Creative Workers in Schools

37 creative workers have begun their placement in 32 government schools across Victoria from the start of term 1 as part of the Creative Workers in Schools program. The Creative Workers in Schools program, delivered by Regional Arts Victoria in partnership with Department of Education and Training and Creative Victoria through the support of the Victorian Government’s Working for Victoria initiative, is providing the opportunity for 150 creative industry workers to undertake a six-month residency in Victorian government schools, including special schools.

Fitzroy High was one of the lucky schools selected, and we are currently host to a professional Writer and Podcaster, Joel Martin, who is with us until the end of semester 1. Joel has been producing the Morning Bell podcast since 2014, and is working with a year 8/9/10 Excel on the creation of The Youth Vote, a podcast that aims to amplify the voice of young people in the political space. Each episode of The Youth Vote will dig into issues facing young people, and when completed the entire season will be released online using established partner networks that Joel has built up in his career.

Dave Rogers, Creative Workers in Schools Statewide Program Manager at Regional Arts Victoria, said the diversity and reach of the first stream of projects was inspiring.

“It’s a real thrill to see such innovative and experienced creative workers starting to head into schools to share their craft, talent and enthusiasm,” noted Rogers. “The teachers that we are talking to are already telling us how excited they are to host the creative workers in their
school and that there is a palpable buzz amongst the students. We’re looking forward to seeing these exciting and no doubt surprising creative projects come to life.”

If you have any questions about the project, please email Travis McKenzie: