In memory of Jon Delaney

We are very sad to hear that Jon recently passed away after a long
battle with cancer. We were very fortunate to have had Jon teaching guitar
and bass from 2004 to 2016. In that time he inspired and motivated
many students.

I will always remember Jon as a great arranger and director of
ensembles. He was a strong believer in giving students a real band
experience. Jon ran the junior and senior guitar ensembles and they
were often large, always fun and loud. He would add singers and a
drummer. If there was no drummer he would play drums. Jon’s passion
for keeping it real meant the students would choose the song, and the
band name. My favourite was the “Safe Sex Pistols”.

The guitar ensembles were featured at music evenings in the community
and at Cabaret Nights. Under Jon’s direction, the ensembles would
always deliver an impressive performance. Two memorable
performances at the “NMR Music Expo” saw probably the largest
ensembles Jon put together. The works chosen were also large –
“Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Knights of Cydonia”.

Jon was a great teacher, and a very, caring and thoughtful person. He
was an incredibly talented musician, whose expertise extended across
many different styles. His passing is a huge loss to his partner Karen,
son Connor, and their family. The music community has also lost one of
their finest jazz musicians. Our thoughts are with them in this difficult

Tom Hoyle
Music Teacher
Fitzroy High School