Principal’s Report – October 2019

Dear families

Firstly I want to thank you all for your warm response to my appointment as the substantive principal of the school after the selection process in September. I also want to acknowledge the work of my predecessor Pauline Rice, who remains in the role of Senior Education Improvement Leader for the network, including our school. School Council and leadership are working towards a farewell for Pauline which will allow staff, families and students to thank her in person and wish her well. I would also like to thank Andrea Thompson, who is continuing in the role of Acting Assistant Principal this term and Paul Cahill, who is continuing in the role of Acting Team Leader for Years 9 and 10. Sandra Dickins has been asked to stay in the central office of the Department of Education for another term.

It was fantastic last Wednesday to see the Year 12 students engage with their last day of classes with grace and good humour. The two assemblies, the first with the Year 12 students and staff from Collingwood College and the second with all students and staff of Fitzroy High School, demonstrated a sincere appreciation of the Year 12s’ time at school and the relationships that they have formed with their fellow students and teachers. The Valedictory Dinner that night was also a wonderful event where many students received recognition of their achievements, both in subject areas and across the school. Although the following list does not account for all of the awards given, they are the main areas awards presented on the night.

These awards are for students who have given to the area over time, have performed consistently or are deserving of such an award. The recipients are chosen by a consensus process – this includes the subject teachers and advisors. We have considered students who have achieved broadly and in some cases across two to three years of VCE, VCAL and VET study.

Art and Design – Camille Allen
The art and design award celebrates excellence in creativity, and innovation showcasing the technical skill, creative prowess and aesthetic qualities of a student’s work. This award is given to a student who excels across all aspects of art and design.

English and Literature – Atifa Holden-Jeffrey

The English and Literature award recognises the dedication and brilliance of an individual in the area of extensive textual analysis, communication skills and an advanced understanding of the literary world. This award celebrates creativity, precision and strength in crafting and shaping the written word.

Health, Sport & Physical Education – Billie Kennedy
The Health, Sport and Physical Education award recognises athletic ability, sportspersonship and leadership both on and off the field. This award recognises a consistent applied effort in the sporting and health arenas.

Humanities – Daimian Galbraith
The Humanities award recognises the strength and ability of a student to traverse the political, historical, social, geographical and sometimes spiritual and psychological realms. This award celebrates a sophisticated ability to critically reflect across these domains.

Mathematics – Massimo Codognotto-Parry 
The Mathematics award recognises great skill and the ability to see and understand the world through numerical means. This award celebrates logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality.

Performing Arts – Cormac Alves-Perini
This award celebrates excellence in creativity, in organisation, direction and theatrical vision, using their body, voice and brain to an exemplary degree when treading the boards. This award is given to a student who excels across all aspects of the performing arts.

School Spirit: Nil Sine Labore – Jacob Stenson
The School Spirit award recognises a student who is the living embodiment of what it means to be an FHS graduate. Through deed and action, they have exemplified the values of the school and have acted with the interests of the community at heart.

Science – Lily Sinclair
The Science award celebrates the search for a possible truth, the purity of knowledge, and the ability to dissect things for fun. This award recognises a student who has consistently performed admirably across the chemical, biological and life sciences.  

Vocational Education Award – Zoe Coull
The recipient of this award is recognised as a leader in their cohort. They have consistently achieved outstanding results in their VET studies and secured long-term work experience placement at a prestigious state institution. They have been both a vocal and proud advocate for Vocational Education, and they have been instrumental in creating a positive and creative VCAL culture in the school.

Young Leader Award – Sam Dakin
This award celebrates a student who has brought people together, been a leader amongst their peer group, and brought about change via their positive social influence within the school.

The Principal’s award – Molly Blood
This award is given at the discretion of the school Principal to highlight excellence and provide opportunity. This award recognises a student who is accomplished, resilient, committed and mature. The principal’s award is bestowed upon a student who demonstrates achievement and maturity, and shows great promise stemming from a base of honesty, caring, respect, responsibility and hard work.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank Molly for being one of our first students on School Council as well as the Education Sub Committee.

I wish all of the year 12 students the very best with their exams and finishing their year safely and wisely.

Last week we had Italian week, where there was a celebration of all kinds, including performances, food and sport. I would like to thank the team, especially Vanessa Paciocco, the LOTE Professional Learning Community Leader. It was fantastic to see everyone involved. 

The Languages Working Group, a group of staff, parents and students, has worked towards a vision for languages in the school and fostering greater participation in the learning of Italian. As a result, there will be more time in the timetable dedicated to Italian and greater opportunities to continue the study into VCE. This, and other considerations, such as enabling more Health and Physical Education time, has caused the school to look at the timetable and the way that curriculum time is used across the week. At the moment, there is consultation and communication with staff about the changes and this will extend to families and students within the next week. You will be invited to participate in focus groups and will also be given more detailed information about the proposed changes.

Kind regards

Linda Mitchell