Melbourne University Excursion Recap

On Wednesday the 21st of April, a group of Fitzroy and Collingwood year 12’s opted to go on a morning tour of Melbourne University as part of the Tutorial program. Arriving at 8:45am, we divided into groups and headed off with a guide. We were taken on a loop of the main campus in Parkville, walking past, and going into several buildings, such as the School of Design, and one of the University’s seven on-campus libraries. Highlights from the tour included a sweep of the animal bones collection on the lower floor of the design centre and a look at the famous South Lawn Car Park, known for its appearance in several blockbuster films including Mad Max. At the tour’s conclusion, a half-hour information session took place, with a member of the University’s staff explaining a bit about the school, university degrees in general, career pathways, and more. 

It’s safe to say that the majority of us went away having enjoyed the visit, while I’m sure everyone got some useful information out of it. Not really knowing what I want to pursue next year, this tour was a great way for me to get a sense of one of the many potential avenues to explore. I also learnt some vital insider knowledge about where and how to get the best free food on campus. Always a plus!

Freya Van Dyke-Goodman 12X

Fitzroy High students along Professors Walk
Observing Science and Biology at the Agriculture Building