School Wide Positive Behaviour Matrix

Dear Fitzroy High School community,

18 months ago some important work began around the formation of our School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB) and it is with great pleasure that I get to introduce our behaviour matrix. 

Our SWPB matrix can be found everywhere throughout the school with large posters in every building and on every floor of the school. It is also visible in every classroom and communal space in one form or another.

The matrix is based on our three school values of Trust, Engage, Respect and it describes the behaviours we want to see. The positive behaviours provide boundaries for all members of our school community and provide a language of care which we can all utilise in our interactions with each other.

The green positive posts that began popping up on Compass will continue and are an individual  acknowledgement and part of a reward system  for students who are embracing the positive behaviours we want to see. As we roll out SWPB throughout the community positive posts will be accumulated and will be able to be converted into points for individuals and also for Advisory classes. Watch this space for updates and further announcements.

Kind regards,

Anna Pilkington
SWPB Leader
Fitzroy High School