Assunta – Languages Assistant

In Semester 2, students have been lucky enough to have Assunta, a Languages Assistant, in our Italian classrooms, whether they be virtual or in person. She has been so incredibly helpful and we are so thankful to have had her around. She has always been ready and willing to answer our questions and was ready to adapt to online learning. Every few sessions, Assunta would create a separate Meet or pull aside a group of students and go through what we had been learning as a way to practise our pronunciation and speaking. She also shared with us her experiences in Melbourne as she has been here since October of 2019. 

She used her knowledge of the Italian language to teach us about the past tense in Italian or passato prossimo, a main focus of our learning this year. Even while facing the challenges of online learning, she managed to maintain a positive attitude, leading to a calm environment. Her knowledge has been priceless and has helped to excel the learning of so many students, especially in our conversational Italian to help us get by if we ever go to Italy. Overall, she created an environment where students felt comfortable asking questions, fostering a support space for everyone involved.

Maddy Kosztka and Imogen Murnane 9W

Assunta helped students improve their pronunciation by practising Italian tongue twisters and phonetic drills and also improved students’ cultural awareness by helping them understand some of the similarities and differences between Italy and Australia with regards to food, school, sport, art, music, travel, and pastimes. Assunta’s input into class discussions was invaluable and the slideshows she created about her family and her region added an extra dimension to students’ study of Italian language and culture. 

On behalf of the students and Italian teachers at Fitzroy High School, we would like to thank Assunta for her input in the program. 

Grazie mille!