Keeping it in the families – a good news story!

My name’s Kitty, I’m in year 7 at Fitzroy high school. I have my own business called Keeping it in the family where I hand make masks and sell them. My whole family helps out. My brother Sam who is in year 9 at Fitzroy is admin and built our website. My Mum helps with sewing, and my Dad helps with a bit of both. I started making masks because my friends in New York said that masks help a lot so to stop the spread of COVID-19 so I hopped on the wagon and started Keeping it in the family. I have made about 115 masks in 1 week and I have sold masks all around Australia, from Sydney to Queensland, and even to New York. I have learnt a lot about running a business already, including persistence, listening to advice, revenue and profit and how to manage finances.

On Wednesday one of our family friends told us about the weatherman on channel 10 who said that if a small business sends in one of their masks with a bit about their business he might shout them out on the news. So I did! Then the next day he called me and asked me some questions. Then he went on the news and we watched as he told loads of people about my business. You can order my masks at

Watch video here