: 1st place – Wes (Year 7), 2nd place – Diesel  (Year 9), 3rd place – Stella (Year 9)