Year 9 Camp recounts

We departed from Fitzroy High School on Tuesday 23rd of July and it was a gloomy and wet morning. We arrived at Valley Homestead in Ovens Valley by 1pm and it was sunny and picturesque. There were lots of activities on offer but I only wanted to do two: the flying fox and the free fall side – a 4 metre slide! I had to do other stuff that wasn’t great but was good, because we got to be with the boys in the activity group. Our cabin was the best and we all brought lots of food to keep our energy levels boosted. The last night was disco night! The teachers kept trying to stop the party, but the fellas soldiered on, like true heroes.

By Finn Peake, 9Y

Bush Survival Activity

Since I’ve clearly lost count of the number of school camps I’ve attended, I won’t bore you with the numbers. However, this particular camp was easily one of the best planned and directed I’ve had the pleasure of being part of. Vanessa accommodated even last minute and sometimes difficult changes of plan, remaining her efficient and good humoured self.   I noticed one comment about the food, but having watched the obvious pleasure many seemed to take in ‘seconds’, I thought this indicated the food was quite acceptable – and there was always plenty of it. The other aspect of this camp was the enthusiasm of almost every student to have a go at all the activities. Added to the general good nature and good humour of this group of students, it produced a most impressive and really quite memorable experience. I doubt the students will realise how this experience  added to their self-belief and resilience for some time. A great camp experience!

Bryan Moloney, Outdoor Ed and Phys. Ed Teacher

Returning home