Career Exploration Time

The aim of this newsletter is to give the school community an update on the current impact for Year 12 students with COVID 19 from a careers and pathway perspective, while also updating the Year 9 – 12 parents on happenings within the careers service at Fitzroy High School.  

Career Conversations are back online! 

With the school moving back to remote learning, career conversations have been taking place over Google Meet and telephone. The good news is that we are seeing a large uptake of sessions by Year 12s and Year 10s in recent weeks in support of their transitions into 2021. Thank you to the parents who have joined the process and equally for everyone’s patience when internet connections, background noises and strict session scheduling have been factors that we have all had to deal with 🙂   

Year 9 

The majority of our students have completed the Morrisby assessment, which is a terrific sign of their engagement with the careers process. The interview process with the CEAV will begin as early as next week for some students and will continue while remote learning continues. Further information on this will be circulated for parents and students but in the meantime you can support your student by viewing the checklist for their video interview session here. A friendly reminder for all consent forms to be sent to  

For further information for parents on My Careers Insights, click here.    

We are hoping to incorporate the Morrisby assessment results further into the curriculum, as many of our Year 10 students are using their profile to support subject selection and pathway planning. 

Year 10

We are making our way through Year 10 career check-in conversations, with a 10min phone call/Google Meet with every student. These have been productive, as I have been able to answer any questions that students have had around subject choices and senior pathways. Students have also been given the opportunity to book another 30 min session if they need further support. Again, I thank everyone for their patience, as fitting boht Year 10s and Year 12s into the schedule has had its challenges, but Marie and Vanessa have been ensuring that each student gets an opportunity to check in before the panel interview process. Thanks to all the Year 10 students who have engaged in this process and who have also revisited their Morrisby profile. Remember you can reset your password if you are having any difficulty, just send me an email on  

Year 11

No major changes for the Year 11 cohort with all students still able to organise a career conversation by visiting the booking link of 

Unfortunately due to the timing of university applications and supporting both the Year 10 and Year 12 students, time slots are somewhat limited, but this will change over the next few weeks.  

Students are also encouraged to make the most of the university, TAFE and pathway information available at the moment, as many providers will have open day information and resources that Year 11 students can access. For more information visit the Fitzroy Career Page – Open Day/Virtual Tours. VTAC have also put together great resources for Year 11s in preparing for next year, which can be accessed here. 

Year 12 

A slightly bigger update for this cohort than usual…

2020 has brought uncertainty, lack of clarity and debate for Year 12s, including their pathways, results and wellbeing. COVID-19 has been nothing short of an incredible disturbance, not only in school communities but globally. As we move closer to the end of the year we are seeing universities, governments and industry bodies adjust to support the Class of 2020. In this update I’m hoping to bring these further to the surface so that students who want to participate in these can, while also educating the greater school community. Fitzroy High School is fully committed to supporting our Year 12 students and their families as much as we can.

Virtual Open Days  

Universities are scrambling to adapt to the changing market with international student numbers down, turning the focus towards domestic students. With the COVID restrictions in place, all Victorian providers and many interstate providers are moving towards a virtual open day experience. This is great for students to gain access to course information, not so great for students to better understand the culture and feel of a campus grounds, not to mention missing out on the opportunity to speak to faculty staff face to face and to observe the different facilities that they will have access to once they start their studies. The year has also demonstrated the importance of completing open day and higher education experiences in Year 10 and Year 11, as these students no doubt feel more prepared than the ones who are only starting this process in Year 12.  For more information visit the Fitzroy Career Page – Open Day/Virtual Tours. My recommendations for students to understand the student life experience further, is to focus on any networks or current uni students that they know in order to learn from their experiences so far in uni. It is ideal if they can connect with a student who is in their second year, as uni students have also been forced to undertake remote learning in 2020, which has been another huge impact on the higher education landscape.   

Early Offers 

Many universities are promoting early course offers to students who wish to apply for their course and have this as their number one preference in VTAC. Different universities are offering different incentives, so it is vital that you understand the course and check which ones fall under these promotions. Some courses are not available for early offers and will be published on the university websites. Please remember that in many cases you still need to complete the required prerequisites and it is simply a conditional offer for once you have finished Year 12. These conditional offers generally come out in the latter part of the year, however many applications need to be in by the 31st of August, with supporting documents or a reference and personal statement. Again, you only need to access these if the course you really want to get into is available through a scheme like this.  

ATAR/Selection Rank 

A few providers are explaining that the ATAR will not be the most important component of their selection and results from Year 11 and other requirements including folio work and interviews will become more of an important factor. 

Further dust will need to settle on this, as the VCAA has announced that ATAR adjustments will occur for all Victorian students, with more drastic changes to study scores (which then contributes to the ATAR) for students who have been ‘severely impacted’ by COVID-19, through the consideration of disadvantage process. Like every year before COVID, students also have the opportunity to apply for a SEAS application within VTAC. Please understand that SEAS applications are different from the VCAA consideration of disadvantage process and apply to a student’s selection rank in a course. This has nothing to do with their ATAR specifically, but adjusted where the student will fall in the selection process based on other measures like subject adjustments. All FHS students who are applying for VTAC are encouraged to apply for SEAS in Category 1 and 4 for the impact of COVID-19. Students are also encouraged to apply for SEAS if they feel that other factors have also impacted their studies and this can be discussed one on one with Tyson.   

Course Fees 

There has been a lot of discussion and headline attention around course fees, with the government proposing a plan to change course fees on certain degrees to encourage students to enrol in certain programs. Further headlines have focussed on if students pass or fail subjects, a student may be liable to pay the fee and not be eligible to place this on HECS or FEE HELP. Further updates around this will be considered by governments moving forward. Fitzroy High School is still encouraging students to pursue their interests and to factor in their career decisions based on what is important to them. Many of the career conversations have touched on fees and it’s great to see that students are aware of these current rumblings and how this may influence their career decisions.  

Something Extra 

With the future of work expecting further disruption, there have been some great articles and resources that have come to the surface in recent weeks. If you are looking for some further information around these areas I recommend the following links and articles: 

Foundation for Young Australians Research Reports  

Government Panel Review of Senior Secondary Pathways 

Call for Learner Profile Review 

Tyson Day
Careers Practitioner