COVID-19: how can I help?

Over the past few weeks, we have seen the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our school and the wider school community.  Teachers and school leadership are working harder than ever to respond to rapidly changing challenges and requirements.  Parents and carers are being stretched and challenged as they try to juggle the needs of their children and manage their own rapidly changing circumstances. Students are being thrust into a totally new learning environment with varying levels of support and access to technology.

To respond effectively to all these challenges requires time and specialist knowledge and skills. While the school has made great strides in a short period of time, there is an opportunity for us to leverage the skills, expertise and experience of the wider school community to support the teachers and school leadership in meeting the many challenges.

To that end, we are seeking to establish a list of parents, carers and community members with specialist skills and knowledge and willingness to help out at this time. Some of what we learn from this time will no doubt also be of benefit into the future. Skills and expertise may include:

  • technology skills
  • online learning and teaching expertise
  • knowledge of local government and other resources
  • strategic planning
  • health and wellbeing expertise
  • fundraising expertise 
  •  community building expertise

The aim of this list is to provide teachers and school leadership with a source of advice and support and help build capacity in the school to identify, address and respond to challenges and changing needs.  Community members willing and able to help would identify their skills and expertise and the school would call on those people to help as and when required.  

If you feel you have a skill that may contribute and would like to help, please contact me or the convener of the Fitzroy High School Council Community Subcommittee Clare Kermond at

Ralph Saubern
Fitzroy High School Council