Sports Report

Congratulations to the Year 8 AFL team for representing the school at a Regional Level. Despite suffering two close losses against Thornbury SC and Sacred Heart SC, Fitzroy was able to secure a victory over Viewbank SC to finish third overall for the day.

The following votes were given from both the Coach and Team:
● 3 votes: Leo N – Great display of football knowledge, team cohesion and athleticism.
● 2 votes: Darcy W – Tireless efforts, ability to read the play and athleticism.
● 1 vote: Freya H – Fierce tackling and hardball gets along with the ability to create space.

One Basketball and two Futsal teams represented FHS at an intermediate level on August 9th against other district schools.

Future Sports Dates:
● August 30th 2019: Year 8 District Sports Day
● September 4th 2019: Regional Athletics
● September 18th 2019: Year 7 District Sports Day