Italian Fashion Show


Last term the Year 8 cohort participated in a fashion show organised by Vanessa, Daniel and Chiara. We started the unit of work by learning about the importance of fashion to Italian culture and history some vocabulary to name clothing items and describe styles.

Our main project involved exploring a range of different Italian fashion designers including Prada, Gucci, Kappa and many more. Everyone got creative (some more than others) and, inspired by the chosen designers, we each had to come up with our own fashion outfit to wear on the runway.

Chairs were placed as if we were really in fashion show. The atmosphere as each person walked down the runway was exhilarating and people were super confident in presenting. Our hosts were Olivia Villanti and Zara Schaper and one member from each group described the outfit in Italian.

Each design brought a unique perspective on fashion itself. It was interesting learning about Italian fashion because Italy has always been a country leading the high fashion industry. Learning about different styles can inspire people to find their own personal style, no matter where they come from. Overall, it was such a fun day for everyone and a great way to finish the term.

Grazie e arrivederci,
Morena Walsh and Maddie K 8V